Penn State uses an online course management system called ANGEL to deliver most of its online courses to registered students. Attached here is a "How to start using ANGEL" document and click here for class recordings on how to use ANGEL.

  1. ANGEL uses a "tab" interface to organize content as follows:

  • CALENDAR - The ANGEL calendar is our source for all assignment and due dates in this course! By default, the calendar will show you a month at a time. Use the "Next" link in the calendar to move ahead to see the rest of the semester.

  • LESSONS - Under the Lessons tab you can create folders designated for uploading your projects (i.e., text, images, animations, movies, and/or links) and for the different discussion forums.

  • COMMUNICATE - ANGEL e-mail and discussion forums are found under the Communicate tab in ANGEL . (See the ANGEL Mail and Discussion Forums documents for specific how-to information on those two communications tools.) The class roster can also be found under the Communicate tab.
 It is possible to customize and personalize ANGEL. Follow the directions below to do so!

Personalize your ANGEL profile:
  1. Go to ANGEL (using the link in the Resources menu)
  2. Click on the Preferences icon in the left-hand navigation menu (looks like a wrench)
  3. Select the Personal Information link
  4. Fill in the boxes on the resulting page with your current information. You will see that you can include a URL for a personal Web Site and even upload a photo. I encourage you to upload a picture of yourself so we can "see" one another.
  5. Click on the Save button at the bottom of the form; you will return to the Preferences page
  6. Click on the Home icon to return to your profile
  7. Click on the Communicate tab, select Class Roster and you will see a summary of your personal information as part of our class list (Details can be seen by clicking on the User Profile link under each entry on that page.)  
Forward your ANGEL e-mail
You have the option of forwarding a COPY of your course e-mail to your personal e-mail address. This enables you to be notified of e-mail sent to you in the course so you can be sure you don't miss any important course communications. If you are new to ANGEL, and you want your email forwarded (I highly recommend it), follow these directions:
  • Select the Preferences icon in the left-hand navigation menu
  • Select the System Settings link
  • Scroll down to the Mail Settings subheading
  • Enter the e-mail address where you want COPIES of your course e-mail sent
  • From the Forwarding Mode pull down menu, select Forward my course mail and keep as new in course
  • Click on the Save button at the bottom of the page to return to the Preferences page

To make sure your computer is configured properly for ANGEL, first refer to the "Recommended Browsers and Computers" listing on the ANGEL site.

Any problems with ANGEL, especially those occurring during graded assignments, must be reported to the Outreach Help Desk, preferably AT THE EXACT MOMENT that they occur. That way they will be able to validate glitches and fix system problems as they may occur.

If you are new to ANGEL, please review the Quick Guide for Students to acclimate yourself further! And even more how-to resources can be found by clicking on the Help button in the far left of your ANGEL window.

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