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Beauty & Aesthetics
Internet Aesthetic Assignment Due on 1/23/2001. In-class time to work on it on 1/18/2001.

Use your own computer, or the School of Art computer lab, or the ATLC computer labs to surf the Internet to find an image that you believe is beautiful. I have provided some Web site addresses in the bibliography that may help you locate an image. Or use this new type of search engine ( searches for graphics/pictures and displays the results as thumbnails. Other good search engines for artworks include: World Wide Web Art Resources; or an alphabetized listing of artists with images, info, and links; or resources and listing of sculptors; or go to category 2 of a website hotlist I prepared for art educators. You may find your image from any Web site.

Citing the Source: Copy the website address (its URL) on a piece of paper. (Or set up page printout to list the website address on the page--identify the image with a URL is to avoid copyright infringements. See how to properly cite others' work used in your work.)

Printing the Image: Then copy the image onto your zip disk if you are at the ATLC--if at the School of Art computer lab you can print the image without saving it. Print the image on the School of Art 's color printers (there are 3 printers).

Your Reasons: After you have selected an image that you consider "beautiful" type your views to the following 3 questions. Mount the image with your text. (I suggest using QuarkXpress software to place image with text.) The images and your answers will be exhibited in the hall by our room 201 AH.

1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1. Why do you believe this image is beautiful?
2. What do you believe are characteristics of beautiful?
3. How do these characteristics of beautiful relate to your definition of art?

Note: You'll have some time to work on this in class on Jan. 18 in the School of Art computer lab, room 203. I can help anyone who is new to computers at that time. I have included step-by-step instructions for those who are unfamilar with the Internet or unfamiliar with how to capture an image from the Internet.

ROCESS FOR ATLC LABS: Go to the desk in the ATLC lab (basement of the main library), give them your TTU ID and ask to use a computer that has Internet access. There is a i MacLab, room 30 or yoiu can use a PC computer in one of the other labs (e.g., room 23). Use Netscape or Internet Explorer iInternet Browsers. (See step 7 on how to capture an image from the Internet.)

PROCESS FOR SCHOOL of ART COMPUTER LABS, room 203 & 205 in AH bldg.:

2. Click with the mouse on "Internet software"

3. Click on "Netscape" or "Internet Explorer"

4. When Netscape opens then you have choices. One option is to type in one of the website addresses (that I have listed above) on the line that has "http.//" - then press return on the keyboard. Click on any word or image that changes to a "hand" instead of an "arrow" when you pass the cursor over the word or image. Explore until you find an image that you feel is beautiful. Go to step 7 when you find the image.

5. Instead of typing in a website address on the "Netsite" line you can click on "Net Search" and search with one of the several search engines such as "Yahoo." Or click Search Engines for a wider choice of search engines.

6. Once in Yahoo or any search engine then type in a word such as art, beauty, nature, chocolate or whatever might fit the topic of something that you believe is beautiful. Then click on search. Or you can click on a word in Yahoo's list such as "art."

7. Once you have selected an image, click on it with the mouse and hold the mouse down until a menu appears. Then slide over with the mouse held down so that "save image" is highlighted. Then let go of the mouse (unclick). Look at the top box to see where the image will be saved. Make sure the name of your disk or zip is shown in this box or else you will be saving the image to the computer's harddrive. Ask the assistant to help you if you don't know how to save onto your disk. Once you have saved the image you can print it. There are several ways to do this. Open your saved image (usually I open my images through PhotoShop but you could open it by just by clicking on the image 2 times) and then pull down the file menu and click on print. There will be an assistant at the front computer that can assist you to save and print the image. This image can be pasted on a paper with the 3 typed responses or brought into QuarkXpress for a neater and faster presentation. Your response will be exhibited in the hall bulletin boards on the 2nd floor of the Arch. building.

Dr. Karen Keifer-Boyd