Don't Let Your Résumé Sink Your Employment Opportunities

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The EMS Student Council is sponsoring The College of EMS Career Fair Reception on Tuesday, September 14, from 7:00 - 9:00 PM in the EMS Museum. And from September 13-17 the Fall Career Fair in the Bryce Jordan Center will be going on. Many of you have stopped by or attended one of my workshops to prepare your employment communications. I get a lot of questions about résumés, so this week I'm posting a "Checklist for the Killer Résumé." How many of these criteria does your current résumé meet?

•    One-page (preferably)
•    Attractive, well-balanced design
•    Eye-catching name and contact information
•    All headings parallel (grammar, layout, style)
•    Key points emphasized (visual hierarchy)
•    Concise, active, parallel wording (no full sentences; no "I")
•    Active verbs describing your accomplishments and duties
•    Schools and jobs in reverse order (reverse chronological order)
•    Truthful and ethical information
•    Confident tone
•    Job responsibilities results-oriented and developed
•    All required parts included (identifying information, education, experience, etc.)
•    Audience-centered

This last one, ensuring it is error-free, can't be overstated. Nothing will sink your chances of getting an interview faster than sloppy or poor proofreading. (Read these funny résumé bloopers for some laughs.) We know times are tough. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment was a whopping 9.5 percent in July.  On July 14, 2010, The Wall Street Journal reported that many economists expect unemployment to rise to 11 percent this year. The economic times demand stellar employment communications to edge out your competition. Come see me if you want to make yours float through these rough waters.

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