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Wednesday, October 31

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Happy Halloween!

If you get a chance, stop by the United Way Book Sale in the Mann Room from 11:00 - 3:00. There are a ton of really nice books and many wonderful DVDs and videotapes.

Tuesday, October 30

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Apparently, there was either a glitch in the system or the directions I was sent yesterday were wrong. Anyway, this is what you must do when you log on to workflows (and once should do it...until they improve the system and send us yet another set of directions!):

1. Log on to windows as normal.
2. Click on the workflows icon.
3. In the dialog box you see, type for the IP address.
4. In the same dialog box, scroll down to (or type in) circ-ED001 in the workstation box.
5. Log in to workflows as normal.

I'll have these directions printed out at the desk, next to the circ terminal.

Monday, October 29

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Information about Workflows - Please read and follow these directions when you log on for your next shift:

Since October 9th, some of you have reported problems receiving the Java Client update. We have also seen instances where Patch Cluster 5C and the client updates loaded successfully on the first day, but subsequently reverted to the older version. In the majority of cases this occurred on workstations (circ computers with mini-printers) and shared computers where DLT is the administrator. So, please take some time this week to ensure that everyone who logs into these computers is using the current version.

In Workflows, Click on Help
Then, About
Under the copyright date (1996-2007), you should see GL3.1.3.360.3
If any other numbers appear instead of 360.3, restart your computer and try again.
If restarting your computer doesn't work, you'll need to submit a Helpdesk ticket (please add my email to the notify field)

One more thing. The Circ-Reserve Expert Team made a small tweak to the Java Client receipt printer documentation.
It is recommended that you check the "Show this window on next startup" box on the Configuration page. You can change the current setting in Workflows. Go to Preference --> Configuration. Check the box and Click OK.

Friday, October 26

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Don't forget - we start reference statistics this Sunday. Remember to count every question you get and record it in the proper place.

The Doorbell

The doorbell now works! I put the remote in the drawer where we keep the headphone and kit cards. If you can think of a more convenient place for it, where it won't get lost, speak up. The part that rings is on top of the mailboxes. If you need help at the desk, just press it once.

And, for your Friday viewing pleasure (when off the desk!):
Sesame Street's No Cookies in the Library

Thursday, October 25

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Procedure for Charging Out CDs

As we discussed in our training on Tuesday, the Service Desk items with CDs have some missing CDs. Because we want to control losses, we're taking the CDs out of the books and are keeping them in the headphone drawer. They will circulate just like the headphones. Each CD is in a case and the cases have the title and a number on them. Eloise has made cards, just like the headphone cards. Have the patron fill out the information, then put the CD number and your initials on the card, just like you do for headphones. When the patron returns the CD, tear up the card and return the CD to the drawer.

Wednesday, October 24

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Here are the important "business" points from yesterday's training session:

* Statistics begin on Sunday (Oct. 28) with reference statistics. Collections statistics (the items WE shelve) begin the following Sunday (Nov. 4).

* Read the Interview each week.

*Do not send anyone to get RADs until further notice.

* Review Opening and Closing Procedures (handout and "How Do I"

*Use the proper size book cover when covering books.

*Shred headphone cards when headphones are returned. Wipe them with alcohol pads before putting in drawer.

*Call in facilities problems in emergency or urgent situation. Otherwise use helpdesk.

*Copy ebsl on helpdesk messages and write in book at desk.

*Keep the reference desk area clean.

*Make sure materials left out in Room 513 are shelved.

*Always discharge items on truck by desk before shelving. Count parts, check titles, etc.

*Remember, when you're not busy, cover books, look for reviews, do ownership checks, cut up scrap paper, etc. (The patron ALWAYS comes first, however!)

*Walk through the library periodically to make yourself more visible to patrons. Clean up as you go.

*Remember to sign all notes you place on items or in the book so we'll know who to ask if there are follow-up questions or responses.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Tuesday, October 23

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We'll cover main points at our staff training session today at 3:30. Tomorrow's blog will recap the highlights... so stay tuned. In the meantime, two really dumb jokes (I love the animal walks into a bar jokes - I warned you they were bad.)

A dog walks into a bar and says, "I'm looking for the man who shot my paw..."

A talking dog walks into a bar and says to the bartender, "How about a free drink for a talking dog?" The bartender answers, "Sure! There's a toilet right down the hall..."

Monday, October 22

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Don't forget the training session tomorrow afternoon at 3:30. Reread the last several "Interviews" and prepare for the quiz. There should be another edition coming out sometime today.

Lost and Found Procedure - Thursday, Oct. 18

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Just a reminder of the Lost and Found Procedure -

If an ID, textbook, jump drive, notebook, wallet, etc. is left in EBSL, we are to take it to Lending Services as soon as possible. Do not contact the patron and direct them here. Apparently, this causes problems in Lending, since people tend to go there even though they're told to come up here. They keep a database of items turned in and have developed extensive procedures which they follow.

Training Sessions for Fall

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Don't forget our training sessions for the fall semester. Each is from 3:30 - 5:00.

October 23 - A-Z List, "New" EBSL web pages
November 13 - Children's Literature
December 4 - Spring semester scheduling meeting and general EBSL information

New EBSL Blog

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I'm trying to develop a blog to share information and news about the goings on in EBSL.


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