select systems-scale projects

Bringing Back the Don river restoration strategy, Toronto

The Rouge Park management plan, +5,000 acre urban wildlands, Toronto bioregion

Massasauga Provincial Park management plan, Georgian Bay, ON

Susquehanna Greenway core design team, Lewisburg, PA

Markham Natural Features Study (preservation, restoration, and greenway plans), Markham, ON

Marsh-Billings National Historic Park charrette, Woodstock, VT

Grand River Corridor management study, southwestern ON

Natural Resource Assessment, Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic Sites, Hyde Park, NY

Burlington Greenway study, Burlington, ON

Mississauga Waterfront Trail, Mississauga, ON

Lake Erie Coastal Erosion and Accretion land use policies

Providence Bay Waterfront and Marina master plan, Manitoulin Island, ON

Nine Mile Run greenway site restoration strategies, Pittsburgh

Nine Mile Run river conservation plan, with CMU's Studio for Creative Inquiry, Pittsburgh

Burleigh & Anstruther Official Plan, ON

Burleigh & Anstruther Townships planning study, ON

Route 8 Corridor of Opportunity, expert panelist with the Western Pennsylvania Brownfield Center, Pittsburgh, PA

East of Bay / Toronto Ballet-Opera House urban space guidelines, Toronto, ON

Manitowaning waterfront and marina, Manitoulin Island, ON

Potter Creek community plan, Belleville, ON

South Sidney community plan, Belleville, ON

Deseronto waterfront and downtown core plan, Deseronto, ON

select site-scale projects

Hewlett-Packard Canadian Headquarters, Mississauga, ON

Don Valley Brickworks master plan, Toronto

Heritage Plaza redevelopment concept plan, City of Altoona, with Shiyang He

Lime Lakes phytoremediation project, PPG Inc., Barberton, OH

EPA Brownfields training demonstration project, Rohm & Haas Chemical plant, with Bucks County College, PA

Flight 93 National Memorial Grove soil and tree installation specifications, with R. Stehouwer

Penn's Valley native calcareous prairie restoration, Centre Hill, PA

Galbraith Gap restoration planting, Rothrock State Forest, PA

Upper Spring Creek restoration planting, Elks Club, Harris Twp., PA

Toronto Outer Harbor & Marina master plan

Toronto Portlands concept plans

Big Hollow created wetland, State College, PA

Park de la Villette competition, Paris, France

Little Current waterfront and wharf redevelopment, Manitoulin Island, ON

Rohm & Haas Chemical Plant brownfield regeneration demonstration, Bristol, PA

Millbrook Marsh management plan, College Twp., PA

Little Current streetscape and memorial park, Manitoulin Island, ON

P. Reichmann residence (site supervision), Toronto

Killoran Creek naturalization plan, Northumberland Co., ON

Barron's Lake Residential Resort, Muskoka Lakes, ON

Humberwood  Elementary School "green design" competition (2nd place), Toronto, ON

Providence Bay dune management plan and boardwalk design, Manitoulin Island, ON

Nine Mile Run stream and wetland restoration planning, with CMU, Pittsburgh

Little Current Entryway Park, Little Current, ON

Victoria Point Homes, (integrated within a Class 2 wetland),  Orillia, ON

Oshawa West Wharf, City of Oshawa, ON

Amherstberg Waterfront Park, Amherstberg, ON

Blind River Visitor Center, Trans-Canada Highway, ON

Hunter Park Ecological Redevelopment Plan, Wilkinsburg, PA

Town of Wincester streetscape enhancement, ON

Hurontario streetscape, Mississauga, ON

Nipigon Visitor Center, Trans-Canada Highway, ON

Gloucester Harbour and Marina, Gloucester, ON