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Jun Xu

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
The Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science Stevens Institute of Technology

North Building 204, 1 Castle Point Terrace Hoboken, NJ 07030 Email: jxu69_at_stevens_dot_edu


I received my Ph.D. at the College of Information Sciences and Technology, The Pennsylvania State University, under the advising of Dr. Peng Liu and Dr. Xinyu Xing. Before I joined Penn State, I received my bachelor's degree at University of Science and Technology of China (2009-2013).

My research interests include software security and system security. The goal of my research is to automate vulnerability finding, analysis, and mitigation. I also do research to neutralize the threats of malware. I play and design CTF games occasionally.

If you share my interests and would like to join me as a PhD student or intern, please send me an email.


Alejandro Cuevas (Intern 2018.09 - ) [CCTV2 News]

Recent Research Highlight

  • [Oct/2018] LEMNA wins the Outstanding Paper Award at CCS 2018.
  • [CCS'18] LEMNA provides a high-fidelity deep learning explanation method dedicated for security applications, such as binary disassembling and malware classification.
  • [July/2018] Our database for the analysis, PoC and execution environments of over 400 vulnerabilities is open sourced. Check out the docker images here: https://vulnreproduction.github.io/
  • [USENIX Security'18] FUZE leverages fuzzing and symbolic execution to facilitate automated Kernel Use-After-Free exploit.
  • [Feb/2018] CREDAL and POMP wins Penn State Alumni Association Dissertation Award.
  • [Nov/2017] Starts a project with JD.com Security on discovering vulnerabilities on IoT devices.
  • [CCS'17] FlashGuard proposes a lightweight and low-cost solution with SSDs to defend against encryption ransomware.
  • [USENIX Security'17] POMP leverages Intel Processor Tracing and reverse execution to diagnoze software crash without source code.
  • [CCS'16] CREDAL analyzes core dumps caused by memory corruption vulnerabilities to locate the crash point, restore the stack trace, and narrow down code segments carrying vulnerabilities.

Journal Publications

Conference Publications

Workshop Publications

Other Publications

  • A Symbolic N-Variant System
    Jun Xu, Pinyao Guo, Bo Chen, Robert F Erbacher, Ping Chen, Peng Liu
    The 2016 ACM Workshop on Moving Target Defense (MTD'16 Demo).

Research Experiences

  • Research Assistant, Pennsylvania State University.
    • Cyber Security Lab, 2013-2018
  • Intern, Samsung Research America
    • System security, Summer 2017
  • Intern, FireEye Inc.
    • Ransomware detection and analysis, Summer 2016
  • Intern, FireEye Inc.
    • Malware unpacking, Summer 2015
  • Intern, Shisheng Inc.
    • Stock market monitoring, Summer 2013

Teaching Experience

  • Teaching Assistant, Pennsylvania State University.
    • [SRA211] Introduction to Informaiton Security, Spring 2017
    • [SRA211] Introduction to Informaiton Security, Fall 2016

Honor and Award

  • Outstanding Paper Award, ACM CCS 2018
  • RSA Scholarship, RSA Conference 2017, U.S.A.
  • Student Travel Grant, CCS 2016
  • Outstanding Honor for National Undergraduates Innovative Project 2013, China
  • Guo-Moruo Scholarship, University of Science and Technology of China 2013

Professional Services

List of Vulnerability

A list of vulnerabilities our research discovered: link