Select an Art Critic Assignment & Resources

 Art 3365

Section 001/501
 3 credit hours (3:3:0)

 Rm 201 AH

 Tuesdays & Thursdays
 3:00 - 5:50 p. m.

 Dr. Karen Keifer-Boyd

 Office: 1003-F AH

 Ph: 806-742-3010, ext. 256

 Office hours:

 Tues. (12:00-2:00 p.m.)
 or by appt.

1. Select an art critic (see list of critics and journals for ideas)

You may want to use this same person as the character that you play in the virtual museum that the class will create in March & April. If so keep a copy of a photo of the critic to scan in class.

2. Read 3 writings by that art critic.

3. Prepare a handout (make 21 copies--one for each student and one for me) that includes:

(a) author, year, title of chapter or article, title of book or journal, & page numbers;
(b) a key quote;
(c) main points;
(d) describe the type of critical approach that this critic uses &
(e) a discussion question.

4. At class on March 6, 2001 be ready to distribute and use your handout to present your selected art critic.