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Below is how to participate in dialogue about the collaboratively created artwork:

  1. Register with VoiceThread at http://voicethread.com with an email and password, add an image if you'd like. It is free to register and to use VoiceThread.

  2. After you register with VoiceThread, click on the comment button by each image on the art critique Web page to sign into VoiceThread.

  3. After clicking on "comment" in step 2, then click on the "record" button to record your voice message.

  4. You can listen to your recording before you decide to save or cancel. If you save it, you can also delete it later.

  5. If you have questions email Karen at kk-b@psu.edu. There are instructions at VoiceThread to record with your telephone if you do not have a built-in mic in your computer. It will take a few minutes for your icon to show up on the webpage. A refresh to your browser, or quit and reopen, will be a fast way for your icon to show up for you and others to click on it and listen to what you recorded.

  6. Begin your recording with your name and the date of your recording. Then continue in your audio-recording with responses to each of the questions or prompts below.

      • How is subjectivity constructed in the image, and whose subjectivity is constructed?

      • What prior knowledge is assumed?


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