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Culinary Expert


You have the distinct honor of being your group's culinary expert. You're probably thinking: "What's in store for me?" Actually, you have a creative and fun part of the trip process. Here's what you can expect:


Your Responsibilities:

1. Your job is to research traditional dishes for the specific regions that you and your group will visit.

2. You will be responsible for the planning and budget of where and when your group eats. You will record this information in a daily journal (in Spanish).

3. Also, you will be responsible for preparing a sample of a Spanish dish for your group's final presentation.

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1. You have been given a food budget and some cities. Use any of the resources to find some restaurants, cafés, etc. where you and the group can dine. You may want to look at their hours and prices and keep track of this information.

2. Begin to keep your travel journal. Your point of view should be as the culinary expert: Where did you dine? What did you have? What time was it when you had your meals? How much did it cost? Keep track of how much you spent day by day. Did anything interesting, unusual, or comical happen? Include any relevant information for your area of expertise.

3. MIDPOINT: Get together with the other culinary experts in the class. Compare the information that you have gathered so far: specialty dishes of the city or region, cool restaurants or cafés, what's been hard or easy so far, other interesting facts, etc. Also, check each other's information using the travel journal rubric and the grading rubric for culinary expert.

4. Go back and make any necessary changes for your part of the trip.

5. On the final day of your travel journal, reflect on what you would have kept the same, what you would have changed, and any other information that stood out.

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As a culinary expert, you should know:

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