Inter and Intrapersonal Skills

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The Inter and Intrapersonal Skills learning outcome deals with the ability to interact and communicate with others as well as demonstrate a commitment to ongoing growth and development. Throughout my career I have demonstrated a commitment to my ongoing growth by changing roles when I felt I was at a point where my I had maximized my learning in my position at that time.  As a K-12 instructor, my ability to self-manage was demonstrated daily by my performance in managing a classroom of students and delivering a program of planned instruction. 
The aspect of this learning outcome that was lacking in myself was the understanding and learning about others different from myself.  This did not occur due to lack of ability, but rather lack of a population of different others.  My lengthy career in K-12 education occurred in a very large, White, suburban, upper-middle class region.  Homogeneity was the norm.  I never took pause to realize the lack of diversity in my life.  Upon entering the CSA program and one of my foundational courses of Social Justice, I was ashamed that I had not recognized the fact that my world lacked diversity.  I soaked up identity theories like a sponge and had the benefits of four different and diverse cohorts of peers to share their lived experiences to add a healthy dose of diversity albeit a bit late. That many of my new friends chose salient identities from many intersecting options taught me the complexity that students bring with them to college.  My understanding of power and privilege and the socio-historical context in which it operates has helped me appreciate the oppression of others and given me the knowledge of multiple perspectives upon which to base my relationships with others. 

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