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Only 12 Minutes?!?

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NFL Football Game Playing Time.jpg August 17, 2011


            For both Saturdays over Thanksgiving break, there was a Penn State football game scheduled. This put many people with season tickets in a difficult situation. Do I stay for both games or just one game? Do I try to sell my tickets even though I may only get $10 for them? Do I just go home and have a longer Thanksgiving break? Many options were possible along with many outcomes.

Personally, I decided to go to both games.  I gave my brother an early Christmas present and bought him a ticket in the student section for the Indiana game. My parents ended up buying tickets to the game too. The big decision for me was deciding whether to come back for the Wisconsin game or not. I ended up coming back, and I am definitely glad I did.

First of all, the game was amazing. But standing the freezing cold and having snow falling from the sky making me even colder was not amazing. I stood/sat outside for about four hours until the game was over. For a sport that the play clock shows will only be an hour long, why was I out in the cold for so long?

Apparently in NFL football games, only twelve minutes of actual play time occurs. That is crazy! I know it's not college football, but the statistic is probably very similar. Therefore, I only watched about twelve minutes of football in four hours on Saturday! Twelve minutes of football does not seem like an equal ratio compared to the four hours I spent out in the cold. However, I knew before going to the game that it was going to be more than just an hour. So why did I go? Because it was the last game!

Even though I was freezing, I had the most fun at that game than any other game this season. Everyone around me was excited for the game. Everyone was talking to one another and discussing everything that could possibly be discussed. And yet, there was a slight feeling sadness around everyone. For some, in the stands and on the field, this was their last PSU football game as a student. For others, it meant the end of a new beginning and journey. Fans were excited and pumped to see, what was expected to be, a good game. In the end, even with the over time, I don't think anyone would have wanted the season to end any other way. The players showed PSU's strength and perseverance, and just how far the university has come from last year.

That Can't Really Be True, Can It?

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            I have always used Dove soap. Why you may ask? Well that's just always what my mom had bought, and therefore, it was the only soap for me to use in my house. I didn't mind it. It kept me clean and smelled nice, so there was really nothing to complain about.


            The Dove commercials always made me skeptical. I thought that Dove was just trying to sell more soap by exaggerating the benefits of their product. However, I soon found that they really weren't. For once a commercial was telling the truth.


            Recently, I ran out of my Dove soap, so I went to CVS and bought some more. Unfortunately, they didn't have any Dove that day, so I had to buy another brand. Over the next few days, I felt this tightness on my skin; as if a residue was left on my skin even though I just took a shower. I soon figured it out. I wasn't using the soap I was use to. Could this really be possible? Could a commercial really be telling the truth?


            Personally, I can't wait until I can finally get my Dove soap back because I want my skin to feel like it normally does. Also, I'm now a little more willing to believe a commercial's products, within reason of course. So just a word of advice, have a little faith sometimes; and maybe even try Dove soap.

Want To Burn Some Extra Calories?

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All Nighters.jpg April 23, 2012


            Doctors constantly say that as young adults we need at least eight hours of sleep a night. However, I beg to differ. Personally, I can function perfectly on five hours of sleep or less. I did all through high school, and of course, now here at college, I do the same. Some people take naps. Sometimes I do too but only on rare occasions. Sleep for me is never constant or predictable. I'm happy if I get five to six hours of sleep in a night. However, it looks like all those late nights might be paying off though.


            Your body can burn 161 calories just by staying up all night. That may not be a lot, but it's more than you get when you're sleeping. Health wise staying up late is probably not for the best, but it does have at least one benefit. People are always asking me how do I not sleep. I always answer I just don't need too. I am a night owl. Going to bed before midnight is out of the questions. I simply cannot fall asleep. However, now I have a more scientific reason. And now I can answer, just simply to burn more calories.


            So watch out you long sleeps. One day you'll be sorry.


Inspirational Words From An Admirable Man

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            Walking into the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, I had no idea what to expect or see. I did not even know that there was such a memorial until I was told only a few hours earlier. Walking into the memorial, I noticed all the quotes inscribed along the wall. One truly stood out to me.


"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1963


            Whether you relate this to the Civil Rights movement or everyday life, it is a passionate and inspiring quote. Standing up to face a challenge or controversy requires an enormous amount of devotion and determination. It takes a strong person to stand against the beliefs of others. Most people in society are unable to do this. Most people are conformers. We follow orders and the "expected" beliefs of society. Anyone can stand up for themselves, but it takes a truly passionate and confident person to actually stand strong and proud in front of opposers.


            Seeing this memorial and reading all the quotes brought the realization to me again that the Civil Rights movement occurred not long ago. Although so much change has occurred already, there is always room for improvement and growth. We need to stand together, as one country and one united force.

Let's Celebrate With A Pillow Fight!

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New Years Pillow Fight.jpg September 30, 2011


            Most girls, and maybe guys, prepare and think about who they want to kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. It's a hard long thought out process for many individuals. Many things can go wrong or maybe right. I suggest everyone forget the stress, and do what Sri Lanka does? Pillow fights!


            To celebrate the new and upcoming year in Sri Lanka, people gather and have pillow fights. You heard me, pillow fights. Both contestants get on a raised pole and try to knock one another off. Violent? Maybe. Fun? Absolutely.  Instead of worrying about who you want to kiss, think about who you want to knock off with a pillow. It's easier and much less pressure. Instead of the perfect kiss, think about the perfect swing. Personally, I think this would be a blast, as long as there are appropriate safety precautions of course.


            New Year's Day is a time of celebration and joy. A year has passed with many memories, changes, and growth from everyone. Why not celebrate it with a fun game? It's only socially acceptable to hit each other with pillows if you're little kids. Why not be a little kid for a day? To celebrate the past and to start the New Year off with a whack, literally.


"Faith and Confidence"

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Pultizer Photo.jpg


            Little kids have a mind of their own. When they want to do something, they want to do it then no matter what. The little boy in the photo displays an innocent begging and pleading face. He is hoping the police officer will give in. All he wants to do is cross the street. There may be a parade going on, but why should that stop him?


            "Faith and Confidence" is the Pulitzer Prize winning photo for 1958 taken by William C. Beall. The little boys face warms your heart and makes you giggle. The expression on his face makes anyone want to give in. His face is filled with complete desire and yearning. The contrast of the big and powerful police officer is diminished slightly by his posture. He is still above the boy, but more at his level leaning forward. Looking at the boy straight in the eyes, the officer is conveying an authority position over the boy. The police officer will not give in no matter how charming the little boy may be.


            Every picture has its own personal story. After visiting the Pulitzer Prize photo winner's exhibit at the Newseum, it became apparent to me how much a photo can truly impact a person. Who knows what the photographer was truly feeling as he looked through his camera lens and snapped the picture. Looking at this picture, I feel a sense of joy to see a unique and precious interaction. Life continues on and we must always remember that. This little boy shows me that in his sincerity and innocence. This officer shows me that through his smile and approachable posture.


Just remember a picture can say a thousand words.


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