Mouthguard Toothbrush

Introduction: The Enthusiastic Engineers (Group 5) contain members Matt Glick, Jing Zhang, Flavia Simielli, and Alison Riley. For this project, we came up with an original design for a toothbrush shaped like a mouth guard. In this report, we will describe our original mission for the project. This report will contain our mission statement, initial problems, our customer needs analysis will also be included, which describes our teams hierarchal ordering. There will be a statement about the design objectives and revised problem statement. The external research comes from different mediums, for example, website, patent research, benchmarking, and the product dissection. Next, will be our concept generation and concept selection with an explanation of our matrices. Lastly, will be the embodiment design and final design description, followed by the conclusions and references.

We hope to be able to design a new type of electric toothbrush that will help people to brush their teeth with more ease. Our 4 man team will work through a series of concept generations and selections to determine which toothbrush is the best one of them all.



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