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Shostakovich,  Concerto no. 1, Allegretto

Tchaikovsky, Variations on a Rococo Theme, Theme
dvorak cd
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Dvorak, Cello Concerto, Allegro

Bruch, Kol Nidrei
kodaly cd
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Kodaly, Sonata for Solo Violoncello, Allegro maestoso ma appassionato

Hindemith, Lebhaft sehr markiert

haydn cd

Haydn, Concerto in C Major,  Moderato

Haydn, Concerto in D Major, Allegro

Brahms, Scherzo, Allegro molto

Ravel, Modere

September 23, 2007 - CD of the Week - KBAQ 89.5 FM

 Click here to listen to radio segment 

        "Kim Cook is a fine player, and from what I have learned in the past week or so, a great pedagogue at her studio at Penn State" "we do deserve to hear her out here and everywhere.  Her recording of the Dvorak Cello Concerto will be heard on KBAQ from now on, but to get a chance to know her facile playing it would be best through hearing her play Zoltan Kodaly's Sonata for cello.  All three pieces are beautifully played, but the Kodaly really is a remarkable piece, and Kim Cook has, I think, made a definitive recording of it. Silence is as much a part of music as the notes are, and Ms. Cook leads us to those silences, those places to take a breath, amid some real pyro-technics in playing, in the melancholy phrases, that as you listen, you realize, this really does demand something of the player in the offhand left-hand pizzicato that often happens in the Kodaly. It really is a tremendous piece and she plays it beautifully."

                                            Sterling Beeaff, KBAQ Radio, Phoenix, AZ

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