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Evidence of my management, program planning and program implementation skills rests in the work I completed throughout my thirty-plus years in K-12 education.  Filling the roles of teacher, inclusion specialist and instructional support facilitator allowed me to develop a plethora of strong competencies in many aspects of working with students in and educational setting.  I did, however, lack experience and technique in the area of counseling.  Skills such as active listening, mediation, and crisis facilitation were not used frequently in my work.  A goal of my graduate education was to fill this gap by studying and applying aspects of counseling theory and methods.  Through coursework in counseling and development, theory and methods, group processes, family counseling, and helping skills for student affairs professionals, I have built confidence in my ability to effectively work with students to enhance their growth all aspects of their development.  Transition theory (Schlossberg, 1984) was especially meaningful in helping me to develop a personal counseling philosophy that applies to young adults in transition.  The link below provides a window to my beliefs as a counselor.

Novice Counseling Theory[1].docx

I believe that I have developed and can apply skills that allow me to be present and engage in the use of active listening, empathy, and compassion for students in need.  I have confidence in my ability to mediate discussions and employ crisis interventions skills when needed.  This confidence has been bolstered through my work with students as an academic adviser, mentor to student athletes and conduct case manager. 

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