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Recognizing the need for effective writing in the sciences and engineering, the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences provides tutoring and instruction to undergraduate students. Last year, over 500 students from 35 different classes made use of the Writing Center services, with some students visiting just a few times, and others coming in almost every week. You are encouraged to visit the Writing Center for help with anything from your paper assignments to your résumé if you are an undergraduate student in the College. I am here to help you.


The Writing Tutor's Role and Your Responsibilities

I can help you best if you understand my role and recognize your own responsibilities as a writer. A tutor's task is not to edit or rewrite your papers for you, but to help you understand and employ effective writing principles. It is your responsibility in a tutorial session to prompt me by articulating your key questions and writing challenges. Be prepared to take an active role in discovering how to improve your writing. The process of learning to write more effectively is as important as the product.


Making an Appointment 

Because many students visit the Writing Center, making an appointment via e-mail or the phone (814-863-6077) is the best way to guarantee a spot. Dropping in is possible, but if another student has already set up an appointment for the time you drop in, I will see the student with the appointment. Also, I may have other deadlines to meet, so planning ahead will ensure I can give you the attention you want.


Additional Ways to Improve Your Success

Here are some important points to keep in mind.

  • Plan ahead. Writing well takes time.
  • Bring the assignment sheet to the tutoring session. It helps me discern the criteria.
  • Come prepared. Have questions.
  • Come in. E-mailing or g-chats (kimberlydel@gmail.com) provide for some quick feedback; however, to get thorough instruction, let's have a conversation.

And finally, please e-mail or call promptly to cancel. It helps me help someone else, and someday that someone else could be you!

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