AED 303 Survey 1

1). Rate your level of anxiety entering into a course concerning Art in the Elementary Classroom.

Percent                 Response

1=low    31%                         26

2            31%                         26

3=mid    26.2%                      22

4             9.5%                         8

5=hi        2.4%                         2

Total                                       84 

Wordle: AED303Q-1

2). What were/are your concerns or apprehensions about this course in particular?

1.     None

2.     Nothing in particular.

3.     I would not know enough about art to understand what the teacher was talking about

4.     nothing

5.     I have not had much art before.

6.     I was concerned about my level of ability in regards to creating artwork and creativity.

7.     dont really have any

8.     Not being good at art.

9.     drawing

10. I have never developed drawing or other art skills. I was worried that I would not do well in the course because of this.

11. I'm nervous I won't be able to convey what I want due to my lack of art skills.

12. I do not have much experience with different kinds of art and I am not the best artist. I hope I will be graded on my effort and improvement.

13. I can't draw or paint. I am worried what I create will not be interpreted correctly and I will get a bad grade.

14. Art is not one of my strong points and I still draws in Elementary stages.

15. I am concerned that I barley know any artists & that I am not very good at painting and drawing.

16. Only that I don't have the best drawing skills.

17. That I will be graded based on how well I make art considering I am not very artistic and do not have a lot of background.

18. My main concern is the completion of the visual journal, it comes off as overwhelming.

19. How hard our artwork would be graded.

20. I had no idea what the class was going to entail, therefore I was a little nervous about what to expect.

21. well i am not a good artist so i had concerns

22. I would be graded upon my art abilities.

23. Just if we would have to be experts in art before we entered the course.

24. i was nervous because i am not very artistic

25. That I can't draw very well.

26. Not being able to create all of the projects due to lack of artistic abilities

27. My lack of creativity affecting my art.

28. I am not particularly good at art and have trouble getting started on creating art.

29. I am not very artistic

30. I was concerned that we would learn about specific artists and that I wouldn't be able to remember them all.

31. My concerns are that I am not good at art/drawing and that I would get a bad grade because of it

32. I do not have that much artistic ability so I do not know how that will affect the projects we do.

33. I suck at drawing.

34. I am not creative enough.

35. I am not very creative or artistic so it is harder for me to excel in this class.

36. I consider myself to not be a very good artist so I was nervous about getting graded on an art form that i don't have.

37. I am not very artistically talented

38. that i would get a bad grade because I am not artistic at all.

39. I am not very artistic, and I hope that it does not affect my ability to get a good grade in this course.

40. I do not really understand all types of art, therefore I do not know how I will be able to use it in this course or in the classroom.

41. I am not very good at going out of my comfort level and using materials other than crayons, markers, and colored pencils. I do not think that I am creative enough to make consistently different works of art.

42. I do not consider myself a good artist, so I was concerned about me art making abilities and how to convey my thoughts properly into art work.

43. Not really understanding art the way I should be. Getting a bad grade.

44. I did not have any.

45. I am not very advanced in art.

46. I feel like I am not good at art. I would consider myself to be crafty, but not artsy. I am apprehensive about not being a good of enough artist.

47. not very good at drawing, art in general

48. I am not a very good artist or very creative.

49. I'm really not that great at anything like drawing or painting. But I understand that this class is more about giving me useful ideas to integrate art into the classroom rather than grading me on my artistic ability.

50. It seems like our syllabus is really packed with due dates and things to do, and it makes me nervous because all of our other classes are the same way. I feel like i am going to be overwhelmed a lot this semester.

51. I am very creative, but I am not artistic. I was worried that my ideas wouldn't come through in my artwork.

52. I haven't been involved with art for a few years now. I get nervous when it comes to art because I want what I create to be up to a certain standard and at times I doubt my abilities.

53. I have trouble thinking of artistic ideas which is my biggest weakness as a potential teacher.

54. The sculpture was really concerning to me, but I feel much better about it now.

55. I am concerned about how our art will be graded. I try my best but do not have a whole artistic sense.

56. None really. I was really excited.

57. I have no concerns.

58. I am worried that I will not be creative enough to work with young children.

59. I'm concerned about expressing my creativity on the level that it is supposed to be for this class.

60. I am not very artistic or creative so I was anticipating this course being difficult for me.

61. Not being a very good artist

62. I am nervous to be graded on my artistic ability. I hope that I am going to be graded more so on the thought and effort that goes behind my work in this class rather then the final project.

63. I was worried I wouldn't be artistic enough to pass the course.

64. My artistic abilities are not very good. Sometimes I struggle to find my creativity.

65. My concerns are just that I feel I won't be able to come up with creative activities or ideas for this class.

66. Will I have enough time to complete my art projects?

67. I am nervous about the artwork.

68. I am concerned about whether we will learn art history.

69. Making sure I am able to get everything completed on time

70. Drawing/sketching

71. I haven't taken an art class for many years so I'm just nervous that I'm not going to be very creative and it's going to be difficult for me to get ideas for our various projects.

72. I'm not very talented with art and I wasn't sure what the level of ability was expected. I also wasn't sure the purpose of having the class since I was going to be a general education teacher. But now I see it helps very much to incorporate art in the general education classroom. It enhances teaching.

73. Nothing

74. I was concerned that I would be graded on my skills related to art, rather than my effort.

75. Being judged on my art work.

76. I was worried about drawing, since I am not that good at Art.

77. I don't really have any.

78.  My concerns about this course pertain to my lack of art experience. I also feel like I am not particularly artistic and may not be able to adequately complete our art projects.

79.   I did not really have many concerns. I consider myself to be crafty and creative... just not always polished.

80.  Using iMovie and other Mac applications

81.   I was concerned about not having enough experience with art.

82.   I did not have much previous art experience and I did not want that to affect my success in this class

Wordle: AED303Q-3

3). What would you like to learn from this course?

1.     About contemporary art and important basics so I can be knowledgeable for my students, as well as ways to incorporate art into my classroom.

2.     Ways to incorporate art into an everyday classroom.

3.     Hoe to teach art as a form not just use it in the classroom

4.     how to better incorporate art in my classroom someday

5.     I would like to learn how to use art in the classroom.

6.     I would like to develop a better understanding of how to incorporate art into the every day classroom. I would also like to leave this course with great ideas of lessons involving the use of art.

7.     how to integrate art into the classroom

8.     How to make my kids love art and want to create and participate in art.

9.     methods of teaching art in the elementary classroom

10. techniques

11. I would really like to learn how to incorporate art into my everyday classroom. I would also like to learn about resources and where affordable supplies can be found.

12. I'd like to learn how to integrate arts into my classroom.

13. I would like to learn how I can incorporate art into every subject through simple techniques that I would be able to do in my classroom.

14. How do I incorporate art into my classroom without making my students do pointless crafts? I want the art in my classroom to be educational, purposeful, and fun.

15. I would like to learn more drawing techniques or art fundamentals so I could teach my students and strengthen my skills.

16. I would like to learn different ways to incorporate art into my school classroom. I want to learn ways my students can express their meanings through mix media rather then just pen and paper.

17. How to integrate art into my future classroom.

18. I would like to learn how to incorporate art into main subject areas to make my classroom more interesting and help students learn in different ways.

19. I would like to come out of this class with a variety of tools making it easy to incorporate art into the five main subjects.

20. How to be more artistic.

21. I would like to know how to incorporate art into my classroom in a meaningful and productive way.

22. how to use art in my classroom

23. How I can integrate art into my lessons.

24. I would love to learn a lot of ways to teach art to my students or how to incorporate art into lessons. I would actually like to do these things and not just read about the techniques.

25. i would like to improve my art skills

26. How to get kids involved in lessons by using the arts!

27. Art that I can incorporate into my classroom

28. Ways to do easy art that I can do correctly and use in a classroom.

29. I would like to trust my ideas more and just go with what I am thinking and stop second guessing myself

30. How to incorporate art into my classroom so that my students enjoy it and also learn something

31. Different styles of art and art projects to use in my classroom.

32. More about how to use art in the classroom and techniques on how to improve my art. Also, I would like to learn about different types of art and modern art today.

33. I would like to learn different ways to incorporate art into different lessons.

34. Lessons to teach elementary students

35. How to incorporate art/art projects into the classroom that I can do with my students; not to learn about artists and not do readings and then explain them through a picture.

36. Different art projects that I can incorporate into my classroom and how I can be more creative. Also, I am interested in learning different computer programs.

37. I want to learn how to do simple but fun art in the classroom for my students.

38. How to use Art in my elementary classroom effectively

39. how to incorporate art into the classroom.

40. I would like to learn how to use crafts and art projects in my classroom, while still teaching the required curriculum.

41. I would like to learn how to include art in my classroom and how to make it seem more academic to my students.

42. I would like to learn how to apply basic skills that can be carried over to my elementary classroom. I don't want to become the next great artist, but I want to create art that my students can look up too.

43. I would like to learn how to integrate art into the many subjects of my classroom, because I feel it would be a very useful and fun tool to know how to use properly.

44. Meaningful art projects that I can someday use in my classroom. Basic skills needed to teach art.

45. I would like to learn how to incorporate fun art activities into my daily class activities.

46. I would like to learn basic art skills.

47. I would like to know how to incorporate art in my classroom.

48. useful lessons to use in my own elementary ed classroom one day

49. ways to incorporate art into other subjects and make lessons fun for my students.

50. Just ways to incorporate art into many different subjects. If I can go beyond coloring, cutting, and pasting, I think my students will respond with a much better experience.

51. I would like to learn how to incorporate art into all of the core subjects. I would also like to learn different art techniques and projects that I can do with my students.

52. I would like to learn how to critique children's art (if that's at all possible) and how to integrate art into different subjects in the elementary classroom.

53. I want to learn how to incorporate art into other core subjects. I also want to know which art projects are most effective and how to go about teaching them to elementary students. I want to be more confident in my artistic abilities and have less doubt about them.

54. Fun art activities and incorporating them into everyday lessons.

55. More ways to integrate art into my classroom.

56. How to teach art concepts better.

57. I would like to do more drawing assignments.

58. I would love to learn different art opportunities in the classroom and how to incorporate art lessons into every day curriculum.

59. I hope to learn the necessary tools to help children with art. I want to become more creative, and I really would like to learn to inspire children to acquire a love for art.

60. I would like to get ideas for projects that I can use for my class in the future.

61. I would like to learn how to incorporate art education into my classroom.

62. How to incorporate are into everyday life/curriculum for my students.

63. I would like to learn about some different materials and creative ways to incorporate art into my lesson plans in other subjects. I look forward to the mini lesson presentations my classmates give, as I may find some ideas to use in my classroom in the future.

64. How to become a better art teacher and how to incorporate art into all subjects. I would also like to increase my artistic abilities.

65. I would like to learn about how to teach art to younger children and the different materials or ideas that I could use in the classroom. I would also like to learn the different types of art.

66. Ways to include art in my future classroom. Different techniques of making art.

67. I want to learn how to integrate art in my lesson.

68. I would love to learn more about integrating art into my curriculum since art is so beneficial to elementary students' self-expression.

69. I would like to gain knowledge and gain experience dealing with art that will further help me in an elementary classroom.

70. How to incorporate simple art activities in my classroom. Also, how to distinguish the appropriate levels of art in each grade.

71. I'd hope to learn how to incorporate art into my everyday general education classroom. I think it's important for kids to be able to express themselves and use their imagination and many times they don't get enough opportunities to do that. I want to be able to provide them with those opportunities.

72. How best to incorporate art into the general education classroom. I want my students to be able to enjoy learning more when using art. I want them to be able to have fun when learning and express themselves.

73. Fun activities I can use in the classroom.

74. How to incorporate art within other subject areas.

75. How to incorporate art in an elementary classroom with limited space, supplies, and time.

76. How to to teach Art to kids.

      77. How to incorporate art into different lessons.

      78.  I would like to learn how to effectively incorporate art into my lessons.

      79.  I would like to learn about various artistic techniques and, more importantly,  how to integrate arts into the curriculum.

      80.  Different activities to use in my classroom that would spread art throughout the curriculum.

      81.  Different art lessons.

      82.  I would like to learn how to use art in fun ways to teach other subjects.

      83.  how to incorporate art into other classes and how to make all of my students excited about art

Wordle: AED303Q-4

4). What is your opinion concerning the value of art?


1.     Art is universal and can be created by anyone.

2.     I think art is very valuable because it allows students to use their creativity to express ideas.

3.     I think that art is very important

4.     I think art is very valuable- the creativity, imagination, and individuality involved.

5.     I feel that some art is made to be valued and some art is made for looking and there is no "deeper meaning"

6.     It is very important

7.     I feel that it is important to get children to be creative and have the opportunity to express themselves.

8.     I think that art has a great value both inside and outside the classroom.

9.     I think art is very important, especially in regards to the development of children. I think art makes students more well rounded and gets them to think differently.

10. very valuable to people and can learn a lot from it

11. I think art is great, I am just not good at it.

12. art should be taught in every elementary classroom

13. it is an important teaching tool in how i relate its definition

14. I believe that art is highly important. I want to use art, music, and drama to help my students learn about a variety of topics.

15. I think that the value of art is only up to the person who is viewing it.

16. I think that if someone works hard on something and they created it for a purpose, then it is art and it should be valued. Everyone is at a different level with their art abilities.

17. I think art is a crucial factor in life. Art is an outlet of stress release and creativity.

18. I believe art is very valuable and underrepresented especially in schools. It is an amazing form of expression we take for granted.

19. I think value is very important. I think value is what attracts people to a particular piece of art. Some may value one piece but not the other. When you value a artwork it allows you to explore and figure out what it is about that painting that you love so much.

20. I think that it is very important in the classroom. Each student learns differently and has different interests, and art is a great way for certain students to express themselves.

21. I think art is very valuable because it can be determined differently by everyone and really is all about freedom and expression.

22. I think art is an important tool that should definitely be used in the classroom to enhance the learning experience.

23. I think that art is very important, especially in education.

24. Art can be very valuable especially in education. It can help children better relate to school subject especially if they enjoy art.

25. i never really thought of the value of art until this class

26. It is very valuable.

27. I think that art is very important in the development of children's minds. Art is a way to incorporate creativity and imagination into learning.

28. i think art is very valuable it can be used for stress relief and to convey things in a different way

29. They are important

30. I think that art can do a lot for students when trying to understand a hard concept

31. The value of art depends on who is looking at it and how they interpret it.

32. I think art is usually under-appreciated way to often, people really tend to overlook art in many cases.

33. Can it be useful other than the history of art

34. I think that are is very important and that all students should be exposed to it.

35. I think that art is very valuable because it allows people to express themselves. It is a good break from regular classroom work because you get to use your imagination more and put into your work your emotions and feelings.

36. I think art is important because it provides a different way of learning.

37. I think it's important.

38. It is important for the students to use their imagination and art helps them to do that.

39. I think art is important because it adds beauty to our world and some people are very inclined in an artistic way, so art is very relevant to them.

40. The arts in general are very important in schools but I personally am not a huge fan of art. It is a creative release!

41. it is not as highly praised as it was and due to teaching to the test art programs have been cut and they have always been under funded.

42. I think it is important for students to be able to express themselves in ways concerning art, and to be taught that everyone can create art in their own way- there is no right or wrong way. I feel that I was discouraged from art in elementary school, and this may be the reason that I feel so intimidated by it today.

43. I think art is valued differently by everyone. I haven't decided yet what I think is most important and least important when it comes to value. I keep changing my mind.

44. I sometimes do not understand how art is so expensive. I understand that art takes time and effort from the artist, but I never understand why some pieces of simple art cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

45. I think art is very important, especially for young children, It offers expression and a way to think outside of the box.

46. I think all art is valuable to someone and it can't be determined by one person.

47. I think depending on the type of art depends on its value.

48. I haven't though about it. Children need to be able to express themselves in many ways and I believe art has to be used.

49. I think art can have great value and can have a great impact in a child's way of learning and thinking.

50. I think it is a valuable way to make learning more interesting and to allow children to express their creativity

51. being artistic is a gift that some people get. Their artistic abilities should be used to their full advantage

52. It is very important, but not the most important. I do believe that subjects such as science and math will be my top priorities as a teacher, but I most definitely understand the value of art. I understand that my students may value art more than I, so constantly using art is important, especially with younger kids.

53. Art is very important to me, and it always has been since i was young. I believe that it enhances learning and brings out creativity, and it is a very important facet to learning.

54. Art is EXTREMELY valuable, as is music. These are two programs that do not ever get enough credit for their effect on children!

55. I think art is extremely valuable, especially when it comes to young children. Art opens up a whole new world for them. It can aid in teaching other lessons. Art allows students to be creative and put themselves into their work.

56. I think art is extremely important especially to elementary students.

57. Art (in any form) has been shown to increase students' standardized test scores - if for no other reason than that, it's important to have in schools.

58. I think art is very important and valuable for expressing emotions.

59. I believe it is very valuable.

60. I think it is a great way to release creativity and imaginative processes.

61. I definitely value art. It is always present in our lives, often without us knowing. I feel that society should learn to better appreciate artwork.

62. I value art very highly. I feel as though it is very important in the classroom.

63. I think it's very important in itself, and it also can be beneficial in teaching other concepts.

64. That it is important to learn and respect

65. I am not particularly artistic, I don't enjoy looking at paintings and studying how they were made. However I feel that art can be beneficial in my future as an educator if I incorporate it into lesson plans, for instance using modeling clay to spell out spelling words- I feel using art this way will be much more valuable and memorable for students instead of just writing words with pencil and paper.

66. Art is important in the classrooms because it gives children an outlet from other core subjects and allows students, and everyone, to express themselves.

67. Art is very important. It gives students freedom, and can help influence students' abilities in other subjects.

68. My opinion is that art has different values for different people. Not everyone considers the value of art to be exactly the same.

69. Art is very valuable.

70. It is very important because it allows students to use their imagination.

71. I have difficulty seeing beauty in all pieces of art, I guess I like sculptures and pieces that replicate real pieces.

72. I think it is very personal and allows children and people to show their creativity as individuals.

73. Very valuable because it expresses individuality.

74. I think art is very valuable. It had different levels of meaning for each and every person. Everyone has a unique perspective and their own definition of art,

75. I think art is very valuable and all students should learn to appreciate it and use it. Art can make students enjoy learning more.

76. I think it is a very important aspect and should be used and taught to children.

77. I think that art is really important for children to be exposed to so that they have another way to express themselves.

78. I think art is important for children's development.

79. It is important

80. Art is extremely valuable!

81. I think that art is subjective and its value is determined by the individual. I think that art and expression are very important.

82. I think art is extremely valuable in teaching individuals about the culture and world around them. I also think it helps individuals visualize something that may not be captured by words.

83. Art is wonderful. It can open up so many windows for learning and expression.

Wordle: AED303Q-5

5). Who is art for?


1.     Anyone.

2.     I think art is for anyone and everyone who wants to be engaged in and involved with it. I really do not think there are any limits to who art is for.

3.     Art if for everyone. It is for the creator, the audience, and the critic.

4.     Everyone.

5.     Art is for using your imagination and creativity.

6.     Art is for everyone

7.     Art is for the individual who creates it, but it is meant to be shared.

8.     It depends on the art piece. Some art is made for a specific audience and some is made for universal purposes.

9.     Everyone

10. Dancers

11. Art is for everyone.

12. Art is for anyone who wants to take the time to appreciate it.

13. Everybody

14. Everyone.

15. Everyone

16. Everyone

17. Art is for everyone.

18. Art is for everyone.

19. Art is for everyone to enjoy, no matter their age or artistic ability.

20. Art is for everyone, anywhere, at any time. Art does not know race, color, or socioeconomic status.

21. Art is for everyone and anyone, even those with special disabilities.

22. Art is for the artist himself and the targeted audience. Every piece of art is for someone different.

23. Anyone who is interested.

24. Anyone who wants to look at it or create it.

25. Everyone!

26. Everyone.

27. Art can be for anyone.

28. Everyone

29. Everybody.

30. Art is for everyone! Everyone no matter the age can appreciate art.

31. Everyone


33. Art is for everyone!

34. Art is for anyone that looks at it and takes meaning from it.

35. Art is for anyone who can take something from a piece of artwork.

36. Anyone who wants to expand their culture

37. Art is for everyone.

38. Art is for yourself, to express yourself and it is for sharing with other people a message or a feeling.

39. Art is for everyone.

40. Everyone

41. Anyone

42. Art if for everyone that sees it and enjoys it.

43. Art is for those who enjoy it and those that are good at it.

44. Everyone

45. everyone who wants to be apart of it.

46. Everyone

47. Art is for everyone.

48. I believe art is for everyone. There are so many different types of art that are aimed for younger children, such as pictures in a story book. There is also modern, contemporary art that is aimed more for adults.

49. Art is for everyone.

50. Everyone.

51. Art is for everyone!

52. Anyone who wants to express themselves with art.

53. I believe art can be for anyone.

54. Everyone

55. Everyone

56. Art is for everyone. Everyone needs some way to express themselves, and I view art as any form of expression.

57. Art is for everyone, at every age. Everyone can enjoy and appreciate art.

58. Anyone who wants to express him/herself or open him/herself up to different forms of expression.

59. Art is really for everyone, children, young adults, and even adults. The few classes that we have had so far have made me realize that I wish I were more involved in art not only growing up, but also now. Being able to express myself artistically evokes a certain emotion. It can be stress relieving. Also, you can learn a lot through art, about yourself, and about others.

60. art is used as fun, to learn, and personal growth of students.

61. Anyone and everyone! Not everyone is going to like the same thing, naturally, but everyone can find a type of art to appreciate.

62. Everyone

63. everyone?

64. Art is for anyone who enjoys it. It is a great way to relax, indulge in "me" time, and to release energy.

65. Art has several purposes. It can be used to convey deeper meanings, to express oneself, for beauty and aesthetics, or to make a difference in society.

66. Art is to express creativity and imagination.

67. Everyone

68. Everyone

69. Everyone!

70. Everyone.

71. Art is for everyone.

72. Art is for people to express their feelings, thoughts, ideas, accomplishments, for people to look and examine different art as well.

73. Art is for everyone.

74. Everyone!

75. Art is for an audience and for the creator.

76. For the individuals themself and also for others to enjoy.

77. Everyone.

78. Art is for everyone.

79. Art is for the artist most importantly but also for others to look at.

80. Art is for yourself and others around.

81. Everyone. I think that there is a type of art that everyone can relate to.

82. Everyone!

83. To express individuality, creativity, to escape.

84. It's for everyone.

Wordle: AED303Q-6

6). Where do you find art?


1.     Everywhere.

2.     In my opinion, you can find art everywhere you look. It highly depends on one's personal perspective and definition of art.

3.     Art is all around us.

4.     Anywhere.

5.     Art can be found all around because it is very versatile and different objects can be considered art to different people.

6.     Anywhere

7.     You can find art absolutely anywhere.

8.     Anywhere you look around. There are paintings, pictures, graphic designs, etc.

9.     Everywhere

10. Everywhere, you just have to look.

11. You can find art anywhere.

12. I find art in almost everything around me.

13. Everywhere

14. I think that you can find art anywhere you look, it looks different to everyone.

15. Everywhere

16. Everywhere

17. I find art every single day. I see art in my house and I see art each time I walk outside.

18. I find art everywhere.

19. Art is everywhere you look. I believe that everything a person sees is a work of art in some way.

20. I find art everywhere. Art is in my room, art is what I wear and what I listen to. Art is anything I like.

21. I find art almost everywhere I go.

22. Everywhere...your home, nature, classrooms, etc.

23. Art can be found anywhere. It can be seen in schools, museums, at home, the work place etc.

24. It depends how you see art. I think art is all around and therefore you can find it everywhere.

25. Everywhere.

26. Everywhere.

27. You can find art in a museum or in a school, such as children's art.

28. everywhere!

29. Everywhere.

30. Art is all around us. From simple designs and patterns on the streets to highly intricate "produced art" in the museums. We can see art in nature, in people, in lines...EVERYWHERE!

31. Everywhere

32. everywhere, depends what you think is art.

33. Art is everywhere

34. Art can be found anywhere.

35. Art is all around us. I can be just about anything that someone sees as art

36. all around you

37. You find art every where.

38. In a museum, around you in everyday life, on posters, in magazine ad's, in the movies, on billboards, in pictures.

39. Art can be found all over the place.

40. Everywhere

41. Everywhere

42. You can find art literally everyone- from someone designing a magazine cover, to paintings, to graffiti.

43. Art is everywhere, in museums and the buildings on campus, and the Pepsi can, etc.

44. Everywhere

45. any and everywhere

46. everywhere

47. You can find art anywhere, however that is not to say that it is everywhere.

48. You can find art almost everywhere. The way you look at a particular object could be classified as you looking at art.Art surrounds me in my every day life. It is everywhere.

49. Everywhere.

50. You find art everywhere.

51. Everywhere.

52. Art is all around. It is in our homes, in our schools, everywhere.

53. Everywhere

54. Everywhere

55. Everywhere. Even accidents are artistic. There is a story, emotion, purpose, or value behind everything.

56. Art is all around us, everywhere we look.

57. Art is all around you if you think it has beauty and meaning.

58. Art is everywhere. I came to this conclusion when we did the Art/Not Art lesson. Now I see art everywhere.

59. everywhere.

60. You can find art anywhere. You can find it out on the street, in the classroom, in museums, at the park, etc.

61. You find art anywhere, in museums, classrooms, schools, homes, on the streets, fairs, and many other places.

62. Art is everywhere.

63. Everywhere!

64. I find art in everything. I love photography and also love paintings.

65. Art is everywhere we look in the world.

66. Everywhere.

67. You can find art everywhere. Whether it is in your classroom, your home, walking to class, in a museum. Everyone finds art in different ways.

68. Art is found everywhere. It is anything with meaning. If it is made by someone for a reason it is art.

69. You can find art anywhere.

70. Art is found everywhere, it just depends on what you consider art.

71. Everywhere!

72. Everywhere


Wordle: AED303Q-7

7). In your opinion, what constitutes art?


1.     Kind of like beauty, it's in the eye of the beholder. :)

2.     Art is anything that someone "creates" that holds meaning for them.

3.     Art cannot be defined. I associate anything that has meaning to someone to be considered under the broad umbrella that is art.

4.     Something with meaning to at least one person.

5.     Art is anything that is pleasing to look at.

6.     anything that takes time to make or took a lot of thought to create

7.     Art is something that was made by someone for a creative, meaningful purpose.

8.     Something that has a meaning and background information. Something someone took time into to develop, or the way something is presented.

9.     something created by someone to please others or express an idea

10. It is something that has meaning behind it.

11. Art is anything that is created and has a meaning behind it to the artist.

12. I think almost everything can be considered art in a way. Everything has a unique design and I think that is why almost everything could be considered a piece of art.

13. Everything

14. I think that anything made with a purpose can be art.

15. everything is a form of art

16. everything can be art in some way

17. Art is anything that has an aesthetic purpose and inspires someone. If someone makes a connection to a certain thing, it is art to them.

18. Everything is art.

19. Art is something unique that has been carefully designed for a purpose.

20. Art is anything that evokes passion, curiosity, and thoughts.

21. Art is transitioning a view, expression or feeling from your mind to another medium. It has to hold some symbolism, story and atleast one of the 5 senses.

22. It it's creative, meaningful and visual.

23. Anything that is unique, has meaning, or just draws attention.

24. Something that is made by a person or God.

25. Anything could be considered art. I really have no definition of what constitutes art. For me, I go case by case.

26. Almost everything around us can be considered art.

27. There is a wide variety of art. There is painting, drawing, sculpture, and computer art.

28. anything that you can look at and think more about

29. Everyone makes art.

30. for something to be art, I think that it has to be visually pleasing. Something that someone has created, there are lines and forms. Art is in nature too, trees, flowers exc.

31. anything can be art

32. depends, on what the purpose is!

33. Art can be a creative piece using different mediums, an expression or feeling captured through an action or non permanent medium. Art can happen anywhere at anytime.

34. Something that a person looks at, becomes engaged, and is emotionally affected.

35. I think anything that spark an emotion can be considered art.

36. anything that is thought up, designed, or created

37. Art is anything with an artistic meaning behind it.

38. Art is anything that is designed to send a message or feeling across to the audience. It can be a painting, a sculpture, a picture, a video or drawing.

39. Art is something that provides visual pleasure and is appealing to different audiences.

40. almost anything could be considered art

41. Colors, shapes, texture, photography, anything that involves being creative and using your imagination.

42. Art is someone's ideas and creative ability put into practice in some form. It could be anything from poems and paint to fashion or structure.

43. Art is something that is original and has had a lot of thought put into it. It is often very delicate and difficult to complete.

44. anything that any person finds aesthetic pleasure in.

45. a persons opinion and their emotions or values

46. expressive and creative pieces

47. Art is something intriguing that makes you think by using visuals.

48. I think time and effort constitutes art. However, I do think that it varies depending on the age of the artist. Younger children may not have had as much experience with the world as much as an adult artist would have.

49. To me art is something that was manipulated, thought out and created to serve a purpose, thought or idea.

50. Thought and creativity. I may not like it, but as long as their was thought behind it I think it could be considered art.

51. Anything that involves thought, planning, or intention.

52. Anything that someone makes.

53. Art has to be something that someone has put time into to convey/evoke a meaning/emotion. It is something that show anything, beauty or hardships.

54. anything that has meaning to the person who created it or to a person viewing the piece of art

55. anything that is created, designed, and planned out.

56. I've said it before, but anything with any type of expression in it. A signature at the bottom of a check is art. The grooves on the bottom of your shoes are art.

57. A chair in the living room is art, and so is a light post on the street. To me, anything created by a person is art.

58. As I said above, I think that art is something that is beautiful to the artist and has personal meaning. Other people may also interpret the same artwork as art for different reasons.

59. Art is anything that someone has created. However, it can also be seen in nature, which is not manmade.

60. the artists has the intent of making art.

61. In my opinion, art has to have three things:
1. purpose - not necessarily a use, but there has to be something behind it, even if it's just to be decorative
2. skill - there has to be some modicum of skill involved in whatever is created
3. creativity - copying something doesn't make it true art. You have to put a bit of yourself into whatever you make.

62. Everything

63. Something that someone tries to make artistically

64. I think art has to be something that means something to someone.

65. Art is anything that someone creates that has a meaning behind it. It can be written work, music, a drawing, a painting, a sculpture, etc.

66. I think that anything can constitute are because if I don't think it is art it can always be used to make art.

67. Anything that someone has put time into creating for aesthetic pleasure

68. Anything with intention and time put into it.

69. I think that art is valuable as long as it has meaning to the person that created it. If other people look at a peice of art and see nothing, that's alright, but if an artist had intention behind a design the work is of value to them - whether it is the amount of time they put into it, or the meaning behind it.

70. Anything,

71. Art is anything that somebody takes the time to create and puts thought and meaning behind it.

72. My opinion is that every one has different ideas of what art is and to me I look at things and then decide if it's art or not, though most things I feel can be considered art.

73. Everything and anything could be considered art.

74. Everything!

75. Art is something created for a purpose.

76. Something that is unique to an individual.

77. Anything that someone puts thought into.

78. Expressive purpose and an honest meaning constitute art. As long as the artist has a purpose it is art.

79. Art is something that has meaning behind it. There is no real definition. Art can be anything made that has meaning and value.

80. I think that where art is and what context it's in constitutes art.

81. I think that anything that was created with meaning can be considered art. I think that it really has to do with the artists intent behind the work. As long as it's meaningful to them then it should be considered art.

82. Anything that required thought

83. Anything can be art, it depends on who's looking at it.

Wordle: AED303Q-8

8). What do you think the role of art is in our society?


1.     I think art plays an important role in our society by lending more meaning to our culture and adding beauty. I also think it captures things that cannot be captured in words.

2.     Art is to question, to express, to create, and to represent our society.

3.     Art lets us know that technology hasn't completely taken over yet.

4.     Art in our society is used to depict the creativity of the artist and tell a story to the viewers.

5.     I think that art has a large role in our society

6.     I think our society values art, but I think kids more and more need to learn how to appreciate it.

7.     It depends on what kind of art is put in a situation. I feel that art is valued in our society. Especially with the newspapers and magazines.

8.     Pleasure

9.     I am not really sure.

10. I think that art is a way for all people to come together, or for children to all be able to find a way to participate.

11. The role of art in our society is to get people thinking about things in a different manner.

12. for enjoyment

13. I think that art is all around us and liked by almost everyone. Even if you are listening to music, then you are listening to someone's art.

14. Entertainment

15. I believe art should be used as a way to enhance every day life. Art can also be used to help students learn in a classroom or at home. It is even used therapeutically.

16. I think it has a major role. Especially with how big and in your face marketing is nowadays.

17. I believe people in society view art as something for enjoyment and entertainment.

18. As previously stated, art is a vehicle of expression, creativity, and beauty.

19. The role of art in our society is a form of expression. It is a getaway from problems or troubles, or a way to express these problems or concerns.

20. The role of art is another language in which we can express our feelings that we could have not expressed with written language.

21. I think art influences everyone's lives, but it has a different value for each person.

22. Freedom, imagination, expression, entertainment.

23. Art is a way to express yourself.

24. I think that it is important and causes people to think in more abstract ways in order to expand their horizons.

25. Art makes out society more colorful and more cultural.

26. it is not as valued as it should be

27. It is for the rich to go see and for true artists to make.           

28. Art is all around us and is a huge part of the world we live in. We are exposed to art in a number of ways all day. advertising, movies, television, the patterns on our clothing. Art is so important to the world we live in.

29. i think it has too small a role

30. aesthetic reasons and teaching reasons!

31. Art is used to communicate a message.

32. Art can change people's feelings about different topics and be used for decorations.

33. I think art can be used to take the place of words in most places and express things words cannot.

34. art is constantly surrounding is and impacts us everyday through television, media, etc

35. I think that art is used as a way to express people's ideas in a different and creative way.

36. I think the role of art in our society is to express feelings and issues that are present in our society today. It is a way to convey meaning with or without words. It's a way to celebrate happiness or reflect on sadness. I think art has many functions in society, but overall it's role is to express these feelings and emotions for other people to share.

37. I think art allows people to express themselves in different ways.

38. It's everywhere you just have to look at something and decide wether you consider it art or not.

39. I don't think people value it as important compared to other things.

40. It is changing forms from painting and drawing to photography and graphic design.

41. its an important role but it is overlooked

42. to show beauty in places/things that we are not expecting

43. Art is a way for our society to communicate about the issues that surround us.

44. I do not think people realize that art is everywhere. Some people think that art is only those huge paintings done by Leonardo daVinci or Picasso. Art could be taking professional pictures on your wedding day, or even the way you decorate your bedroom.

45. I think art is a form of expression in our society, which does not have any rules or boundaries.

46. I think the form of art has changed in our society. It has went from painting and drawing to graphic digital design.

47. I think art plays a huge role in our society. It's everywhere we go. Arts is in music, movies, billboards, ect.

48. An outlet for feelings and expression.

49. Art is a way to release emotion and meaning. It is a way to escape the feelings of now and go into another place. It makes things beautiful.

50. the foster creativity and serve as an alternate means for personal expression

51. I think a lot of people ahve a much more specific definition of art. A lot of people think art has to be elaborate and pretty and fancy, but it doesn't. If more people appreciated art, it would have a bigger part in our society.

52. It is an outlet. Its a unique way to express unique emotions, abilities, and ideas. You could not take a Picasso painting, turn it into an essay, and say it has the same impact. The beauty of the Sistine Chapel cannot be described in words alone- it can only be experienced. Art allows us to truly be ourselves.

53. In our society, I think art serves as more as an aesthetic thing rather than a learning opportunity. I think that we should shift the role around, and make it an aesthetic and learning opportunity. This would better everyone.

54. I think that art is a great outlet for people to express their feelings about societal issues as well as express themselves in a way different from writing, reading, etc.

55. Art in our society, is viewed as trivial compared to other core subject areas. This has been made evident in standardized testing in schools. Personally, I think we as teachers need to stress the importance of art with our students.

56. Art decorates our homes and is ever present in helping a person grow as well as used for learning purposes. Art is important to society.

57. It depends on the person. Art is something different to everyone, depending upon their views on it. It could be everything, or it could be something to hang on the wall. It just depends on the person.

58. I think it plays a role but not as much as it should be.

59. a release from everyday tension. Or bringing a problem to the foreground.

60. In our society, I think art is more of a hobby and interest rather than something concrete and important.

61. Art beautifies society. We can enjoy art, but we can also learn from it and the deeper meanings which are conveyed by artwork.

62. I think the role of art in our society is to express opinions and ideas.

63. I think art's role is different for every person and group

64. To encourage creativity

65. I think that art is a form of expression. Without it society would be very dull. Sitting in any room you can almost always find someone's art work whether it be carpentry, photography, paintings, sculptures etc. I think it is an outlet of expression for people in society.

66. Art is part of our everyday lives, even if we don't realize it. the tables we sit at, the sidewalks we walk on, etc. are all art.

67. The role of art in our society is to bring out people's expressive side, and to give people something to wonder and think about.

68. The role of art in our society is for entertainment, work, fun, leisure, and many other roles. It just depends on what each person does with art in their life.

69. Art provides entertainment, discussion, and something visually interesting to look at.

70. I think it conveys emotion and a point to our society.

71. Art is meant to portray meaning and symbols to the rest of the world.

72. Our society is made up of art so it would play a very large part.

73. Get's people to see things in a different light and view different opinions.

74. Art unites and bongs our society.

75. Art is for personal enjoyment. It's for people to see and it evokes emotions. It should make people feel certain ways and think about it. Art is used everywhere in our society. It is used in classrooms to further education, in homes to make them more beautiful, and many other places.

76. I think art is a huge role in our society.

77. I think that art has developed into something that can be used to really express thoughts or emotions. Art now encompasses "everyday" materials and objects, which were not traditionally considered art.

78. Art helps us express ourselves in a creative way.

79. To express individuality

80. It allows people to express themselves in ways that they normal couldn't.



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