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Friday, February 26

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All I can say is TGIF!  Have a safe and happy weekend.

Thursday, February 25

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Snow is coming - I think it'll be news only if it stops snowing.  Nothing new today, even the blog has the winter blahs.  

Wednesday, February 24

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Nothing new for today.  At least we're a day closer to spring than we were yesterday!

Tuesday, February 23

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Circulating Special Permission Loans
There still seems to be some confusion, so here's another try.  For special permission loans (reference material, historical collection books, and a different loan period than the default on items), after getting permission from a librarian, fill out a pink Special Permission Loan slip (kept in the holder with the headphone cards) and send the patron to Lending Services to check the item(s) out.  I've put a copy of the slip in your mailboxes.  If you have any questions, let me know. 

On the EBSL home page (which you all have open when you're on desk and whose contents you explore on a regular basis - right??) there's now a link to Praxis information in the Special Topics section. 

Monday, February 22

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Happy Monday!  Here's this week's Question of the Week, due on Monday, March 8 (the first day of Spring Break, so you may want to plan ahead):

Look at the EBSL website.  Look carefully.  What is one thing that ISN'T there that you think should be and would make your life on the desk easier and happier?

Wednesday, February 17

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Nothing new to report today.  I'm out tomorrow and Friday, so no blog until next week.  Behave yourselves while I'm gone!

Tuesday, February 16

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Read Aloud Handbook

Some students have been asking for recommendations for read-alouds.  Try directing them to the Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease - LB1573.5.T68.  There are multiple editions of this book, the most recent is 2006.  It has a book list in the back and also gives grade level suggestions.

Monday, February 15

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Happy Monday!  The Question of the Week is back and will be due on Monday, March 1.  What is the Penn State Library's definition of diversity?  

Friday, February 12

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Sorry no blog yesterday - it was a very hectic day.  Nothing new today - Desk Tracker was down for awhile but is working now.  Happy Lincoln's Birthday Day and have a safe weekend.

Wednesday, February 10

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I'm testing to see who really reads this blog.  Please send me an e-mail after you have read this, thanks.

Tuesday, February 9

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From the Library's website:
Severe winter weather occasionally results in closures or hours adjustments at Penn State campuses.

When classes are delayed, or an altered schedule for activities unrelated to classes is announced due to weather, the Libraries will generally follow Penn State's revised schedule.

In the event of a campus closing, the library on that campus will also close. For additional information on weather-related campus closings, check here:


Penn State Live

Some things to read if you get cabin fever:

Textbooks and Texas

Karaoke Killings

Monday, February 8

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Books Not on Shelf
When you're helping a patron find a book that's not on the shelf, look in all the usual places (503, sorting area, google list) and don't forget to check the area which has the books which are awaiting their covers. 

The Question of the Week is on vacation this week but will return next week.  If you're behind, this is your chance to get caught up. 

Thursday, February 4

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A Few Gentle Reminders
Please be considerate and be on time for your desk shift.  The person you relieve may have meetings, need to be somewhere else, or may have to catch a bus.  I know 5 or 10  minutes may not seem like much (and we all run late occasionally) but it can be a real problem and it seems to be happening more and more frequently.  It's best to try to be a few minutes early to pass on any information and make sure your predecessor has logged off of everything. 

Thanks to those who faithfully do the Question of the Weeks.  Steven and I want everyone to do them.  I try not to make them labor intensive and I give you two weeks to complete them.  My aim is to get us introduced to or more familiar with library resources that are useful as well as interesting.  I learn a lot by writing them and hope you learn something by doing them.

Tuesday, February 2

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Happy Groundhog Day!  I regret to inform you that Phil saw his shadow (doesn't he always?), so we've got 6 more weeks of winter.  But to keep your mind off of the weather, here's this week's Question of the Week, due Monday, February 15.  
From the Online Reference Shelf, choose the Oxford Reference Online Titles.  There are tons of things there! 
1.  What are the main subject headings of subjects and books?
2.  If you could go anywhere, where would you go?  From any database listed, print out either a fact about that place, a map, or a flag of where you'd want to be.


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