Dear Family and Friends:


As usual, Jesus was amazing in Zambia!Tens of thousands of people committed to turn from sin, trust in Jesus, and follow Him.Thousands were healed by Jesus. (The last night, evangelist Christopher Alam asked everybody to take their hands down to make sure they understood they were indicating they were healed and then the same large number of people raised their hands again!) Itís exciting being where Jesus is doing incredible things. (See below a photo of a large evening crowd.) Because of the four weeks of training for participating churches done by Dynamis World Ministries before these meetings, we are optimistic as we pray that the people whose lives were changed will continue to seek and serve the Lord.


Noteworthy healings included a man who got out of his wheelbarrow and walked and people who threw down their crutches and walked.Our team of four witnessed a good number of people who were healed by Jesus in response to prayer. I personally saw the Lord heal some people right in front of my own eyes including some deaf or partially deaf people and a woman who said she had cataracts but her vision was no longer cloudy after praying.


Our team shared the awesome news of Jesus in an orphanage, a school during two separate assemblies, and on the streets in two locations.In church on Sunday, we shared regarding there being so much more of Jesus available to all of us and how God wants to heal people.When the people in the church specifically prayed for those who were sick, God healed 7 people.This represented about 1/7 of the new congregation.Jesus is so good!


One night our team prayed for Ignatius, a hotel worker, and the Lord healed his feet, ankles, and hips so he could walk without pain.The next night he wanted to talk with us and we helped him to turn from sin, rely on Jesus, and become a child of God.As was done at the other meetings, we encouraged Ignatius to read the Bible every day, talk with the Lord every day, tell others about what God has done for him, and go to a good, Bible believing church that prays for the sick in Jesusí name and sees them healed. Please pray for Ignatius and all whose lives where touched.


Thanks so much to everyone who prayed for the people involved in the various outreaches.Like it says above, Jesus was (and is) absolutely fantastic!!!


in His infinite awesomeness

†† and awesome infiniteness,

†††††††† John