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Kevin Zelnio MP3s

I'm usually slightly inebriated when I record myself out in backyard, so you'll have to excuse the poor quality. I'm much better drunker.



Armed With Setae – Polychaetes are awesome, deal with it.


Ballad of the Inarticulate Brachiopod – Diversity isn't everything, you have to prove you can survive!


Bdelloid Blues – Rotifers don't need no man.


Big Dead Squid – The story of a whaler who catches a sperm whale and cuts it open to find a big dead squid inside, which he is horrified at.


Don't Fear the Microbe – Most are pretty nice once you get to know them.


Giant Squid Breakdown – Banjo breakdown on the perennial favorite.


JimÕs Got a Green Northern Sea Urchin – Echinoderms are fab, this is a song for Jim Lemire.


O Bacteria – Bacteria are just great. Sung to O Susanna Words by Annette Parrott (music by me of course!).


Receptaculites – Is it a sponge, or is it a plant? Sung to Particle Man by They Might Be Giants.


Solitary Coral – You might know that coral are colonies, but some corals exist as only a polyp. It not easy being alone... Sung to "Solitary Man" by Neil Diamond


Symbiosis Is Everywhere – Everybody is doing it.


Twenty Meters – A bluesy song about a diver who no longer sees reefs, just algae.


Wayfaring Mollusk – The journey of a wayward mollusk moving into deep waters to avoid predators. It's a lonely journey, but one he must make in order to survive. Sung to Wayfaring Stranger by Johnny Cash.


What Does the Deep Sea Say (DSN Version) – I modified this traditional standard for the Craig and Peter at Deep Sea News, who now use it as their theme song. The original version has sung by several fantastic artists such as Doc Watson & Bill Monroe (as "Where is my sailor boy?") and Dave Alvin.


When Crabs Go Bad – Life is hard for crabs. I just want them to know that there are other options to turn to other than drugs and alcohol.



1952 Vincent Black Lightning – I first heard this song sung by Del McCoury & The Boys. Later, I heard versions by Greg Brown and Jon Langford. I love both, but I think I like the Jon Langford's version more because of his voice. It fits the song well.


72 (This Highway's Mean) – This is just a song I like by Drive By Truckers, a great southern rock band.


Alone and Forsaken – This is a classic standard by Hank Williams. I really like Emmylou Harris' version.


Everrett Ruess – I think this is a traditional song, but I've only heard it sung by none other than Dave Alvin. Only my favoritist artist in the whole wide world.


I Still Miss Someone – Another beautiful classic song. The earliest version I have heard was Johnny Cash, but I don't think he wrote it.  Robert Earl Keen, Emmylou Harris, and Folk Uke all do nice takes on it.


I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight? – I love this song by Robert Earl Keen. I've had a similar experience.


Love Like This – Another song from Drive By Truckers. Sometimes love has many meanings.


Master of WarBob Dylan wrote this song during the Vietnam War days. The lyrics are timeless though and every word of it reminds me of our current administration and the Iraq War. Click here for Garageband file.


Shades of Gray – Originally, I heard this song sang by Richard Shindell on the Cry Cry Cry album, which made look up the original version by none other than Robert Earl Keen. This is how I found out about and started a love affair with Keen's music.


Sounds of Silence – I grew up with Simon & Garfunkel in the house and am a big fan of their song and songwriting style. I like to play this a little heavier because it is full of emotion.


Tonight We Ride – By one of best western songwriters, Tom Russell, whose songs are often redone by other folk and country artists. His voice is rough and gritty like the characters of his songs.


Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key – The words were written by Woody Guthrie, who died before he wrote out the music. Billy Bragg and Wilco took artistic license to create the music and sing on two albums (Mermaid Avenue Vol. I and II) of unfinished songs by Woody.


Welfare Music – Written by the Bottle Rockets, I love this song because it is so true.


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