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Friday, August 29

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From Dawn:

There is a new page about copyright issues developed by
several Penn State departments. It's a great resource for
students and faculty, and includes some cool videos:

It's also linked from the PA Center for the Book copyright

Thursday, August 28

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We're going to defrost the refrigerator either this weekend or early next week.  Please remove any unwanted or expired items.  Anything left will be thrown out or moved temporarily to the refrigerator in the staff lounge. 

Also, please remember to clean up after yourselves - throw away coffee grounds, clean up crumbs and spills, etc. 

Wednesday, August 27

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Emergency Evacuations

Please take a minute to review the emergency procedures in clipboard at the desk (underneath the plastic bag with the vest).  Also, when the Life Sciences desk is unstaffed (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays the last two hours before closing), we are to clear the 4th floor of Paterno after we clear EBSL.  Report to the person in the green vest that both floors are clear. 

Tuesday, August 26

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It's the time of year when usage of the TOEFL books is increasing.  Remember, the copies at the desk do not circulate, but there are copies in the Reference Section which circulate for 3 days. Karla found out that Schlow has a copy (although only one) so you might want to call them for a patron and see if it's available. 

Reminder:  Please shelve anything that's on the cart next to the circ terminal by the end of your shift.  

Monday, August 25

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The new semester starts today.  Summer went by so fast!  I'm beginning the regular daily blog postings today, so don't forget to check each time you work. 

On a sad note, I'm sure you all got Ji-Quan's message.  He will be sorely missed.  We'll keep in touch and maybe something else here will open up once he's eligible to work again. 

Thanks in advance for all your hard work in the fall.  Don't forget to keep on keeping the statistics. 

Friday, August 8

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Blog vacation - due to the quietness of the rest of the summer, this blog is on vacation until the start of the new semester on August 25.  Then, I'll begin daily blogging again.  In the meantime, be sure to check your e-mails for any news and information items.  

Thursday, August 7

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It's a quiet week this week.  Don't forget we have a new schedule for intersession and the fall schedule begins on August 25.  I'm looking forward to a great fall semester!

Monday, August 4

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I sent out an e-mail today about two weeks of collecting double statistics.  We start on Sunday, August 10. 

I'm putting the fall schedule in Oracle but it's acting up.  Hopefully, it will straighten itself out.  I put in the info, but it doesn't seem to record on the date I enter it.  Or the next week!  But after that, it's in the calendar.  Go and figure...


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