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DialyRandomFacts.com February 29, 2012


            The other night my mom sent me a cute little text that read XOXO. I know cheesy, right? I am in college; but she misses me, so it's cute. This immediately brought me back to my elementary school days where my mom use to leave me a note in my lunch and signed it "Love Mom, XOXO." Unless your mom is as adorable as mine, you probably didn't see XOXO all year, but simply during February, the month of LOVE. Now I know it is not yet February, but after my mom's text and finding this random little tidbit, I just couldn't resist.


            Personally, I don't think Xs look like a person's mouth when they kiss, and Os only kinda look like hugs because you make a circle with your arms. It's a stretch, but I can vaguely see it. However, the letters have nothing to do with the actually reason as to why Xs and Os are used.


            Xs as kisses came from medieval times when not everyone could write, read, or even sign their names. Therefore, in front of a witness, people would simply write an X on the paper, and then they would kiss it. The kiss was to show sincerity in their "signature." Personally, I think this is a really interesting little tidbit. I had no idea that an X's meaning of kisses came about so long ago. It is also crazy to think that in the past people had to sign their name with an X and kiss it. Signatures are fun to create and personalize as you grow up and have to sign more and more documents. Maybe this is where sign by the x__________ came from too?


            Os as hugs rose similarly to Xs. However, Os were used by Jewish immigrants to sign their names. Jews believe that Jesus was a preacher and not the Messiah, which Christians believe he is. Therefore, they did not want to sign an X which represents a Christian cross. And consequently, hugs as Os were created.


            The use of XOXO is very popular during Valentine's Day. Many couples and loved ones buy items with Xs and Os on them, or sign their name with Xs and Os. But I think it is a nice, innocent, simple gesture that more people should participate in year round. I can't tell you how happy I was when I saw my mom's letter lovingly signed MOM XOXO! And I'm sure everyone at my lunch table was jealous. I thought they were at least. Either way, next time it' s Valentine's Day and you see an XOXO, you'll be the smart person in your group and be able to tell everyone where Xs and Os originated from.

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That is really neat! My mom actually left a note in my care package that said XOXO at the end of it. Obviously everyone knows that the Xs and Os represent kisses and hugs, but I never knew how that came about. It's a cute little signature, gesture, whatever you want to call it, to show those how much you love them! :)

Wow! I never new this this xoxo thing was that old. Personally I have never even seen it in real life.

Your parents are adorable. It was really nice meeting them when they were here. It's really interesting that that's where the XO symbols came from. I'm always learning new things on your blog.

That is sweet that your mom sends you XOXO's. I love your blog though it is always the first that I look at, and it definantly fits your personality. But I especially love this entry because I have always wondered where this XOXO thing came from.

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