Dear Family and Friends,

Jesus was / is absolutely awesome in Zambia!!!!!!!  Although exact numbers are not known, apparently tens of thousands of people gave their lives to Jesus and I estimate He miraculously healed at least multiple hundreds and perhaps more than a thousand people during five evenings.  People with blind eyes received sight, the lame walked, the deaf now hear, and the good news was preached.  Many children also committed their lives to following Jesus at an outreach for children in two afternoons.  Like the adults, they were encouraged to:  1) Read their Bible, 2) talk with God every day, 3) go to a good church, and 4) tell others about Jesus. 


I think evangelist Christopher Alam has a fine Dynamis World Ministries team in Africa and I was privileged to spend some time with them.  They work hard to make their outreaches possible.  Their 4-week training program, 6 evenings per week, for the participating churches is invaluable.  Because of this, the participating churches typically grow to be 3 or 3.5 times larger a few weeks after the crusade.  Lord willing, I hope to return to perhaps Zambia or Zimbabwe along with others from my church. 


One highlight was the woman who got out of her wheelbarrow (about 6 feet away from where I was praying for someone) and walked for the first time in at least two years.  Please see her “B.C.” and ‘after Jesus’ pictures below.  She also had a possibly sizeable tumor disappear from her belly.  I personally witnessed at least 30 people touched by Jesus (via prayer) in three nights who indicated they were better, including four people with a deaf ear who, after testing by covering their other ear, said they could now hear.   There are photos below of the evening crowd, possibly up to 30,000 or so each night, and the program for the children.  Jesus was completely amazing!!! 


in His infinite awesomeness

   and awesome infiniteness,



Woman in a wheelbarrow:



Woman walking after getting out of her wheelbarrow:



Evening crowd:





Childrens’ meeting: