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Friday, May 23

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This is my last entry before I leave on vacation on Wednesday.  I'll be back on Tuesday, June 17.  Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend! 

Thursday, May 22

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I got nothin' today.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 21

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I've set up a g-mail account for my vacation.  If you need to reach me, it's

Tuesday, May 20

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More about statistics

We'll be taking statistics through the summer and fall, maybe spring.  I'm trying to get a sense of patterns of patron needs for the reference desk.  I know it can be a pain but it's important, so thanks for sticking with it.  The other subject libraries are doing the same thing. 

Monday, May 19

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You're doing a nice job with the statitstics, keep it up!  Don't forget the patron count once an hour when you make your rounds.

Friday, May 16

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For your Friday viewing pleasure SCTV's Farm Film Report

Wednesday, May 14

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Summer Hours

For the summer, we will have our desk staffed for all the hours that we're open, so the evening hours won't change.  We will stay on desk until 10:00 p.m.  On Saturdays, we will open at 10:00 instead of 9:00.  The changes have been made to the Oracle calendar.

Tuesday, May 13

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Summer Hours

Our summer hours may be changing a little bit, but not in any major way.  I've gotten a proposal, which is waiting for the Dean's final approval.  I'll let you know when anything is final.  In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful weather (before it rains again.)

Monday, May 12

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Don't forget - statistics start today!  New to these stats are counting patrons on the hour and counting the kits we check out. 

Have a great week.

Friday, May 9

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We're going to start taking statistics beginning on Monday, May 12.  They're basically done exactly as we do the annual fall and spring statistics - we're going to count where is (directional) questions, policy, troubleshooting, and reference (less than 5 minutes and more than 5 minutes) questions.  Here are three exceptions:
1.  Do a patron count once an hour when you make your rounds.
2.  All "where do I find this book" questions are counted as directional.  Only count as reference actual reference questions in which you must consult a book or online source to locate information - not where something is found. 
3.  Count how many kits you check out (just check out, not discharge.)

I am asking anyone on desk to do this - faculty, staff, wage, volunteer, you name it.  These statistics will be crucial as we re-examine desk staffing needs. 

Thursday, May 8

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Phone System Upgrade This Weekend

This upgrade will affect our telephones.  It is schedule for early in the morning, Saturday, May 10.  If you experience any problems during the weekend after the upgrade takes place, please contact the TNS (Telecommunications and Networking Service) help desk at 865-4662.

Wednesday, May 7

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Nothing new to report today, but thanks for checking!

Tuesday, May 6

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Statistics Coming Soon 

We are going to start taking statistics in the next two weeks.  They will be very similar to the ARL statistics we take every fall and spring.  We are doing this in conjunction with the other subject libraries in Paterno in order to determine attendance patterns and reference needs in order to more efficiently staff the desks.  These are going to be critical, so I'm expecting everyone to cooperate.  I know they can be a pain to do, but they will be a very valuable tool.  Thanks in advance for your help.  I'll have more information coming at you soon.

Monday, May 5

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Summer Schedule

The new summer schedule starts at the end of this week.  Please make sure you remember what your new hours are!

Friday, May 2

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Awhile ago I asked for input for our "top ten" list of things we are most commonly asked about at the desk.  We're going to use these for a training/how do I website for the libraries.  I need this for my next supervisor's meeting on May 8.  So far, I've heard from Carol and Paul.  This is the list I have:

Collections - children's books, kits and videos
Lion cash and change machine
No group study area
No self checkout

That's five.  Now I need another five.  Please send me your suggestions ASAP.

Thursday, May 1

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Change in Public Printing

Beginning May 12, 2008, students will use their LionCash+ account to purchase additional pages for printing in ITS computer labs and classrooms and University Libraries locations at University Park, as well as other locations participating in the ITS printing system. Using LionCash+ enables a quick and convenient way for students to purchase additional printing pages and replaces the old method of locating a signature station, agreeing to bursar billing and waiting for authorization to occur. With LionCash+ for Printing, students will continue to receive 110 subsidized pages each semester. However, as of May 12, additional pages can be purchased at any time online as long as there are sufficient funds in the LionCash+ account. There is no charge for the transaction. In addition, students will earn an extra 10 free pages on the very first purchase of pages using their LionCash+ account. Printing does not debit or affect the LionCash+ account and any unused purchased pages may be returned for credit to the LionCash+ account at the end of a semester. Additional details are available at


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