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Wednesday, August 31

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Journal Holdings

The journal holdings statements in The CAT can be very confusing; usually the summary holdings statement and the holdings detailed list don't seem to match up.  That's primarily because the detailed list only lists those items that have been barcoded and not all journals are barcoded.  Here's some tips for figuring out what we have.

The best information is in the summary statement:
journal screen capture 1.jpg
This shows that we have v.57 - v.59 no. 2.  The comma shows that v. 59 no.3 is missing.  We pick up again with v.59 no.4 - v.62.  Then a comma shows that we are missing v. 63 no.1 and we pick up again with v.63 no.2 to date. 

If you look at the detailed holdings list:
journal screen capture 2.jpg

It looks like we only have v. 57 - v. 63 because those are the only volumes that were barcoded.  And it's misleading in a way, since there's no indication of any missing issues. 

To check exactly what "to date" really means, check in Workflows:

First, choose the Serial Control tab:

workflows capture 1.jpg

Then choose "Display Control" from the left menu:

workflows capture 3.jpg

Next, type the journal name in the "Search for" box.  In the "Type" box, I recommend either the "Begins with" or "Exact" radio button search choices.  Keyword searching can result in a long list and finding the title you want can be exasperating if the title is a very common keyword.

workflows capture 11.png

Then you'll get this:

workflows capture 5.pngThis is where you have to guess which choice to pick from the list at the bottom.  DON'T choose the one that's listed as an electronic resource.  If you do, you'll see this:

workflows capture 6.png

If you choose the next one, you'll see this, which is the one you want:

workflows capture 7.png

In this case, the one that's highlighted in blue is the one you want.  Click "View Serial Info".  Always choose the one in the list that indicates "SERIAL-SRV" and the library and "Educ." in the next box.  If for some reason it doesn't have the "Educ.", still choose "SERIAL-SRV". 

If you were to choose the last one in the  list of journal titles, you'd see this:

workflows capture 8.jpg

While there is a "SERIAL-SRV" and "Educ.", it indicates that this is a title that has ceased publication. 

Once you've chosen the correct journal and clicked "View Serial Info", you'll see this:

workflows capture 9.jpgTo find out what's the most recent we've gotten, choose the "Received" tab.  You'll see a screen that looks like this:

workflows capture 10.png

If the dates at the bottom of the page are older dates, click on the arrow on the right at the upper right on top of the "more" buttons until you find the most current.

If you want to know when the next issue should arrive, click on the "Expected" tab. 

You can click on any tab to find out other things.  "Received" and "Expected" are probably going to be the most useful to you, but you might find others interesting or helpful.

I encourage you to play around with this and get familiar with it.  If you want me to demonstrate any of this, let me know. 

Tuesday, August 30

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Two-Fer Tuesday since there was no blog post yesterday!

Where are Course Reserves?

 While the former Reserve Reading Room is behind the construction barrier the Pattee/Paterno Course Reserves Service still lives a very active life at the Commons Services Desk (aka Lending Desk) in Central Pattee's Weltman Lobby. 

·         Print Reserves are available for checkout at the Commons Services Desk.

·         Print Reserves will remain in closed stacks when the renovation is complete.

·         Staff at that desk are available to help students and accept intake materials from instructors. 

·         Electronic Reserves are available through the CAT.  

·         Laptops are still available for checkout at the Commons Services Desk.

 See the "Search for Course Reserves" link at

 Questions?          Contact Ann Snowman <>   or   Chris Holobar <>

And from Loanne Snavely:

Everyone has been getting lots of questions on "Where can I find an available computer?" and "Where can I study?" In response to a comment card request, I am sending this information to ensure that everyone has this information since many of the popular spaces in Reserves are no longer available.

Available Computers:
Each Subject Library in Pattee/Paterno has computer workstations and one or more printers. Many also have group workstations. Arts & Humanities has a new bank of computer workstations in the new Diversity Room on the second floor of Pattee.
This URL will show how many are available in what location. Be sure to refresh your browser window each time you use this page so that it will display the workstation currently in use. This can assist people in getting to a floor with open computers.

Study spaces:
Each Subject Library in Pattee/Paterno Libraries has study spaces including carrels, tables, and some have soft seating. Each floor of Paterno has a lounge area near the stairwell and restrooms.
The Paterno Reading Room is a popular quiet study space which also has outlets for laptops and charging mobile devices.

Group study areas are listed on this page for Pattee/Paterno and other locations:

Thanks for your assistance in directing students and visitors.

Loanne Snavely
Head, Library Learning Services

Friday, August 26

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No news is good news.  Happy Friday, everyone!

Thursday, August 25

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Open House
I've put an Open House sign-up sheet on the wall by the mailboxes.  I've sent an e-mail regarding that, too.  Thanks.

Tuesday, August 23

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From Eric Novotny regarding stacks:

As students return it seems a good time for a reminder about the ongoing collections moves taking place in the Central (Pattee) Stacks.   This is largely independent of the Knowledge Commons construction and involves shifting books and journals between, and across, floors.  This is essential to reduce the extreme overcrowding on our most congested floors.

While recognizing that the shift of materials will cause some inconvenience, please help us convey to users that all levels of the Central Pattee Stacks are open, and all materials are available for use throughout the semester.   The CAT will be updated with the new locations, and Lending Services is maintaining a page with daily updates on which collections have moved.   Check here to see which call number ranges have already moved.  The most recent moves appear at the top of the list. 

Questions and feedback about the project can be directed to me, at 814-865-1014,


Monday, August 22

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The start of the new semester is the start of the new semester of blog postings.  Today's is technology oriented:

Mac Laptops

For all faculty who have students with new Mac laptops, they will need to down the latest wireless for their operation system.  They can connect to pennstate and go to:

 This is the one website they can go to on the PSU wireless.  This has all configurations for all versions of the operating systems.

From DLT re: Visitors Stations:We are currently experiencing a problem with the Visitor Stations. Technicians are aware of this issue and we will notify you once it is resolved.


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