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Friday, February 29

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If a patron is looking for a journal issue and you can't find it, don't forget about the journals outside Eloise's office.  I keep them there while waiting for missing issues to come in so they can be sent to the bindery.  At the present time, these titles are back there:
Counseling and Human Development
Educational Gerontology
Educational Psychology
Open Learning
Studies in Higher Education
Young Children

Happy Leap Day!

Thursday, February 28

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Tomorrow's Leap Day.  Just what we all needed - an extra day of winter.  Spring's coming soon, though.  In the meantime, keep warm!

Tuesday, February 26

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Shift Lists, Payroll, and Staff Training

Don't forget to fill out the shift checklist and put it in my mailbox after you finish your shift.

Payroll is due again this coming Monday.

Our next staff training is on Wednesday, March 5 at 3:30.  We'll review the new Oracle calendar.  If there's anything else you'd like to cover, let me know.

Monday, February 25

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More bad weather may be on the way this week.  I think by now you know the drill. 
Let's have a great week!

Thursday, February 21

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Obsolete Skills

Carol sent out an e-mail today to us "oldsters" to see how many artifacts we could identify (fuller brush man, burma shave signs, etc.)  In that vein, I present this website of obsolete skills.  How many do you have??

I'll be out tomorrow, so that's it for this week.  Have a happy and safe weekend!

Wednesday, February 20

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How Do Is Updated

Carol has me updating and cleaning up the How Do I pages.  She's having certain procedures removed and I will be putting them on the training pages.  She also had me remove some redundant entries.  Take a look. If there's anything gone that you think should be put back, let me know.

Tuesday, February 19

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In honor of punctuation, Celebrating the Semicolon in a Most Unlikely Location.  It may give you pause!

Monday, February 18

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Happy Presidents' Day!

Lots of flu going around.  Stay well.  You might want to spray Lysol around the desk when you start your shift.

Friday, February 15

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Full-Text  Database Problems

We are seeing some access issues to full-text articles via Informaworld, which hosts Taylor and Francis and Erlbaum titles.
If you have users who have tried multiple times and cannot get the full-text they need, we suggest going through ILL, ***and indicating in the notes field** that the electronic full-text is not available.

And now, for your Friday viewing pleasure - Bob and Ray

Thursday, February 14

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The library has lost one janitorial position, so the remaining staff has been redistributed.  As a result, the trash in the office area will only be collected once a week.  Please do not put any food garbage in any of the trash cans there!  Take any trash to the containers in the hallway area or in the staff lounge.

From Karla
I wanted to give you a heads up! I've put three read aloud guides at the EBSL reference desk in the Patron Holds area. Students in LLED 400/401 may come and ask if they can take a look at the books to get ideas for good read aloud books. They are my personal copies. I put a note on each one that says:
Read Aloud Guide
Please return to EBSL Desk
Karla Schmit
502 C Paterno
If the books don't come back, it's okay...I think they will be returned but you don't need to worry if they don' need to get student I.D. or do any kind of a check out. Hopefully the books will be helpful for students looking for ideas for their read aloud assignments, Thanks,  (-: Karla

And finally, happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 13

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Oracle Update

There's still no access to Oracle for part-time people.  One suggestion that Steven had was for one of us full-timers to open it each morning on the circ terminal and then leave it logged on until we close at night.  He went to a subject heads meeting this morning and brought it up with the head of DLT.  He reports that everyone is as concerned as we are, so hopefully there will be a real solution soon.  In the meantime, I'll continue to print out the weekly schedule and put it out at the desk.  Keep me informed of changes and I'll change them in Oracle and on the paper calendar as well.

Tuesday, February 12

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Not any news to report other than the weather.  No word as of now about any early closing or delays for tomorrow.  But, if you've got cabin fever, take some time to play with the Literary Map.  It's's educational...!  And there may be a quiz later.  If you venture out, be careful. (It's a mom thing.)

Monday, February 11

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Happy Monday!  This may be a bad week, weather-wise, so once again, be prepared for any delays or cancellations.  

Wednesday, February 6

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Late and light blogging today.  Between desk and 4 - count 'em - 4 meetings this afternoon, I haven't had any time.  See you at training in a few minutes!

Tuesday, February 5

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More Oracle Fun..

Apparently, our EBSL calendar did not migrate, so I'm rewriting it.  It's extremely awkward, so it may look like it's a mess.  As of now, us full-timers can access it by going into Oracle, go to file, open as designate, then choose the EBSL desk.  Right now, it looks like we have proxy to 514, Steven, Alan, and the EBSL desk.  As soon as I figure out how to add each other as designates, I'll let you know.

Unfortunately, it seems that part-time staff don't have access to Oracle, so they can't access the desk - there doesn't appear to be a generic log in as we had with Meeting Maker.  As soon as I get a definitive answer, I'll pass that along.

Monday, February 4

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Happy Monday.  Sorry that Phil saw his shadow on Saturday. 

Don't forget the staff training session this coming Wednesday from 3:30 - 5:00.  We'll look at the literary map and have a call number review session.

Friday, February 1

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For your snowy/rainy/sleety Friday's viewing pleasure, The Smother's Brothers.  Have a safe and happy weekend.


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