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Wednesday, October 27

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Public Scanner
Yesterday a patron complained because another patron was at the scanner for several hours.  She was scanning, so I really couldn't ask her to leave, but it made me want to see if any (or all) of you think that we should have a scanning time limit - say an hour.  The patron could come back if no one else wanted to use it, but at least someone else would stand a chance.  E-mail me your thoughts.  Thanks, Jenny.

Tuesday, October 26

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As of this minute, no news to report.  Have a great day.

Friday, October 22

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Collection Statistics
Don't forget, Collection Statistics for materials we shelve begin on Sunday.  Just input the numbers in Desk Tracker under the appropriate tab, just as we do patron counts.

Have a safe and happy weekend.

Thursday, October 21

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Collaborative Workstations
We now have two, count 'em, two collaborative workstations in 513!  The tv and vcr/dvd player have been moved to a carrel on the left side of the library by the instructional material.  

Wednesday, October 20

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Newbery Acceptance Speeches
I had an IM question from a patron yesterday regarding a Newbery acceptance speech.  Fortunately, Steven happened by and told me where to look.  He thought I should pass this on to you.  It's always in the summer issue of the Horn Book Magazine in the year following the publication of the winner.  In this case, the patron wanted Jerry Spinelli's speech for Maniac McGee.  The book was published in 1990 and the speech was published in 1991.  Pretty nifty!  

Tuesday, October 19

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Desk Schedule
I've been asked to post a friendly reminder to please be on time for your desk duty.  The person you relieve may have a meeting, may have to catch a bus, or have any number of reasons to need to be off the desk when they're scheduled to be.  Everyone is late on occasion but please be considerate.  And if you know you're going to be late, let the person who is on desk before you know. 

Monday, October 18

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Desk Tracker
One final reminder - we're collecting reference statistics this week.  Don't forget to enter all transactions in Desk Tracker.

And, for your Monday reading pleasure - Awful Library Books

Friday, October 15

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Happy Friday, everyone!  Have a safe and happy weekend.  

Thursday, October 14

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As you know, next week we're taking reference statistics.  The following week, we take collection use statistics.  All you have to do is count the items we shelve - kits, periodicals, reference, and AV materials.  This will begin on Sunday, October 24.  I'll put the form in Paul's mailbox and he will put it on the truck by the circ workstation.  If you have any questions, let me know.

Wednesday, October 13

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Prize Winner
Congratulations to Paul, the prize winner in the trivia contest.  Paul's prize is the Imponderable book, "Are Lobsters Ambidextrous?" by David Feldman.  The answer to the question, why are there no Betty Rubble characters in Flinstones multivitamins is that basically, people just aren't that into Betty.  She wasn't as popular as the other characters so they left her out. 

On the library front, no new news today.  Don't forget we begin reference statistics counts on Sunday, so be very diligent with Desk Tracker.

Tuesday, October 12

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Hello?  Hello?  Anybody out there?  It gets lonely here.  Last week I asked readers of the blog to send me an e-mail so I know you've read it.  Zero responses.  I had a short trivia question and promised a valuable (12.99 US/16.95 Canada) and hopefully fun prize.  No takers.  I know you're busy but I'm trying to communicate and often have important information to distribute.  E-mail is often ignored and ends up in the junk or spam filter.  If you read *this* message, please send me a short e-mail.  Thanks.

Monday, October 11

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STAAR Accounts
Beginning today, The Gateway Service Desk is no longer issuing STAAR accounts to non-Penn Staters for temporary research.  If a patron needs such an account, send them to the Lending Service Desk.

ARL Statistics
We begin compiling ARL reference statistics next week, beginning on Sunday.  We'll do them through Desk Tracker.  Just make extra sure you record all transactions, including phone calls, ims, office e-mails, etc.

Thursday, October 7

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Win a Valuable Prize!

The person with the correct (or most creative if no one gets it right) answer to the following trivia type question will win a valuable (and I think fun) prize!

Q.  Why is there no Betty Rubble character in Flinstones multivitamins? 

Good luck!

Wednesday, October 6

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Filling Out Desk Cards
When you're filling out any cards at the desk - especially the two hour desk material cards - make sure they're completely filled out and filled out correctly.  They should be self-explanatory.  Patron's name, phone number, psu id, e-mail address, book title, barcode number, staff initials, time due, and date.  It's amazing how these things can get messed up.  If you have any questions, let Jenny know. 

Please e-mail me when you've read this entry. 

Tuesday, October 5

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Students are starting to do the assignment where they have to find a book written by a Penn State Faculty member.  Here's a link to one list of faculty members in the college of education you might find helpful.  You may know others.  I don't think it has to be a faculty member in a particular college.  They don't have to read it, just take it to class.

Monday, October 4

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Training - Question of the Week
As some of you know, we're taking a different approach for training for this semester due to everyone's incredibly complicated schedules.  The trainer will meet with you individually (or maybe in pairs for Anne and Judy since they're here the same day).  One topic I think we'll all need is the new Proquest.  The Question of the Week is: e-mail me at least one topic that you think would be helpful for you as a training opportunity.  It can be something new or a review of a something you had before but don't feel quite comfortable with. 

Friday, October 1

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If you shelve an unbound journal and there's no shelf label for it, put it in my mailbox with a note on it.  If you happen to spot a journal that is already on the shelf but has no label, check to see if it's in the right spot.  They get really messed up.  If it's in the right spot, but there's no label, put it in my box with a note. 

Happy Friday and first day of October.  This semester is really zipping along!  Have a safe and relaxing weekend.


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