Dear Family and Friends:


I returned on the 6’th of February after a phenomenal trip to India.  Thanks to all who prayed.  It was like walking in the book of Acts or like walking with Jesus as one of His disciples 2,000 years ago!  In a nutshell, the blind saw, the lame walked, the deaf heard, the mute spoke, tumors disappeared, etc!!  Jesus was and is absolutely awesome!!! 


In Bidar and Kurnool, more than 1,500 pastors and Christians were trained and empowered to see the Lord use them in the supernatural.  (See photo below.) More than 3,300 people became followers of Jesus and more than 8,200 people indicated that the Lord had healed them physically (mostly in response to prayer after words of knowledge, that is revelations of specific ailments that God wanted to heal).  Through the prayer ministry of my team, more than 1,700 people were healed.  Way to go, Jesus! 


It was like stealing candy from a baby.  With so many people being healed, it was difficult to keep track of exact numbers.  Thus, I personally witnessed at least 52 – 66 people that Jesus healed through prayer.  Highlights included a young man with a deaf hear, a man with a 50% deaf ear, and a mute child who I saw miraculously healed.  I also saw an older man who was carried to some team members.  After prayer, the man was (slowly) walking! 


With very large crowds experienced by the other team in one city, Global Awakening reports that a grand total of more than 31,000 people came to Jesus as their Savior and almost 28,000 were physically healed. 


It was exciting to see the fully functioning 5-fold ministry with apostolic and prophetic anointing and authority.  With powerful intercession and worship times, we experienced a significant spiritual breakthrough in Bidar.  So much so that when we were in Kurnool, we received a report that the miracles and people coming to Jesus were still continuing!  This was the goal all along. 


The other team experienced some significant opposition in their second town as the American pastors could not initially preach.  Significantly fewer people came to the evening meetings due to threats apparently by some radical Hindu groups.  However, instead of the anticipated crowd up to 100,000 that did not materialize, about one million people saw on TV a video recorded during this time.  Also, a national breakthrough ruling was issued that foreigners, even on a tourist visa, had the same religious rights (to preach) as Indian nationals.  This was a first time legal precedent. 


Jesus is doing great things in India!!!  Please keep on praying and give financially for India as we expect the Lord to open greater doors as He works to draw many of the more than one billion people into a living, life-changing, radical relationship with Jesus. 

In His infinite awesomeness and awesome infiniteness,


Day conference for pastors and leaders:


 Kurnool Leaders Conference

























Evening meeting in Bidar, India:


Bidar Evening Meeting