Let's go, Pegasus!

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Let's go, Pegasus!

Genre: Myth

Bibliographic Information:

Marzollo, Jean. New York: Little, Brown, c2006.

Professional Recommendations:

Horn Book Guide: Spring 2007 Nonfiction-Folktales and Nursery Rhymes Rating 3, Recommended, satisfactory in style, content, and/or illustration.

Children's Catalog, Nineteenth Edition, Supplement, 2007; H.W. Wilson; United States

Ilene S. Goldman (Children's Literature)           


Summary: This Greek myth introduces us to Perseus, upset that his mother has been chosen by the king as his wise. Perseus, in his dismay, asks the king if there is anything he can do to stop the wedding. Thinking that the kid might be trouble, the king gives him a seemingly impossible task: to kill Medusa, who turns things into stone by looking in their eyes. Perseus prepares with the gods, Athena and Hermes, and takes a sword and shield to fight Medusa. Perseus decapitates Medusa and brings the head back to the gods, bring each of her victim's back to life.

Response: Marzollo does a great job of taking a topic that may not be the easiest to learn and understand and putting it in a kid friendly, appealing picture book. With bright pictures and an easy to read bold font, students will have no trouble working their way through this story of Greek gods. Owls hold a script at the bottom of each page reading a Greek chorus. This is something that students will enjoy and is a way to get them involved with the reading of this story.

The watercolor illustrations make this story come to life and help carry the reader throughout the story. This book will keep readers interested and may spark a huge interest in Greek mythology and gods. This book would be a great starting point to a lesson about mythology or could be used as a supplement in an ongoing lesson or project. It may be a fun project for students to copy Marzollo's style, telling the story of a different Greek god.

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