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Wednesday, July 30

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Sorry for the late posting.  No news for today.  See you tomorrow at the scheduling meeting for Intersession.

Tuesday, July 29

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Summer Intersession hours are here. It's only a week this year.  On Thursday, we'll work out a schedule for that week.  If we're closed any of the hours you normally work, you may make them up if you want to.  If you don't, that's fine, too.  We just need to cover the hours that we're open.  

Monday, July 28

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It's almost August - this summer is really flying by.  Thanks for doing such a great job with the fall schedule.  We'll meet soon to discuss the intersession before the start of fall. 

Don't forget to keep taking ESBL statistics!

Wednesday, July 23

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Schedule for Fall

I just got an e-mail from Melanie, who won't be returning in the fall.  I know we'll miss her but wish her well at Rutgers.  Ann started on Tuesday -welcome, Ann!  All of us will be here on Thursday afternoons, so I'd like you to start thinking about your fall schedule.  I'd like to get that squared away so I can find a replacement for Melanie, if necessary.

Tuesday, July 22

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Very quiet day today, nothing new to say.  

Monday, July 21

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Don't forget, we're doing double statistics at the desk this week.  One set for us, the other for library administration.  They're important, so be accurate.

We'll be done with annexing this week.  To celebrate, we're ordering lunch on Thursday, so don't bring lunch if you'd like to order something.  We haven't decided where yet.  If we order on Wednesday instead, I'll post that tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 16

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Sorry for the sporadic blogging.  Overall, things have been pretty quiet and Eloise and I (and you, too!) have been neck deep in the annexing project.  It should be done by next Wednesday.

Next week, we'll have a new infohutter, Ann Kopesky, who we'll share with Life Sciences.  She'll begin training next Monday, July 21.  

Monday, July 14

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Happy Bastille Day!  Starting Sunday, we're going to take statistics for the libraries in addition to our normal statistics.  You did this once when I was on vacation, so it's nothing new.  Thanks in advance.  The Powers That Be are using these to determine hours for fall and spring, so they are important!

Wednesday, July 9

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Check this out:
Colorado book borrower must spend time in prison

And patrons seem to think we're tough...

Tuesday, July 8

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Photocopier -

If the photocopier jams and you can't unjam it, ask Eloise or me for help.  If we're not here, turn it off and leave a note on it.  Same thing goes for the networked printers.

Monday, July 7

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Hope everyone had a fun and safe Independence Day!  We started shipping annex materials today - hooray!!

Thursday, July 2

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Still annexing and annexing and annexing.  Don't forget - lunch is on me tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 1

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Thanks for all your hard work on annexing.  I'm springing for lunch on Thursday!  


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