I have lived in State College, Pennsylvania for the majority of my life, so it was a natural step for me to continue my academic career at Penn State University.  Throughout high school I began to take classes that were geared towards business and entrepreneurship.  This allowed me to open the door to and achieve my goal of enrolling in the Smeal College of Business.  Along with the high level of academics at Penn State, I also was looking for an outlet to continue my love of dance.

I have been dancing since the age of three; it was a nDance Team.jpgecessity for me to continue that throughout college.  Thankfully I was given the chance after trying out to be a member of the Penn State Lionettes Dance Team.  Being on the team I was able to form great friendships, work with the team, and perform in sporting events along with charitable ones.  Through the Dance Team I have been given the chance to get involved in THON.  I was able to meet one of the Four Diamonds families that our team sponsors.  It has also taught me time management and dedication.  I have had to find ways to go to all my practices and performances and still get my coursework done with a high quality of work.

In the future I hope to be graduating with a Business Management degree and later pursue a career in the field.