Trip Manager


Congratulations! You have been recognized for your ability to think under pressure (and maybe for your love of shopping). Here's what you can expect.



Your Responsibilities:


1. For the more stressful part of your job, you fill find out what to do in crisis situations: What if someone loses their passport? What if someone is pickpocketed? What if there is a medical emergency? You will need to know where the hospital is in each of the cities you visit.


2. For the more relaxing part of your job, you will have to pick up some souvenirs from each of the cities you visit to take home to share with your friends and family. After all, you don't want them to think that you were just "slacking off" while you visited Spain.


3. You will be responsible for the planning and budget for the souvenirs and for dealing with emergency situations. You will record this information in a daily journal (in Spanish).


4. Also, you will be responsible for sharing souvenirs, emergencies and other bizarre situations and how they were handed for your groupís final presentation. Be creative!

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1. Once your group's cities are selected, it's time for you to get to work. Find the hospital, bank, American Embassy, local police, fire, pay phone, pharmacy, etc. specific to either these cities or to the regions in which they are located.


2. You have been given an emergency and souvenir budget and some cities. Use the some of the resources to find some shops or more about emergency information. You may want to look at the shops' hours, prices, and locations and keep track of this information.


3. Begin to keep your travel journal. Your point of view should be as the travel manager: Where did you shop? What did you buy? Were some of your souvenirs free, or did you pay for them? How much? What time was it when you shopped? Keep track of how much you spent day by day. Did anything interesting, unusual, scary, or comical happen? Include any relevant information for your area of expertise.


4. MIDPOINT: Get together with the other travel managers in the class. Compare the information and travel journals that you have gathered so far: where is there to shop, what should you do in certain emergency situations, what's been hard or easy so far, other interesting facts, etc. Also, check each other's information using the rubric on the evaluation page.


5. Go back and make any necessary changes for your part of the trip.


6. On the final day of your travel journal, reflect on what you would have kept the same, what you would have changed, and any other information that stood out.


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As the travel manager in the group, you should know:


1. Keep your passports in a safe place ( never in your luggage). I would advise getting a money pouch or passport holder that you can put under your clothes.


2. One of the biggest crimes in Europe is pickpocketing (usually by the gitanos). For this reason, advise all of the members of your group to keep their wits about them and their money in a safe place.


3. Before you go, make 3 copies of your passport photo page, and give it to the others in your group. Have them to do the same thing.


4. Souvenirs don't have to cost you a lot of money. In fact, they can be very inexpensive, if not free.


E. Finally, be well-prepared for situations that might occur on your trip.


°Buena Suerte!


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