Math 597F, Spring 2002

This is the home page for Math 597F, Topics in Coarse Geometry. Our goal in this course is to understand by way of examples some of the structure `at infinity' that can be carried by a metric (or, more generally, a `coarse') space. The connection between coarse geometry and operator algebras will be mentioned, but it isn't the central subject of the course; we'll concentrate on geometry and coarse topology for its own sake.

The course meets in 308 Boucke at 11:15 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

There is no course textbook. However, the following books are interesting (certainly) and relevant (possibly):

The following is a list of topics which I may attempt to cover in the course: I will endeavor to provide a set of lecture notes online. You may download them in dvi format or in pdf format.