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Wednesday, December 14

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From I-Tech:

Sirsi Symphony 3.4 upgrade and annual re-indexing: Dec. 22 - Dec. 26

The Libraries will be upgrading Symphony to version 3.4 over the holiday break.  This upgrade will be done in conjunction with the annual re-indexing.  The upgrade and re-indexing will begin at 5pm on Thursday, December 22, and should finish by Monday December 26The CAT will be in read-only mode and WorkFlows will not be available during the entire conversion process, i.e., from Thur. Dec. 22, 5pm until Mon., Dec. 26. While The CAT is in read-only mode, users will not be able to perform any circulation related functions on the web (renewals, My Library Account, I Want It) nor will they be able to use the My Favorites/Tell Me When features of The CAT. In addition Course Reserves may not be available from Angel. If you experience problems using course reserves from Angel, please go directly to The CAT for Course Reserves. The upgrade and rebuild of indexes will not impact any other databases. Please note that all times are estimates, and if things take longer than planned, the downtime may be extended. 

The client update will be managed as follows:

*Libraries-owned workstations: *In order to facilitate the installation of the WorkFlows update on all workstations, including circulation and other shared pcs, DLT will "push" the new client to all Libraries-owned workstations during the day Tuesday December 19. 

As of December 19 there will be 2 WorkFlows clients on your desktop.   Continue to use the current WorkFlows 3.2 until Monday December 26.  On Monday, December 26 begin using the newly installed WorkFlows 3.4, also on Monday the  3.2 icon will be removed from your desktop. The current client (3.2) will be kept until January 2012 as it will be needed until December 26 to access production, and until late January to access test. WorkFlows 3.2 will be removed from all workstations in January, 2012. 

If you experience any problems with WorkFlows after the upgrade, please submit a Helpdesk ticket.

Detailed timeline: 


Mon., Dec. 19

A notice will be inserted in The CAT alerting users that system maintenance will be performed  Dec. 22-Dec. 26.  In addition notices will be placed with ITS alerts and on the Libraries home page.

Thursday, Dec 22, 1pm

All Symphony/WorkFlows reports will be suspended.

Thursday, Dec. 22, 5pm-Monday Dec. 26

The CAT will be in read-only mode. You can search & retrieve records but not place holds, check your library account, or renew books online. In addition, you will not be able to use My Favorites to display a list of your favorite subjects/authors and you will not be able to use the Tell Me When links to add subjects and authors to your My Favorites list. In addition Course Reserves may not be available from Angel. If you experience problems using Course Reserves from Angel, please go directly to The CAT for course reserves. Other web resources (library pages, E-Resource List, etc) should be available during this period.

WorkFlows will  NOT be available for cataloging, serials, acquisitions, circulation and any other activities during the upgrade and re-indexing.

Monday, Dec. 26.

Begin using the newly installed WorkFlows 3.4 client.

If the upgrade and re-indexing are completed by this time, Symphony will be back in production - The CAT will go live, circulation functions in The CAT will be turned on, and WorkFlows 3.4 will be available to all staff.

Regularly scheduled Symphony/WorkFlows reports will be turned back on during the course of the day.

If the upgrade and re-indexing are not completed by this time, The CAT will remain read-only and WorkFlows will remain unavailable until re-indexing is done, and reports will not run.

Tuesday, December 13

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No new news today.  We're still very crowded!  

Monday, December 12

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Finals Week
It's almost over, hard to believe.  We're open 24 hours until we close on Friday at 7:00.  Yesterday, we had over 100 people and they were everywhere!  If you notice any problems before you close the desk, alert Lending Services and leave me an e-mail or a note.  I think it should go OK, other than possibly trash, but you never know.  Good luck! 

Wednesday, December 7

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Door to Room 513 (Kit Room)
We've been noticing lately that groups of students have been closing the door to the Kit Room.  We discussed it today and the policy is that the door should remain open except under special circumstances, such as classes meeting in there with permission from Steven, Karla, or Ellysa.  Eloise will make a sign to that effect.  If you walk by and notice it's closed, open it. 

Tuesday, December 6

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From Lending:
During the break, on Dec 28th and 29th the libraries will be open from noon to 5pm.

Because of planned system upgrade being added to the usual re-indexing,
the CAT might be in 'read only' mode and WorkFlows might not be available for use.

There are temp charge slips in the holder where the headphone cards used to be.  You can use these if anyone checks out any kits or videos.  If they do, fill out the slip completely - and especially make sure you get the patron's ID and the item number(s) off of the material.  You can then put the completed slips in my mailbox.  I can enter the information in Workflows after the break. 

Monday, December 5

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No news to report today.  Maybe tomorrow??

Thursday, December 1

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Happy first day of December!  Hard to believe the semester is almost over.  Nothing new to report today.  


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