Visual Vocabulary Activity

 Art 3365

Section 001/501
 3 credit hours (3:3:0)

 Rm 201 AH

 Tuesdays & Thursdays
 3:00 - 5:50 p. m.

 Dr. Karen Keifer-Boyd

 Office: 1003-F AH

 Ph: 742-3010, ext 256

 Office hours:

 Tues. (12:00-2:00 p.m.)
 or by appt.

Use the African (Mande) Visual Concepts Chart to analyze the principles of art used in one of these artworks:

Faith Ringgold's Tar Beach

Crown (ade), Yoruba peoples, Ijebu region, Nigeria

Use the Principles of Computer Art Chart to describe the art principles of one of these Web sites by artist, Beth Stryker.

DissemiNET [with Sawad Brooks]

Crossexxxaminations [with Virginia Barrett, et al]

Radarweb [with Sawad Brooks]

Bowling Alley [with Christa Erickson, Sawad Brooks, and Shu Lea Cheang]