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According to The History of British Surnames, by C. L'Estrange Ewen (p. 236) the name Pettigrew means "the crane's grove," with "petti" being the word for crane and "grew" the word for grove. Pettigrove is a partial translation and means exactly the same thing. It is a name given to people from their place of residence and presumably the first Pettigroves lived near a crane's grove. A similar explanation is that the name was Peire de Gru, which means "crane's foot" in French. The names Pettigrew and Pettigrove are logical translations of this. The French tie comes from the oral tradition that the Pettigroves were Huguenots in France, who came to England to avoid religious persecution during the period around 1572, when 20,000 Huguenots were massacred.

Portland, Oregon was founded by two men, A.J. Lovejoy from Boston and Francis Pettygrove from Portland, Maine. They tossed a coin to see after whose home town their new home would be named. Obviously Mr. Pettygrove won. He is related to most of the Pettigroves in the United States (about 20 have telephones in 1994). These are descended from a man from Scotland.

There are at least two identifiable branches of Pettigroves, which I call the Scottish branch and the English branch. I assume that they were originally all from the same family and someone from Scotland moved to England, but I don't know this. Before 1800, the name Pettigrove was found mainly in Scotland. There was at least one Pettigrove family in Gloustershire in the mid 1700s and from this family most, and perhaps, all of the English Pettigroves descend. By the 1850s Pettigroves were found in several locations in England. In many of these families the name Brittain (Britton) is used either as a first or middle name. This name almost certainly comes from Jane Britton, wife of Daniel Pettigrove of Bitton, Gloustershire. Bitton is just east of Bristol, in what is now called Avon, but was formerly Gloustershire. Daniel and Jane married 31 May 1762 in Bitton.

What follows is a compendium of what I know of Pettigroves around the world. It is organized by locality for the first known Pettigrove in a branch. I list a person from a branch who is interested in family history, if I know of one. I do not list people born after 1900, in large part because it would lead to too many people, and also for privacy. In some cases, I know about later generations, and if you contact me I can help you identify your branch. It is apparent in several cases that these branches are related, but if a link is missing, they will be listed separately. There are a lot of unlinked church and civil records that are presented for what they are worth. What they show me is that these people are all related, and pretty closely, even though we don't know how. There are just too many people named Britton Deane Pettigrove and George Britton Pettigrove and Samuel Pettigrove for them not to be related.

The organization of what follows is:

Pettigroves in Scotland

Pettigroves in England

Pettigroves in Australia

Pettigroves in the United States

Pettigrove Researchers

Pettigroves in Scotland

The following church records relate to Pettigroves in Scotland

Gardner Pettigrove, son of John Pettigrove and Isabel Bruce, born 6 Dec 1750 in Prestonpans, East Lothian

James Pettigrove, son of John Pettigrove and Isabel Bruce, born 11 Jan 1739 in Prestonpans, East Lothian

James Pettigrove, son of John Pettigrove and Isabel Bruce, born 14 Apr 1745 in Prestonpans, East Lothian

Janet Pettigrove, daughter of John Pettigrove and Isabel Bruce, born 24 Nov 1734 in Prestonpans, East Lothian

Helen Pettigrove, daughter of John Pettigrove and Isabel Bruce, born 11 Jun 1732 in Prestonpans, East Lothian

John Pettigrove, son of John Pettigrove and Isabel Bruce, born 27 Dec 1735 in Prestonpans, East Lothian

William Pettigrove, a relative of David Pettegrew, was born about 1705 in Prestonpans, East Lothian

Miss Pettigrove, the spouse of James Young, was born about 1718 in Dalkeith, Midlothian

John Pettigrove who married Joan Wood was born abt 1648 Shoteston, Barony, Lanark

Nancy Pettigrove who was married to William Caldwell was born about 1713 of Glasgow, Lanark

Nancy Wood has determined that the Maine Pettigroves, of which she is one, are definitely from Scotland, around the Glasgow area in Lanarkshire County.

David Graves is looking for family of Jessie Pettigrove born 1787 Scotland. His daughter married David's gggrandfather when she was living in Eckford Mi. (1841)

Kathie Pettigrove of Oregon is married to James Pettigrove, born in Glasgow, but descended from London Pettigroves (see below), and apparently previously to Bristol Pettigroves. Further completing the circle, one of this family is now in Australia. If they move to Maine, they will be tied to all of the major Pettigrove locations in the world.

Pettigroves in England

Pettigroves near Bristol

John Pettigrove (1) of Bitton had four children, John, William, Daniel, and Mary. John Pettigrove (son of John (1)) had daughters Ann Pettigrove (bapt. 27 Jul 1751 Bitton) and Eliza Pettigrove (bap.c.1753 Oldland). William Pettigrove (son of John(1)) was baptized 3 Sep 1733 Bitton. Daniel Pettigrove (son of John (1) and mentioned earlier) was baptized 6 Jan 1735 Bitton, and married 31 May 1762 Bitton to Jane Britton. Mary Pettigrove married on 2 Feb 1766 Bitton to William Townsend. Daniel and Jane had children William Pettigrove (bur.2 Sep 1838 Bitton m. to Mary bur.4 Sep 1842 Bitton), Daniel Pettigrove (bap.14 Dec 1766 Hanham bur.18 Sep 1769 Bitton), Britton Pettigrove (bap.c.1770 Oldland), Daniel Pettigrove (bap.31 May 1772 Oldland), Jane (Jenny) Pettigrove (bap.17 Sep 1774 Oldland m. to Francis Rogers), Samuel Pettigrove (bap.31 Mar 1777 Bitton m.12 Jul 1802 Bitton to Betty Peacock), Hannah Pettigrove (bap.22 Aug 1784 Bitton m.13 Jan 1804 Bitton to James Chilcott), Solomon Pettigrove (bap.25 Dec 1787 Bitton bur.9 Dec 1794 Bitton), and Betty Pettigrove ( m.19 Oct 1806 Bitton to Thomas Burchell). William and Mary had children Daniel Pettigrove (bap.4 Aug 1799 Oldland m.8 Feb 1819 St. James to Hester (or perhaps Esther) Hudd, died on Tuesday, 15th September 1863 at Mounthill GLS ENG, aged 64 years.), Elizabeth Pettigrove (bap.3 Oct 1802 Oldland), and Mary Pettigrove (bap.21 Oct 1804 Oldland). Samuel and Betty had Britton Deane Pettigrove (bap.25 Dec 1803 Bitton ).

Daniel and Hester were the parents of the following children, many of whom went to Australia and were the forbearers of most (or perhaps all) of the Australian Pettigroves:

According to Don Roberts, source of this information, 9 of Daniel's children came to Australia. They were Mary, Ann, Daniel, Samuel, Arthur, John, Hester, Jemima and Sylvia. Although Don hasn't been able to find the shipping information for Ann, Mary, Daniel, Arthur, John and Jemima, he knows that they arrived in Melbourne, Vic. some time in 1856. Samuel arrived on the "Eagle" on the 30 May 1859, Hester arrived on the "Ascendant" on 24 Mar 1861 and Sylvia arrived on the "Talbot" on 25 Aug 1857.

Don is descended from Mary who married Thomas Fox at Bristol in the June qtr. 1843. He is not sure at this stage how Lisa Pettigrove (see below under Australia) links in, because of some ambiguity about whether she is descended from Daniel or one of the brothers that came out here, and or from Thomas Pettigrove who was born in England in 1860. Also descended from Thomas Fox and Mary Pettigrove is Helen DeCampo, 1 Bruce Court, Shepparton 3630, Victoria, Australia

The following civil and church records pertain to Pettigroves near Bristol

BIRTH (near Bitton - Bristol)

1838 4th qtr.   Tamar Pettigrove        Keynsham
1847 1st qtr.   Mary Pettigrove         Keynsham
1854 3rd qtr.   Arthur John Pettigrove  Keynsham


1840 1st qtr.   Martha Pettigrove       Keynsham
1843 1st qtr.   William Pettigrove      Keynsham


1838 3rd qtr.   William Pettigrove      Keynsham
1842 3rd qtr.   Mary Pettigrove         Keynsham
1852 4th qtr.   Tamar Pettegrove        Keynsham
1863 3rd qtr.   Daniel Pettigrove       Keynsham


1843 2nd qtr.   Mary Pettigrove         Bristol
1849 1st qtr.   Elizabeth Pettigrove    Bristol


1844 4th qtr.   Sylvia Mercy Pettigrove Clifton
1845 1st qtr.   Esther Pettegrove       Clifton
1845 2nd qtr.   Matthew Pettigrove      Clifton


1840 3rd qtr.   Ann Pettegrove          Clifton


1839 3rd qtr.   William Pettigrove      Clifton
1845 4th qtr.   Matthew Pettigrove      Clifton

Church records


John Pettigrove of Bitton had son William 1733 Sep 3 William and son Daniel 1735 Jan 6

John Pettigrove of Bitton had daughters Ann 1751 28 Jul and Eliza 1753/54

Daniel Pettigrove & Jane Britton of Bitton 1762 May 31 and had Daniel 1766 Dec 14 (Hanham), Britton 1770 ? (Oldland), Daniel 1772 May 31 (Oldland), Jenny 1774 Sep 18 (Oldland), and Samuel 1777 Mar 31 (Bitton)

Daniel Pettigrove had Hannah Pettigrove 1784 Aug 22(Bitton), and Solomon 1787 Dec 25

Daniel & Mary Pettigrove had daughter Anne 179? May 19 (Oldland)

William & Mary Pettigrove had children 1799 Aug 4 Daniel (Oldland), 1802 Oct 3 Elizabeth daughter (Oldland), 1804 Oct 21 Mary

Samuel Pettigrove & Betty Peacock ( m. 1802 Jul 12 (Bitton) had son 1803 Dec 25) Britton Deane

1738 Apr 2 John Pettigrove and Ann Smith (Bitton)
1742 Oct 25 Abraham King & Ann Pettigrove (Bitton)
1766 Feb 2 William Townsend & Mary Pettigrove (Bitton)
1781 Jun 3 William Pettigrove & Hester Scull (Bitton) last banns read
1794 Jul 27 Francis Rogers & Jane Pettigrove (Bitton) last banns read
1804 Jan 13 James Chilcott & Hannah Pettigrove (Bitton)
1806 Oct 19 Thomas Burchell & Betty Pettigrove (Bitton) 


1758 Jul 2 John Pettigrove (Bitton)
1768 Aug 16 Margrett Pettygrove (Bitton)
1768 Sep 1 Thomas Pettigrove (Bitton)
1769 Jun 17 Tamson Pettigrove (Bitton)
1769 Sep 18 Daniel Pettigrove (Bitton)
1775 Ann Pettigrove (Bitton)
1779 Mar 30 Jane Pettigrove (Bitton)
1794 Dec 7 Solomon Pettigrove (Bitton)
1819 Aug 22 Daniel Pettigrove age 88 (Bitton)
1838 Sep 2 William Pettigrove age 75 (Bitton)
1842 Sep 4 Mary Pettigrove age 75 (Bitton)

John and Betty (Elizabeth ) Pettigrove of Cromhall, Gloustershire.(north of Bristol) had children Anne - christened 3 June 1770, Hannah - c. 3 May 1772, Hannah c. 5 Nov. 1775, and John c. 16 Feb. 1774.

Mary Pettigrove c. St. Phillip and Jacob, Bristol, Glouster is the daughter of William Pettigrove

The parish of Bitton includes chapelries of Hanham and Oldland, and they are very close together.

Pettigroves near Birmingham

The following civil and church records pertain to Pettigroves near Birmingham


1847 1st qtr.   Ann Pettigrove          Wolverhampton (near


1846 1st qtr.   Thomas John Pettigrove  Wolverhampton


1847 1st qtr    Ann Pettigrove          Wolverhampton


1859 4th qtr.   Agnes Eleanor Pettigrove Birmingham?
1862 3rd qtr.   Eliza Ellen Pettigrove  Birmingham
1864 1st qtr.   James Britten Pettigrove Birmingham
1865 1st qtr.   George Pettigrove       Birmingham


1862 4th qtr.   Eliza Ellen Pettigrove  Birmingham
1863 1st qtr.   Emma Pettigrove         Birmingham


1858 3rd qtr.   William Thomas Pettigrove  West Bromwich (near Birmingham)
1859 3rd qtr.   Mary Jane Pettigrove was born on 22 Feb 1859 at Trinity Street West Bromwich and that her father was James Pettigrove, and her mother Eliza Pettigrove formerly Warner. James Pettigrove was a "Polisher and Grinder at Iron Foundry". 
1838 1st qtr.   William Pettigroves     West Bromwich
1853 3rd qtr.   Kate Pettigrove         West Bromwich
1857 3rd qtr.   John Thomas Pettigrove  West Bromwich


1854 3rd qtr.   Mary Pettygrove         Worcester (south of

Church records

Brittain Pettigrove m. Elizabeth Kershaw 3 Jan. 1858 ,St. Peter Dale End, Birmingham, Warwick , had a son Henry Pettigrove, christened 24 Jun 1869 St. Jude, Birmingham. This is the head of Lisa Pettigrove's line.

Henry Pettigrove and wife Mary had children Elizabeth Pettigrove (c. 30 Sep. 1768 St. Peter, Worcester, Worcester), Henry Pettigrove (c. 10 May 1781 St. Peter, Worcester, Worcester), Mary Pettigrove (c. 17 Apr. 1771 St. Peter, Worcester, Worcester), Samuel Gyles Pettigrove (c. 26 May 1778 St. Peter, Worcester, Worcester), and Triphana Pettigrove (f) (c. 21 Nov 1774 St. Peter, Worcester, Worcester).

Pettigroves near London

James Pettigrove (occupation: Shoemaker) m. Mrs. Jane Pettigrove. James and Jane Pettigrove lived on Bell Lane, Stepney, London, England at the time of the baptism of their son James according to the baptismal records. James had at least two sons, Richard and James. Both were in the carnival business, or in British English "Traveling Showmen."

Richard Pettigrove. showman. According to Sandra Pettigrove, Dick stayed in London when James went to Kent. The merry-go-round he operated is now operated by Sandra Pettigrove. It apparently has the only pre-1900 merry-go-round in England that is still in the hands of its original owner. This merry-go-round, an 1880s Tidman, is typical of those featured in Brian Steptoe's Galloper News. Richard had at least one son, Thomas Pettigrove. Thomas bought the gallopers the family still owns at the turn of the 19th century. He was based in Stonebridge Park, North London. Thomas and his wife Elizabeth Bird had at least one son, George Britton Pettigrove, who married Elizabeth Irvin, died in 1968. George bought the unusual hanging dragons on the Pettigrove gallopers in 1929 from the Wembley exhibition. One of their sons, George Pettigrove, died in1994 at the time of Thame Fair and out of respect the Gallopers remained closed

James Brittenden Pettigrove b. 1829, Kent, England, Bapt: 2-Feb-1834, St. Mary Whitechapel, Stepney, London, occupation Showman, m. Isabella Pelham, b. ?-Jun-1828, Kent, England, Bapt: 15-Jun-1834, St. Mary's, Lambeth, London, (daughter of Henry Pelham and Mrs. Catherine Pelham) d. 22-Mar-1929, Orpington, Kent. James died 23 AUG 1907, Westerham, Kent, buried: All Saints Churchyard, Orpington, Kent. The Pettigrove family had a carnival that operated in Kent. James started out hawking crockery in New Cut, Lambeth, Kent, England. From there he went to a nut board, where people find the pea under the nut shell at a half-penny a shot. Enlarging his business, he added a bicycle powered merry-go-round, and subsequently the first steam powered merry-go-round. He was also the first to put electric lights on a merry-go-round. Burial grounds for the Pettigrove family is at All Saints Churchyard, Orpington, Kent, England. At the time of her death Isabella was the oldest carnival person in England. She was referred to in her obituary as the "Blue-Eyed Mother of the Romanies." She died in a caravan, where she had spent her whole life. Her sister, Mrs. Caroline (or perhaps Catherine) "Granny" Bird, lived to be 96. According to Granny Bird's obituary her parents ran a fair and she had been in the business all her life. As of 1996, the Pelham family is still in the carnival business not far from where Sandra Pettigrove and her family operate. Elizabeth Bird, mentioned above, is the daughter of Granny Bird.

For more information about the descendants of James Pettigrove contact me, Jim Dunn.


Charles Pettigrove  b. 1847 in Hounslow, Middlesex. His wife was Maria ( b. 1849 in Hadlow, Kent or Hounslow, Middlesex.)

I. Richard Pettigrove  b. c. 1870 in London, England. He married Polly Lee  in Canterbury, Kent in  1892. Polly Lee was the daughter of showman Thomas Lee or Lea.  Their children are according to their entry in the 1891 Census in Rainham, Kent.

A. Polly Pettigrove b. abt. 1895. She married Mr. Lee

B. George Pettigrove  b. 28 Feb 1896, occupation showman. He married Elizabeth Baker  married 12 Sep 1915 in Ashford, Kent, b. ? ___ 1899, (daughter of William Baker  and Mrs. Matilda Baker ) d. ? Nov 1979. George died ? Dec 1969. George and Liza traveled around Kent with their own small fair, which consisted of a Buckland pony roundabout, a set of swings, and small side stalls. In 1943, George purchased the roundabout from the Chipperfields of circus fame. Before that it was owned by Tommy Lea, his maternal grandfather. In the 1860s the Buckland was put up in the Ashford cattle market along with what is said to have been the first steam roundabout in England. George and Liza traveled with it until Liza's ill health forced them to retire in 1957. After they retired, they settled in Shadoxhurst. George and Elizabeth were first cousins, which suggests that Elizabeth's mother was a Pettigrove or a Lee.

1. Elizabeth Pettigrove . She married Mr. Byng. Elizabeth died in 1964.

2. George Pettigrove  He married Ruby Hamilton. George died in Jan 1990.  Nigel Pettigrove ( is the grandson of George and Ruby.

3. William Pettigrove married Mrs. Rita Pettigrove. William died 19 May 1981.  Their daughter is Rita Pettigrove

4. Polly (Alvy) Pettigrove  

5. Pheobe Pettigrove, d. 1980.

C. Emily Pettigrove. She married Mr. Turner.. Emily died 25 Dec 1956.

D. Mariah or Maria Pettigrove . She married Jacob "Coco" Rossiter , married 1920 in Ashford, Kent. Shelley Haigger is descended from the Rossiter side.

E. Charles Pettigrove, d. in Woodchurch, Kent at age 21.

F. Richard Pettigrove  married  Louie or Louise

G. Martha Pettigrove. She married Henry Clubb in 1920 in Ashford, Kent. Martha  died at age 21. She had a daughter, who is buried with her in Ashford.

H. Patience Pettigrove married Mr. Hills.

I. Sally Pettigrove  married Mr. Beany

J. Louie or Louise Pettigrove  married Jeff Miles

K. Nora Pettigrove married Tom Penfold

L. Drusilla Pettigrove (b. 1915) married Len Sudds  Drusilla died in 2003.

II. Martha Pettigrove  b. 1880 in Hadlow, Kent.

III. Thomas Pettigrove  b. abt. 1884.

IV. William Pettigrove  b. 1887 in Chatham, Kent.

V. John Pettigrove  b. 1879 in London, England.

Britton Pettigrove was an inventor. He came from Lambeth and was born around 1875-1880 and was from a family that operated a carnival in England. Britton had a son George, a daughter Lizzie, and either Molly or Dolly, who died young. At some point he moved to Glasgow, where he met Jeanie Ronald Reid of Edinburgh, Scotland. They had sons James Ronald Pettigrove (B 1921 Glasgow, Scotland, 1921 D. 1996 Beaverton Oregon), his twin brother William Ronald Pettigrove, and a younger sister Jean Pettigrove (died at age 15). The boys all worked with their father in Yarrows Shipyard in Scotstown, West Glasgow.  George stayed in Scotland, but his son now lives in Australia. William's descendants live in Pennsylvania and James' in Oregon. For more on this branch, contact Kathie Pettigrove.

The following civil and church records are for Pettigroves from around London


1853 2nd qtr.   Britton Dean Pettigrove Bishop Stortford (north
of London)


1838 3rd qtr.   William Pettigrove      Bishop Stotford?


1853 2nd qtr.   Eliza Pettigrove        E.London


1853 2nd qtr.   Sarina? Pettigrove?     E.London


1840 1st qtr.   Susannah Pettigrove     London


1849 3rd qtr.   Britton Dean Pettigrove Holborn - London


1856 1st qtr    John Daniel Pettigrove  Lambeth
1857 4th qtr.   Ann Emma Pettigrove Lambeth, is the daughter of Richard Pettigrove and
Charlotte (Yelding) Pettigrove. She was born 2 Nov 1857 and her father's occupation is given as
Traveller and Hawker with a van.  This may be the Richard Pettigrove listed above who was the
showman. Charlotte Yelding married previously to someone named Frost, an had a son Edward
from this marriage, who became Edward Pettigrove.


1840 3rd qtr.   Samuel Pettigrove       Lambeth


1844 3rd qtr.   Jane Pettigrove         Lambeth
1858 1st qtr.   Britton Dean Pettigrove Lambeth


1839 1st qtr.   Sarah Pettygrove        Westminster (near
1845 3rd qtr.   Maria Mary Pettygrove   Westminster


1859 3rd qtr.   James Britton Pettigrove Croydon (between
Kingston & Orpington)


1853 1st qtr.   Isabella Pettigrove     Newington
1855 1st qtr.   Jane Pettigrove         Newington
1859 3rd qtr.   James Britton Pettigrove Newington

1864 4th qtr. Henry Pettigrove Newington


1845 3rd qtr.   Britton Dean Pettigrove Newington


1862 4th qtr.   Alfred Pettigrove St. Albans


1860 1st qtr.   Isabella Pettigrove     Kingston


1846 3rd qtr.   Lovice Pettigrove       Witney (west of Oxford)
1856 4th qtr.   Isabella Pettigrove     Thame (east of Oxford)  

Church records

Britton Dean Pettigrove m. Hannah Eliza Friend or Rundell 20 Nov 1853 St. Giles Cripplegate, London

William Britton Pettigrove and his wife Bridget had son William Britton Pettigrove (c. 11 Aug. 1826 St., Martin in the Fields, Westminister, London), son John Thomas Pettigrove (c. 23 Nov 1823 Spitalfields Christ Church, Stepney, London), son Britton Pettigroves (c. 13 Oct. 1833 St. Mary, Shrewbury, Shropshire), daughter. Elizabeth Pettigroves (c. 20 Feb. 1820 St. Andrew, Holborn, London), and son Henry Pettigroves (c. 31 Aug. 1831 St. Peter or Collegiate, Wolverhampton, Stafford). This may be the line of Lisa Pettigrove.

Samuel Pettigrove and wife Ellen or Eleanor had children Daniel John Pettigrove (c. 21 Sep. 1817 St. Andrew, Holborn, London), Garread Pettigrove (c. 12 May 1822 St. Andrew, Holborn, London), and Samuel Pettigrove (c. 26 Dec 1819 St. Andrew, Holborn, London)

Samuel Pettigroves and wife Deborah had Dinah Pettigroves c. 19 Aug. 1810 St. Martin in the Fields, Westminister, London.

Samuel Gyles Pettygrove and wife Sarah had Jane Francis Pettygrove c. 19 Jul. 1818 St. Mary- St. Marylebone Rd., St. Marylebone, London

Mary Pettigruff married William Sutton 11 Aug. 1713 Marylebone, London

Non-Conformist and extra-parochial London entries

John PETTIGROVE of Greenwich, bachelor, m. Mary SAVORY of St Margaret Westminster, spinster, on 29 March 1727 at the Fleet, London. Married by John Floyd.

Ann PETTIGROVE, of St Margaret Westminster, widow, m. John BROWN, bachelor, Chelsea pensioner, 13 May 1738 at the Fleet, London. Married by Daniel Wigmore.

Jane Francis PETTIGROVE, buried 3 Dec 1829 at Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, Clerkenwell, age 1yr 1m.


Other Pettigroves in England


1840 3rd qtr.   Daniel John Pettigrove  S.?
1841 4th qtr.   Jane Pettygrove         Bloombury
1845 2nd qtr.   John Pettigrove         Liverpool
1847 1st qtr.   Samuel Gyles Pettygrove St. Pancras
1851 1st qtr.   Emma Pettigrove         Lukes St?
1855 4th qtr.   Bridget Mary Pettygrove ?


1855 2nd qtr.   Thomas Pettigrove       Brixworth (near
Pettigroves in Australia

Lisa Pettigrove is descended from the following line. William Brittain Pettigrove had a son Brittain Pettigrove. Brittain m. Elizabeth Kershaw (b. 1832 Wellingham, NFK, ENG) on 3 Jan 1858 in Birmingham, ENG. They had children Emma Pettigrove (d. 1863 Birmingham ENG), William Thomas Pettigrove (b. 1858 West Bromwich, STS, ENG, d. 1914 Hawthorne VIC, AUS), Agnes Pettigrove (b. 1859 Birmingham), Eliza Ellen Pettigrove (b.and d. 1862 Birmingham), James P. Pettigrove (b. 1864, Birmingham), George Pettigrove (b. 1865 Birmingham), Henry Pettigrove (b. 1869 Birmingham), Frank Pettigrove (b. 1874 Birmingham), Maria Pettigrove (b. 1875 Birmingham), and Emily Pettigrove (b. 1877 Birmingham). William Thomas Pettigrove m. Elizabeth J. Tompkins and had children Roy Pettigrove , George Brittain Pettigrove (b. 1883 Illion, NY, d. 17 Feb 1970 Kew, VIC, AUS), Grace Elizabeth Pettigrove (b. 1892, d. Parkville, VIC, AUS), and Mortimer James Pettigrove (b. 1892, d. 1967). George Brittain Pettigrove m. Edith Evangaline Jenkinson (b. 1884 Birmingham, ENG, d. 1 Jan 1948 Kew, VIC, AUS) and had sons Leslie Pettigrove (b. 1 Nov 1908 Hotham, VIC, d. 1971 Beaumaris VIC) and Cedric Mortimer Pettigrove (b.22 Jul 1913Hotham VIC, d. 1993 Dandenong, VIC). Lisa says that the family made a living from circus/carnival life. This Pettigrove family, although obviously tied to the Bitton Pettigroves, are apparently descended from the Birmingham Pettigroves. Their arrival in Australia to the Collingwood area of Victoria is clearly related to the following Pettigroves who came directly from the Bristol area. In fact, Cedric is mentioned in a church in Melbourne where a window lists members of this family.

John Pettigrove and Rhoda Rosina Cook, mentioned above under Pettigroves near Bristol, had a store in Lt. Lonsdale St in 1856 and at 125 Little Collins St. East in 1867, both locations in Melbourne. They married in 1857 in Melbourne and moved to Tylden near the Woodend gold fields about 1860. In 1888, Rhoda Pettigrove owned a farm at Macorna North, a small town on the railway line about 24 km. South east of Kerang. John had died in Kerang in 1886. They had the following children

  1. John Arthur Pettigrove, b. 6 May 1855, Gloustershire, ENG, m. Sarah Looker, 1882, Victoria, AUS and Elizabeth Looker 3 Sept. 1884
  2. Rhoda Rosina Pettigrove, b. 7 Dec.1856, Melbourne, VIC, AUS, d.1861, Tylden,VIC
  3. Amelia Esther Pettigrove, b. 1858 Tylden, Kyneton, VIC, m. 1877 George Paynter
  4. Rhoda Mercy Pettigrove, b. 3 March 1858, d. 28 Aug. 1859 Melbourne.
  5. Mary Long Pettigrove, b. 1860, Tylden, VIC
  6. Alfred Daniel Pettigrove, b. 5 Nov. 1861, Tylden, VIC, d. 15 March 1876 Tylden
  7. Victoria Rosena Pettigrove, b. 29Aug. 1863 Tylden, VIC, d. 4 Apr.1932, Narrandera, NSW, AUS, m. Robert Hopwood 10 Sep. 1885 Gunbower West, VIC. This is the grandmother of Helen Ann Harkness Ryan, Gracevalee, 30 Dubbo Rd., Wellington, NSW 2820, Australia. She is the source of this and subsequent generations of this family.   Maree Morris is ( also descended from this family.
  8. Rhoda Lovena Pettigrove, b. 9 Aug. 1865 Tylden, VIC, m. 7 Dec 1892 Henry Williams, Narrandera, NSW
  9. Albert Joseph Pettigrove, b. 1867, Spring Hill, Tylden, VIC, d. 18 Oct 1935, m. Elizabeth Pritchard in 1892.
  10. Theophilus "Nop" Hudd Pettigrove, b. 2 Dec. 1869 Tylden, VIC m. Sarah Ann Moore 1893 in Mt. Hope

Daniel Pettigrove and Hester Burnell, mentioned under Pettigroves near Bristol, . Their first 3 children were born in East Collinswood and the rest in Malmsbury. Daniel died in 1894. Like several other Pettigroves, Daniel was a bootmaker. He moved to Maryborough in 1885 as the smaller gold towns had slowed down. His son Dan had a boot shop in Chinaman's Flat in 1891. Britt (presumably Britton) and Emily have a church window dedicated to them in the Church of England in Sorrento. The window states a tribute to two fine public servants. Also mentioned is a Mortimer Pettigrove (see Lisa Pettigrove's family above) who played the church organ for many years and "brought music to the churches." Hester (d. Jul 19, 1907), Britt, Emily, and Mary Jane are buried in the Sorrento cemetery. Daniel and Hester had children

  1. Tamar Pettigrove, b.1857, Melbourne, VIC, AUS, d.1857
  2. Mary Jane Pettigrove, b. 1858, Collingwood, VIC, d. 1932
  3. Albert Pettigrove, b. 1859 Collingwood, VIC, d. 1866
  4. Lilly Pettigrove, b. 1861 Malmsbury, VIC, d. 1866
  5. Daniel Pettigrove, b. 1863, Malmsbury, VIC, d. 1864
  6. Britt Pettigrove, b. 1865 Malmsbury, VIC, d. 1928
  7. Frank Pettigrove, b. 1867 Malmsbury, VIC, d. 1889
  8. Emily Pettigrove, b. 1870 Malmsbury, VIC, d. 1941

Arthur Hudd Pettigrove (b. 1834 d. 1897), bootmaker, and Ann Todd are mentioned under Pettigroves near Bristol.  Ann Todd b. 7 March 1834/5 in Bolton, Lancashire, daughter of Frances Ann Pickston and blacksmith James Todd (James and Frances were married in Manchester Cathedral 10 October 1830). Arthur and Ann were married in the Congregational Church, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 30 January 1857.Arthur and his brother Samuel owned a boot repair shop in Maryborough in the 1860s and early 1870s. Samuel lived in Nolan St, while Arthur and the shop were on High St., Arthur and Ann  had children

  1. Arthur James Pettigrove, b. 1857 Collingwood, VIC, m. Mary Jane Rooke in 1882 and had children Charles Pettigrove (b. 1896), Cozette Pettigrove (b. 1905, d. 1905), Mary Pettigrove (b. 1900) ,and Samuel W. Pettigrove (b. 1901)
  2. Annie Maria Pettigrove, b. 1859 Maryborough, VIC, d. 1860.
  3. Annie Pettigrove, b. 1860 Maryborough, VIC, d. 1889
  4. William Daniel Pettigrove, b. 1861 Maryborough, VIC d. 1918 VIC, m. Harriet Esther Callaway
  5. Frances Mary Pettigrove, b. 1863 Maryborough, m. 1888 Charles Adam Sharpe
  6. Esther Ann Pettigrove, b. 1865 Maryborough, VIC, m. 1889 John Griffith (or Wilfred Griffiths)
  7. Mary Pettigrove, b. 1866, d. 1867
  8. James Alfred Pettigrove, b. 1867 Carisbrook VIC
  9. Samuel Pettigrove, b. 1869 Ballarat, VIC. Samuel apparently moved to Western Australia.
  10. Alice Jane Pettigrove, b. 1873 Ballarat, VIC
  11. Edith May Pettigrove, b. 1875, Fitzroy VIC

William Daniel Pettigrove(son of Arthur Hudd Pettigrove and Ann Todd) was also in the boot trade and a very staunch Labor man. He was involved in the formation of an early union. William Daniel Pettigrove d. 26 October 1918  married Harriet Esther Callaway (b. 5 September 1863) d. 22 September 1935. They are both buried at Heidelberg (suburb of Melbourne) Cemetery, Victoria. He and his wife Harriet Esther Callaway lived in Collingwood and had children

  1. William Tasman Samuel Pettigrove (b. 29 May 1884) m. Violet Ester Young
  2. Albert Jarnett Pettigrove (b. 1886, d. 1887)
  3.  Thomas Arthur Pettigrove was born in Collingwood (suburb of Melbourne), d. 17 July 1950 at Heidelberg, m. Alice May Cochran 13 December 1911 at Collingwood. Alice was born 12 July 1890 in Collingwood, d. 24 January 1979.  Thomas and Alice are the grandparents of Bev Beazley(
  4. Elizabeth Myrtle Pettigrove (b. 20 Aug 1892, d. 1970) m. Albert Henry Bell
  5. Ernest Pettigrove (b. 1900) m. Marie Fijerio

William Tasman Samuel Pettigrove (b. 29 May 1884) and Violet Ester Young and had children

  1. William Ernest Stanley Pettigrove (b. 1904). m. Vera Dorothy Austin. These are the grandparents of Gary Pettigrove (
  2. Myrtle Louise Pettigrove (b. 1906, d. 1908)
  3. Violet Lillian Marion Pettigrove (b. 1909) m. Horace Tyndall
  4. Edward Daniel Pettigrove (b. 1911, d. 1964) m. Vida Bennett
  5. Ethel Esther Pettigrove (b. 1918) m. Herbert Dellar

Thomas Arthur Pettigrove and his wife Alice Cochrane (see above) had children Thomas Harry, May, Alice Doris and William Ernest.  Thomas Harry Pettigrove (b. 30 Dec 1913 d. 8 Jan 1983) in turn had a son John Maxwell Pettigrove who has a daughter Kirsty Amelia Pettigrove.  May is the mother of Bev Beazley

I consider the most knowledgeable people about Australian Pettigroves to be Don Roberts , 18 Koorangi Ave., Elanora Heights, NSW 2101, Australia and Helen Harkness Ryan, Gracevalee, 30 Dubbo Rd., Wellington, NSW 2820, Australia

Pettigroves in the United States

Most Pettigroves in the United States seem to have originated in Maine, coming before that from Lanarkshire in Scotland. According to Mary J. Williams in a study of some years ago, Thomas and Francis Pettigrove of Kittery, Maine, were among the very early settlers of the St. Croix River. They settled there in 1784. Each bought 100 acre tracts of land on the river, on a site that is now the St. Croix Country Club. Thomas Pettigrove, Jr., married Mary McCurdy from the eastern shore (Canada), and raised a very large family, ten of whom survived to adulthood. One son, Francis William Pettygrove, was born in 1812 at Calais, Maine. It was this man who named Portland, Oregon, having arrived there by sailing around Cape Horn with goods to start a general store. Thomas, Sr. (I may have this confused with Thomas, Jr.) had children Francis, Thomas, John, Nahum, Benjamin, Martha (who married Daniel Bohannon), Nancy (who married a Hunter), Mercy, and Betsy. Francis (brother of Thomas, Sr., I believe) married Triphena Brown from Canada and they had children John, Triphena, Benjamin, Betsey, Anna, Temperence, and Isabella. Temperence married Daniel Lane and had eight more children and moved to Alexander, Maine. John, son of Francis, married Hannah Bugbee and had Francis (1831), Eliza (1833), James (1834), Abigail (1835), Elizabeth (1838-1844), and Triphena (1841-1845). Hannah died in 1843. John remarried to Rebecca and had Eugene (1849), Alphonso (1850-1852), Emeline (1855-1855). Rebecca died in 1862 and John the following year at age 54. James married Mary Dennison (1840-1929) from New Brunswick. They had six sons and daughters: Minnie (1864-1944), John (1865-1953), Gorham (1869-1951), Lucy (1871-1962), Carrie (1874-1963), and Ernest (1883-1885). Minnie married John Allen and had one daughter Sadie (1888) who also married someone named John Allen. Gorham married Lora and had daughters Marion (1895-1978), Ruth (1901), and Margaret (1910). Carrie married Fred Young. Francis W. Pettigrove (b.1812 of Portland Oregon fame) m. Sophia and they had sons Alfred Pettigrove (Sandwich Is.(HI) 1843- ) and Benjamin Pettigrove (Oregon, 1846-). Francis W. had a sister Mary Charlotte Pettigrove who married Philip Foster in 1833 and had several children.

George Stuart Pettygrove is the son of George Clifford Pettygrove, Jr., son of G. Clifford Pettygrove., Sr., son of George Leslie Pettygrove., son of Harrison Keane Pettygrove., son of _______ Pettygrove,, son of Thomas Pettygrove, from Maine who was the brother of Francis Pettygrove of Portland Oregon fame. Harrison Pettygrove lived in northern CA, was a judge, and established prune orchards in the Redding area. His father came out in the gold rush and I think was followed by his father Thomas, making Stuart a fifth generation Californian.

Probably part of the same Maine group is Horace Robinson Pettigrove, born Marysville (now part of Fredericton) New Brunswick, August 07,1899 and died Feb 12, 1991. His father was: Robinson Pettigrove, born 1859 (date unknown) in Bayside, New Brunswick (just outside Saint John) and died December 12, 1904 in Marysville. This is the family of Emery Pettigrove.

Also probably part of this same crew is Almon Horace Pettigrove (b. 1853, St. Andrews, New Brunswick, d. Richland, MT) of Houlton, Maine. He married to Mary Jane Martin, also of Houlton. New Brunswick Census record from 1851 show 3 Pettigrove families in St. Andrews. Their names were Benjamin (age 32),carpenter; Joshua (age 36), mariner; and Samuel (age 38), farmer. I assume that they were brothers. Emery Pettigrove, see above, comes from the Samuel line. Almon left his wife Mary Jane and moved to Montana, supposedly early in the marriage. Debbie Banman thinks that Almon is from the Benjamin line. Almon and Mary Jane's son Allen Horace Pettigrove, Jr. (b.15 Oct 1887, d.9 Mar 1948) of Maine and then Dewey, Oklahoma first married Clare James, who died in 1917.  They had two sons, Allen Horace (b. 1907-08) who died in approximately 1994 and John Robert( b. 1913, d. March 1, 1998).  He then married Clara ? and they had one son, Bruce.  Among the descendants of Allen Jr. and his wife Clare is Nancy Wood. The 1851 Charlotte Co. New Brunswick Census of which 3 Pettigrove families are listed.

Evidently all lived in or near St. Andrews. Captain Joshua must have moved to Calais, Maine, because he and his family are listed in the 1860 U.S. Census:
Joshua, 46, Master Mariner
Pamelia 36 (as often occurs ages vary)
Amelia (Mary?)14
Frederick 12
Alice 10
Cyrus H. Pettygrove 8
Georgianna 6, U.S.
Emma 5, U.S.
Josephine 3, U.S.
Helen 1 U.S.
A Pettigrove branch in the U.S. that I cannot fit in as yet begins with George Pettigrove (b. eastern U.S.) m. Catherine Ebberson (b. 1866-1867, Denmark).  They had four children: William Henry Pettigrove (b. November 22, 1902, registered in Mt. Vernon, WA., d. December 1965 in Renton, King, WA.); Herbert L. Pettigrove (b. August 13, 1904, died. Sept 1968 in Auburn, Placer, CA.); Roberta "Birdie" Pettigrove (b.10 Oct 1898 in WA., d. Dec 1986 in Port Angeles, Clallam, WA.); and Jadie "Jane" Pettigrove (b. WA, d. Tacoma, Pierce, WA.)  All born in Washington state.  William Henry Pettigrove (b. 1902) m. Virginia Osborne bef. October 5, 1916, (b. April 4, 1907 Sedro Wolley, WA; d. near North Bend, WA after 1952, daughter of Richard and Etta (Ward) Osborne) and had children: William Henry Pettigrove, Jr. (b. 1926, d. 1927 at 3 mos old); Elaine Katherine Pettigrove (b. March 26, 1928, Port Angeles, WA; d. Jan 1994, Snoqualmie, WA.); Betty Pettigrove; Richard John Pettigrove and Marie Pettigrove, once again all born in Washington state.  Richard has two daughters Nicole Michele Pettigrove ( and Shari Lynn Pettigrove.  Elaine has a son William Bjorklund, whose wife Linda ( ) has a genealogy interest.

David Houseman's ( mother (MaryBelle Houseman, d. 1991) was the daughter of Nellie Mae Hamilton (d. 1960) and Elmer Chesebrough (d. 1940). Elmer was one of six children born to William Chesebrough (d. 1891) and Mary Viola Pettigrove (d. 1907).  WC and MVP, several of their children and grandchildren, are buried in a plot with a large tombstone in the City of Ludington, MI (Mason Co.) cemetery.  Mary Viola and her sister Rhoda

 may have come from the State of New York, from which  Wm. Chesebrough's family emigrated, perhaps Cortland County


A couple of unrelated U.S. records:

On the 1850 Oregon Territorial Census 
F. W. Peterygrove in Clackamas Co., Oregon.  


On the 1860 Washington Co Territory Census, Jefferson Division 
10        419       376       Pettigrove        F.W.               48        M         Farmer    10,000    1,000     Maine
11        419       376       Pettigrove        Sophia             36        F                                    N.Y.
12        419       376       Pettigrove        Alfred B.         18        M         Student                     S.I.
13.       419       376       Pettigrove        Amelia A.         16        F                                    Oregon
14        419       376       Pettigrove        Benjamin S.       13        M                                    Oregon
15        419       376       Pettigrove        Sophia             11        F                                    Oregon
16        419       376       Pettigrove        Lucinda R.        8         F                                    W.T.
17        419       376       Pettigrove        Lucy C.   4         F                                    W.T.


Related to the same family

Jefferson Co., Washington Obituaries:

Pettygrove, Benjamin F. d. 5 Feb 1953
Pettygrove, Benjamin Stark d. 8 Mar 1913, has a second entry but with date
9 Mar 1913.
Pettygrove, Frank W., d. 8 Dec 1922
Pettygrove, Lucinda R., d. 11 Apr 1872
Pettygrove, Mrs. Alfred, d. 29 May (no year noted)
Pettygrove, Mrs. B. S., d. 26 Jan 1893, has a second entry but with date of
28 Feb 1893.

The 1910 Jefferson Co., WA Federal Census has these Pettigrove's listed:

All are located in Enum. Dist#105, Precinct: Port Townsend, Pg. 11A, CDRom:
2 162A
Pettygrove, Abbie, 20, b. California, line 13
Pettygrove, Benjamin, 64, b. Washington, line 15
Pettygrove, Benjamin, 35, b. Washington, line 12
Pettygrove, Ollie F., 1, b. Washington


Gincy Pettigrove m. George Conley on 02/26/1889 in a ceremony performed by Rev. R.N. Davis in Tishomingo OK according to Chicksaw Co. records .

Emily Pettigrove Metcalf of First Ave, Ilion, NY graduated from Ilion High School in 1894. It isn't clear from the web listing if her maiden or married name was Pettigrove.

Pettigrove Researchers

Name and Address



Jim Dunn
212 E. Irvin
State College, PA

James Pettigrove of
Bell Lane, Stepney,
London, England
London, Kent and Surrey, Pennsylvania
Don Roberts
18 Koorangi Ave.
Elanora Heights, NSW 2101
(02) 9944 7456

John Pettigrove (1) of Bitton

Thomas Fox and Mary Pettigrove of Bristol, England

Bitton, Bristol area, Australia
Helen Harkness Ryan
30 Dubbo Rd.
Wellington, NSW 2820

John Pettigrove (1) of Bitton

Daniel Pettigrove and Hester Hudd

John Pettigrove and Rhoda Rosina Cook

Bitton, Bristol, Australia
Nancy Wood

Almon Horace
Pettigrove (b. 1853,
St. Andrews, New
Brunswick, d.
Richland, MT) of
Houlton, Maine
Maine, Oklahoma
Shelley A Haigger
Charles Pettigrove, born about 1847 in Kent Kent, England
David Graves
Jessie Pettigrove born 1787 Scotland. Scotland, Eckford, Michigan
Kathie Pettigrove 
13195 SW Trigger Dr,
Beaverton OR 97008
Britton Pettigrove , an inventor, born in London 1875-1880. London, Glasgow, Oregon, Australia
G. Stuart Pettygrove
228 Rice Lane
Davis, CA 95616

Thomas Pettygrove,
from Maine. brother
of Francis
Pettygrove of
Portland Oregon fame
Maine, Oregon, California
Helen DeCampo
1 Bruce Court
Shepperton 3630
Victoria, Australia 
(03) 5821 8969

John Pettigrove (1)
of Bitton

Thomas Fox and Mary Pettigrove of Bristol, England

Bitton, Bristol, Australia
Bev Beazley
PO Box 483
Emerald 3782 Victoria
(03) 5968 4635

John Pettigrove (1)
of Bitton

Daniel Pettigrove and Hester Hudd

William Daniel Pettigrove and Harriet Callaway

Bitton, Bristol, Australia
Gary Pettigrove
24 Eastview Terrace
Jan Juc, 3228
Victoria, Australia

John Pettigrove (1)
of Bitton

Daniel Pettigrove and Hester Hudd

William Daniel Pettigrove and Harriet Callaway

Bitton, Bristol, Australia
Kim McHardy
 1 Bangalore St
Queensland 4034
John Pettigrove (1)
of Bitton

Daniel Pettigrove and Hester Hudd

Sylvia Mercy Pettigrove and Ralph Greenhalgh

Bitton, Bristol, Australia
Maree Morris
PO Box 1375
Capalaba, 4157
Queensland, Australia.

 John Pettigrove (1) of Bitton

Daniel Pettigrove and Hester Hudd

John Pettigrove and Rhoda Rosina Cook

Bitton, Bristol, Australia
Emery Pettigrove

Robinson Pettigrove, born 1859 in Bayside, New Brunswick (just outside Saint John) and died December 12, 1904 in Marysville. New Brunswick
Debbie Banman

Almon Horace
Pettigrove (b. 1853,
St. Andrews, New
Brunswick, d.
Richland, MT) of
Houlton, Maine
Maine, Oklahoma
Nicole Pettigrove
PO Box 932
Preston, WA. 98050
George Pettigrove
(b. eastern
Washington state)

Linda Spivey-Bjorklund
Baker City, OR 
George Pettigrove (b. eastern U.S.,lived Washington state) Washington

This page is a work in progress. The goal is to help Pettigroves to find their ancestry, and perhaps help me find mine. The help of the above people is much appreciated. Also John Comino-James has been helpful in working out the relationships for the Pettigrove showmen, although he is not related to the Pettigroves. I would appreciate any comments, corrections, or suggestions. If you would like to be included, just write me at Jim Dunn, 212 E. Irvin, State College, PA 16801 or e-mail to If you send a letter and have a pretty stamp, I would appreciate it. My daughter and I collect them.

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