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If you are planning to participate in this first venture into "Transcultural Dialogues," in this next week (March 7-14) take a look at the process and download diigo and set it up on your Internet browser; and also sign-up for a VoiceThread account. Both are free to use. You might want to play around with Dabbleboard too to see what it can do. All the links for these are in the description of the process.

Below is the schedule of when to complete the 3 parts: (a) generate content together and (b) collaboratively create art within the March 14-20 week, and (c) discuss what was created in the March 21-25 week.

Transcultural Dialogues

Complete Process 1-3 by 3/17 morning (MTSIFA) & 3/16 evening (PSU)

Complete Process 4-5 by 3/19 morning (MTSIFA) & 3/18 evening (PSU)

Complete Process 6-8 by 3/24 morning (MTSIFA) & 3/23 evening (PSU)

Complete Process 9 by 3/26 morning (MTSIFA) & 3/25 evening (PSU)

If you can not participate this time and would like to next fall or spring semester please let me know at  

For all who participate in our first venture, please contact me afterwards and provide suggestions to improve, change, or embellish the process for the next Transcultural Dialogues in fall 2010.


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