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                           Donald Duck.jpg August 14, 2012



           In case you did not know this, my middle name is Jane. Just plain Jane, at least compared to the crazy spelling of Kaitlynn I have and my made up last name of Hamaty. However, not everyone has a middle name. Most people believe it is a common, almost mandatory, thing to have a middle name. My grandmother does not have a middle name though. She is a twin and was the second one born. Needless to say, her parents were not exactly expecting her. Therefore, her name is simply Margaret Yost and her sister is Minerva Yost. Personally, I think my grandma got the better deal. Anyways, if some people do not have middle names, it is crazy to think that a cartoon character would have a middle name right?


            Donald Duck actually has a middle name, Fauntleroy. I personally do not even know how to pronounce that properly. Who would have thought that a humorous, but angry little cartoon duck, that many of us grew up watching, would have such a middle name? Especially a name as unusual as Fauntleroy. After some research, I found that Fauntleroy is the name of the sailor suit Donald Duck sports in all his glory. Walt Disney was truly thinking in this situation. I wonder why Walt Disney chose to give Donald Duck a middle name and not Mickey, his most famous creation. Maybe because he figured most people will not even know Donald Duck has a middle name, but hey now you do! This short little cartoon character has a lot of personality, but his middle name, as interesting as it is, gives people a little history lesson. It is always fun to learn new tidbits about childhood characters that we all have grown to love. So if you had a chance to choose, what would you make your middle name?

What's At Stake?: Rational Ignorance

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Sitting in the second row of Heritage Hall, I waited patiently for the program What's At Stake? to start. The next hour program was trying to convince or influence the youth of today especially at Penn State to vote. There were three speakers Jay Paterno, Coquese Washington, and David Brinker who filled in for John Gastil.

Jay Paterno spoke first and explained how many people have fought, suffered, and even perished to be able to have the liberty I have every day. There is death and destruction around the world now as people fight for the right to vote. I may not be the first to acknowledge this, but I do take my liberties, freedoms, and rights for granted sometimes. But I am thankful for everyone who gave their life to protect this great country I and many others live in.

Coquese Washington spoke next and told the story of her father's childhood. As an African American man, he had multiple challenges in his life living in the South. She then ended with telling us to vote to make her father proud.

Both Jay Paterno and Coquese Washington provoked ideas and thoughts in my head. However, when David Brinker made the comment "rational ignorance," I was intrigued immediately. He then explained the term described the part of the population that believed they did not have an impact or effect on the election. It seems that at every election this idea is tossed around constantly leading up to Election Day. Adults are constantly trying to get the youth of the nation to take action and vote. As I grew up, I heard the numerous pleas for more voter participation. However, now that I am of the age to vote, I can see why so many young adults do not make the effort to vote. There is the distraction of school, work, and social commitments. Plus, if they are already registered, it is annoying to reregister or get an absentee ballot. There are just so many things running through our heads constantly. For some of us, including myself, this is the first time we are living on our own. So much is new and different; I do not need another thing added to my life that is uncharted territory.

However, after hearing three influential people speak as well as influence from my teachers, I see the true purpose of voting. It is the ability to have a say in your government your future. Many people may think well duh why hasn't that occurred to you before? But some of us just need it to be repeated a couple thousand times until it sinks in. I do not want to be part of the rational ignorant that sit back and let others decide the future for them. Even if I regret my decision in the future, at least I made a decision at the time. Politics and government were never a prominent topic in my household. My parents voted and continue to vote though. They made their voice heard, and now I will too.


Deadly Little Nut

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                             Peanut Allergies.jpg

                           September 1, 2012


            Peanut allergies have seemed to be on the rise in the past few years. More and more people, up to an estimated 4 million Americans, have become allergic to such a common small nut. Some people's allergies are so serious they are unable to go to certain restaurants due to the amount of peanut particles in the air. If a person has a severe reaction to peanuts, he or she may need to use an EpiPen, which is used for emergency treatment for a life threatening reaction.


            Emergency visits are an everyday occurrence for hospitals. However, in a year almost half of emergency visits for anaphylaxis are a result of an allergic reaction to peanuts. Also, two thirds of anaphylaxis deaths are from an allergic reaction to peanuts. These facts are mind blowing. Why are there so many people with peanut allergies, especially in the past few years? Is it that as a society, we are too sanitary?


            The reason for the sudden spike in peanut allergies among Americans is still unknown. However, many biologists believe that one explanation could be that Americans are just too clean. Americans have become more concerned with sanitary over the past few years. My mother is constantly cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms to make sure everything is clean and "safe". I was taught to always wash my clothes after I wear them once, and I take a shower every day. Since we are always cleaning and sanitizing ourselves and the objects around us, our bodies have fewer chances to fight off "intruders" and build a healthier immune system. A body may then reject food that in years prior it would accept. Although it is not the only possibility, our cleaning frenzy nature does provide a valid point as to why so many Americans now have peanut allergies. With more research and tests, one day we may solve the mystery of peanut allergies.


Together As Separates

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Rent Cast Line Up.jpg

SublimeCDS December 24, 2005


              After studying Broadway shows in my seventh grade music class, I had wanted to see the Broadway show Rent. However, the show was taken off Broadway. Luckily, a motion picture of Rent was made in 2005. I was so excited and begged my parents to buy it for me. I had already known the whole story line and googled pictures and videos for days before. So now all I needed was the movie.

                The movie began and the opening scene was playing out right in front of my eyes. This very scene was the scene I was looking forward to the most. All the principal cast members were on stage in a line with a single spot light on each one. The song "Seasons of Love" began to play, and my heart felt like it stopped. Here were eight individual people all connected to each other in some way, through friendship, love, music and dance, or a common disease. They were each other's rocks and support system when comfort or help was needed. Through the fights, arguments, and even deaths, these separate people came together as one to help each other in his or her time of need.

                Each spotlight represents the character's own persanl struggles. A glance into each person's personal story as a single item. There is no where to hide when your life is lite up for the world to see. The character's thoughts, feelings, and hardships are shown fully as the single spotlight is placed on him or her. Yet the line stringing across the stage as the character's are standing together, shows the unity of a family. A family that went through many tough times, break ups, relationships, and loss. Still, each separate individual remained connected to each other and the family they became. 

                There are five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes in a year. The cast asks, "How do you measure, measure a year?" They chose to measrure a year in love. They love their family, each other, and themselves as they continue on their journies, together as separates.

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