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Friday, April 29

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Nothing new today.  Have a great weekend!  

Tuesday, April 26

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No new news today.  Enjoy this beautiful weather!  We deserve it.

Monday, April 25

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Roo Migration Information from DLT:

The server space known as ROO will migrate to new hardware the week following finals. The current hardware reaches its end of life in June 2011 and will no longer be supported by the vendor.  For this reason, DLT will be moving ROO to new hardware.



7:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 11 until 7:00 a.m. Thursday, May 12, 2011



You will not be able to access ROO during the migration. Once the migration is complete, there should be no noticeable difference in drive mappings; the name 'Roo' will remain. There will be no impact for user services like The CAT and databases.


How to prepare:

1)      Prior to May 9, please delete any unnecessary files and old lifecycle backups from your user space on Roo to eliminate the need to migrate non-relevant data. This will increase the speed of the migration and the available space on ROO.

2)      Log off your machine at the end of your work day on Tuesday, May 11.



Please contact the helpdesk with any questions 814-863-0647.

Wednesday, April 20

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From Vicki Brightbill, LLS

The WetPaint Wiki version of the Knowledgebase has been decommissioned.

All of the information that was available in the Wiki is now available in the Libraries website.

How to find knowledgebase information:

  • Use the libraries web site search -- refine your search with these symbols
    • && for And  (i.e. Dogs && Cats instead of Dogs and Cats)
    • || for Or  (i.e. Dogs || Cats instead of Dogs or Cats)
    • + for Quoted String  (i.e. Brown+dogs instead of "Brown dogs")

Please contact me with any questions about the Knowledgebase.



Tuesday, April 19

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Viruses on Public Computers
If a patron reports a virus on a public computer, call DLT AND submit 
a helpdesk ticket. Make sure to ask the patron if they have tried
other work stations with the same results and identify those
in the helpdesk as well.  The patron may have to go to
Willard to get their profile debugged.

Monday, April 18

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Remember, if you have an emergency or any other incidents, you must fill out an incident report form.  Information is here.

Thursday, April 14

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No news for today except the sun is shining!  Wow!  Have a great day.

Wednesday, April 13

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The last file Ebsco sent to SFX (Get It) with their full-text article availability contained a number of errors.  We are already receiving helpdesk tickets from users who believe that full-text is available, because Get It says it is, only to discover when they get to Ebsco that it is not there.
The actual full-text available at Ebsco is the definitive answer--Get It! will be the service providing the mis-information.  Ebsco is working on correcting the problem, but we have no information about when a new file will be sent to SFX.  If a users discovers one of these mistakes, and full-text is not available from another source or in print, please direct them to ILL, with a note on the request indicating that full-text is not available.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

Becky Albitz
Electronic Resources Librarian

Tuesday, April 12

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Scheduling Meeting
Don't forget Friday's summer scheduling meeting for part-time staff on Friday, April 15 at 4:30.  If you want to start before I get back from my previous meeting, be my guests.  Once again, the hours we need coverage are:
Monday - Thursday 1 - 9
Friday 1 - 5
Saturday 1 - 5
Sunday 1 - 9

Monday, April 11

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April is really moving quickly!  Don't forget about National Library Workers Day tomorrow.  Thanks for all you do for EBSL!  

Thursday, April 7

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Lost and Found Revisited
Don't forget that all items must be taken to Lending at the end of your shift.  You must fill out a form for each item.  The forms are on the spinning holder on the desk.  If you take the last one, please make more copies before you fill that one out. 

Tuesday, April 5

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A note from Safety Council and Gary Langsdale at the Risk Management Office...

The University has been working on a number of emergency preparedness initiatives. Once such action is improving its "emergency contact database". The purpose of this database is to provide contact information for our employees in case we need to reach them immediately, AND to have contact information as to whom to call in case an employee suffers a medical emergency during the work day. This database will be used ONLY in the event of a serious emergency - not for work-related questions after hours, or "you left your lights on in the parking lot".


Access to the database is restricted to only University Police and the local Human Resources Representatives for employees in their work units. This applies at all locations across the University.  In some cases, the "local Human Resources Representative" may be the DBS


For University Safety Council members, we ask:

a.     Please encourage employees to complete the information requested in the database, accessible in the upper left corner of the Employee Self-Service Information Center (ESSIC) home page.

b.    Please work with your Human Resources Representative if an event described above takes place, or if you have any questions about the database.

c.     Please also encourage employees to sign up for the PSU TXT emergency notification system, as another way to stay in touch in the event of a disaster on campus.


Monday, April 4

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Don't forget - be diligent this week in taking desk statistics.  Have a great week! 


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