Useful Links

APA Style Blog
Find "how-to" citation help and reliable grammar advice on the American Psychological Association's Style Blog. Science writing favors APA style over MLA style, so this is a wonderful overall resource.

Common Errors in English Usage
A great search feature and an alphabetized list of many of the mistakes made in writing and speaking make this a useful site. Next time you're confounded, see if the answer is here.

EM SC 100S: Earth & Mineral Sciences First-Year Seminar
You'll find lots of useful information on finding articles, using databases, evaluating and citing sources and lots of tips to help you use your library.

Grammar Girl
Entertaining approach to many vexing writing problems. If you've ever wondered about lie and lay or affect and effect, this is the site for you.

Have you struggled with what goes into the various parts of your lab reports? Would you like a step-by-step guide to pre-lab, in-lab, and post-lab preparation and writing? LabWrite will guide you through the entire process. It's a great resource to have open while you complete your lab report.

PSU Library Career Resources for All Majors
Find career and internship resources. Look up company information. Get contact information for key industries. Learn how to negotiate a salary using inside information. It's all here on the Schreyer Business Library site. Don't be fooled; this isn't just for business majors.

PSU Library Citation and Writing Guides
Quick references for APA, MLA, and Chicago that includes links to citation managers and other citation style guides (ACE, AIP, AMA, APSA, Harvard, IEEE). Under the RESEARCH tab, select "Citation Guides."

The Purdue Online Writing Lab
Provides information on many writing topics including style guides, plagiarism, grammar, and many more.

Style for Students
Wonderfully written and incredibly useful information on topics ranging from style, punctuation, equations, figures, tables, resumes and much more! You'll want to check this out.

The Writer's Almanac
Read a poem every day and your writing and speaking will become more creative. And, even if you're not a fan of poetry, follow the segment that begins,"It was on this day in..." to learn about an intriguing historical event that you can use to show your friends how smart you are.

(A Handbook for Faculty) Writing Recommendation Letters
Excellent advice on writing letters for students and information about nine of the nation's top scholarships are here in this easy-to-access online handbook.

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