PURPOSE: The focus of this project concerns transcultural dialogues about contemporary visual culture in U.S. and Ugandan contexts to erode assumptions, ignorance, and misunderstandings.



1.    Set up Diigo so that you can bookmark, annotate, and add notes on websites.

2.    Bookmark websites with Diigo and save to "Uganda-USA" group. Indicating "Uganda-USA" as the group will feed it into the group's webpage. Select websites that you perceive represent the visual culture of Uganda and the United States.


3.    Comment on a Diigo sticky note why you selected the particular representations that you bookmarked.


4.    Look at what is bookmarked regarding your own country.

5.    Read the rationales for the selected representations, and comment in response on the same sticky note regarding if and how the representation relates to your life.


6.    This content of website selections and commentary is the source for collaborative artworks. In the future we can use Dabbleboard. This is a free online program we'll use in combination with non-digital art making process. Painting, sculpture, and other digitally photographed or scanned artworks can be uploaded in Dabbleboard. However, due to the low Broadband available in Uganda, we will need to use email attachment with "reply to all" in the group to develop the artwork.


7.    Collaboratively work together on an artwork beginning by sending via email individual artwork that each contributes to the collaborative artwork.


8.    Upload the collaboratively created artworks into VoiceThread.


9.    Discuss the artworks by recording using VoiceThread.  Particularly respond to these two questions:


·      How is subjectivity constructed in the image, and whose subjectivity is constructed?

·      What prior knowledge is assumed?


WEB 2.0 MEDIA: Diigo, Dabbleboard, and VoiceThread are computer programs that are freely accessed without purchase. Click on the directions linked here ---> Diigo, Dabbleboard, and VoiceThread


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