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Ken Tamminga

Distinguished Professor of
    Landscape Architecture
Penn State University

Here you'll find  an overview of my work in landscape architecture and spatial planning. I focus on contextual and
ecology-informed design, novel and restored ecosystems, and green places in cities. I've collaborated with action research colleagues on resilience-building projects in rural locales in northern India, Nepal, Ghana and Tanzania - places that struggle with impacts of climate change and globalisation. Currently, I'm researching convivial greenstreets in dense urban cores.
I regularly teach advanced and intermediate studios and courses on landscape plants.
My Pittsburgh Studio introduces students to the joys and challenges of designing in, and with, underserved communities. Occasionally, I teach a landscape film seminar that explores place-based ideas through critical viewing and videography.

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on climate change: IPCC 2018Carbon Brief

on community development: Maynooth Declaration 2018

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My work has addressed these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Sustainable Development Goals

I support all UN Sustainable Development Goals. Click above for further information.

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