"Faith and Confidence"

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            Little kids have a mind of their own. When they want to do something, they want to do it then no matter what. The little boy in the photo displays an innocent begging and pleading face. He is hoping the police officer will give in. All he wants to do is cross the street. There may be a parade going on, but why should that stop him?


            "Faith and Confidence" is the Pulitzer Prize winning photo for 1958 taken by William C. Beall. The little boys face warms your heart and makes you giggle. The expression on his face makes anyone want to give in. His face is filled with complete desire and yearning. The contrast of the big and powerful police officer is diminished slightly by his posture. He is still above the boy, but more at his level leaning forward. Looking at the boy straight in the eyes, the officer is conveying an authority position over the boy. The police officer will not give in no matter how charming the little boy may be.


            Every picture has its own personal story. After visiting the Pulitzer Prize photo winner's exhibit at the Newseum, it became apparent to me how much a photo can truly impact a person. Who knows what the photographer was truly feeling as he looked through his camera lens and snapped the picture. Looking at this picture, I feel a sense of joy to see a unique and precious interaction. Life continues on and we must always remember that. This little boy shows me that in his sincerity and innocence. This officer shows me that through his smile and approachable posture.


Just remember a picture can say a thousand words.


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Wow! I never thought of it like that. This really makes me look at the picture in a new light.

As soon as I saw this picture I said "Awww!" The little boy's expression just makes you want to smile. This is a great photo and even though it looks so simple, it does have a lot to say.

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