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Wednesday, July 29

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From DLT:

Important Upcoming Security Audit Compliance Changes, Aug 11, 2009

The UL IT Audit identified several areas of concern in the current security policies and practices for the PSUL Active Directory domain. Many of the recommended changes cited in the UL IT Audit necessitate DLT/UL to modify current practices to conform to established Penn State University Security policies.

Digital Library Technologies in collaboration with ITCC will be implementing the following security policies for the PSUL domain to mitigate risk for Penn State University, the University Libraries, and ITS on Tuesday, August 11, 2009 during the 5-7 am maintenance window.

******************** IMPORTANT ITEMS TO NOTE ********************

Please change your PSUL domain password before August 11, 2009, or you will be locked out*.  (see new password complexity requirements below)

PC users
, this is the password you use to login to your PC. To change your password: login to your PC > press CTRL-ALT-DEL, click "Change Password" and follow the prompts.

If you use a Campus owned computer, you will not be able to change this on your computer. To change your password: login to a Circulation computer, press CTRL+ALT+DEL, click "Change Password," follow the prompts, and logout.

MAC users, this is your ROO password. You will not be able to change this on your computer. To change your password: login to any staff PC, press CTRL+ALT+DEL, click "Change Password," follow the prompts, and logout.

*(If your current PSUL domain password already meets the complexity requirements, you do not need to change your password)

If you are using auto-backup, please change your auto-backup password to match your PSUL password.

If you do not do this, your auto-backups will NOT run. To change your auto-backup password:
1.      Click the green Start button (bottom left)
2.      Click All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Scheduled Tasks.
3.      Then, right click on your backup and select Properties.
4.      Make sure the Task tab is selected, and click the Set Password button. Type your new password and then type again to confirm. Click OK. You will return to the previous window.
5.      Click Apply.

6.      Click OK. (Your password has been changed.)

Accounts Overview

Your PSUL account is NOT the same as your PSU Access Account. Library Faculty and Staff PC (Windows) computers are members of the PSUL domain; the account you use to login to your PC is your PSUL username/password.

Your PSU Access Account is used to access Penn State resources outside of the Library (PSU Email, ESSIC, Oracle Cal, IBIS, ISIS, etc) and can be changed via: This account expires annually, although it can be changed more frequently for higher security.

I. Password complexity

The Security Audit and ADG02 (Standards 2f) require password complexity. Password complexity is a setting that requires passwords to meet specific characteristics to ensure a more secure password. To meet the criteria, a password must be at least eight (8) characters in length, and contain THREE of the FOUR characteristics below:
·        Contain English uppercase letters (A through Z)
·        Contain English lowercase letters (a through z)
·        Contain base 10 digits (0 through 9)

·        Contain non-alphabetic characters (such as, !, @, #, $, %)

Passwords SHOULD NOT be:
·        The same as a user's userid, first or last name
·        Based on personal information or Unit information

·        Significantly similar, incremented (password1, password2, ...) or a repeat of recently used passwords

When creating a password, do NOT choose English or Non-English dictionary words spelled forwards or backwards. These are easily cracked in seconds by freely available and downloadable software applications. Adding capitalization to dictionary words, or appending numbers to the end of a dictionary word does NOT significantly improve the security of a password.

To create a secure password that is easy to remember, but hard to guess, choose a phrase, sentence or quote and create an acronym, misspell the words, remove vowels, add letters, add punctuation or capitalize any letter but the first.

Below are some examples. (Please do not use these examples.)
·        simFt0ty. (Summer is my favorite time of the year.)
·        taN0stjtl! (There are no obstacles, some things just take longer!)
·        cH()coLAT!m11k (chocolate milk)
·        thr33str@B3rri# (three strawberries)
·        pnnst815Gr8! (Penn State is great!)


Enforce password history

The enforce password history setting will be configured to ten (10) passwords. This prevents the re-use of passwords upon password expiration.

Minimum password age

The minimum password age will be set to two (2) days. Once a password has been changed, it cannot be changed again for two days. This configuration setting is necessary to prevent users from cycling through password changes to reset passwords back to a familiar one.

Incorrect password attempts/automatic lockout

This policy is currently in place; however, DLT would like to increase the number of incorrect password attempts from three (3) to five (5), and increase the lockout time to one (1) hour. Upon successful login, any unsuccessful login attempts will be reset to zero (0). If you are unable to successfully login within five attempts, you may call the helpdesk to have your account unlocked.

II. Screen-saver (desktop) locking

It is a best practice to lock your computer (ctrl+alt+del) when stepping away from it for any length of time. Penn State policy AD20 (Computer & Network Security) defines a user's responsibility in, "taking reasonable precautions, including personal password maintenance and file protection measures, to prevent unauthorized use of their accounts, programs or data by others." As an additional security measure, DLT would like to implement a setting so that when your computer is idle for 15 minutes, the screen-saver will activate and the computer desktop will automatically lock to prevent unauthorized viewing and/or activity. This will not shut down or close your applications, or require you to restart your computer. To unlock your desktop and resume working, you will need to press the key sequence: ctrl+alt+del and enter your PSUL password into the dialogue box. This setting cannot be modified or disabled.

In preparation for these upcoming security changes, if your password does not currently meet the complexity requirements, please change your PSUL domain password AND your auto-backup password prior to August 11, 2009.

If you have any questions regarding these upcoming changes, or if you'd like assistance, please contact the helpdesk @ 863-0647.

Tuesday, July 28

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Nothing new to report today.  See you at the scheduling session this afternoon at 2:00.

Monday, July 27

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Scheduling meeting tomorrow at 2:00.  Here are the hours we need to cover for fall:

Mondays 1 - 10
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and  Thursdays 1 - 5 and 8 - midnight
Fridays 1 - 7
Saturdays 12 - 5
Sundays 12 - 10

Thursday, July 23

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I've proposed a scheduling meeting with Paul, Judy, and Faheem for next Tuesday at 2:00.  If that doesn't work, please propose something else to all of us for another day next week.

Monday, July 20

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The library is making a list of quiet zones throughout Pattee and Paterno.  Other than the back of the library, do you have any suggestions for other quiet zones up here?  Let me know.

Wednesday, July 15

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I'm off tomorrow and Friday, so this is the last blog entry this week.  Please document any problems you find with shelving or shelf reading.  Collections maintenance supervisors are trying to fix problems and have asked Pattee/Paterno supervisors to keep them appraised.  

Tuesday, July 14

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Statistics reminder - don't forget to count kits that you check out!  

From this week's interview:

The Libraries are moving ahead with a project to include
photographs of all employees into the online staff directory.
To this end, Public Relations and Marketing will
conduct multiple photo sessions over the summer at
University Park. (Campus employees should consult with
their local services.) Please read the FAQ here: https://intranet.

Although it is voluntary, employees are strongly encouraged
to participate. For public service employees, having a picture visible on
the directory puts a face to the Libraries and will
help build relationships with patrons. In addition, all employees will benefit
from being able to identify their colleagues.
A sign-up sheet has been placed at the East entrance. The 10-minute
sessions will be held in the media room in Foster Auditorium (turn left upon
entering the auditorium). PRaM Visual Communications Specialist Wilson
Hutton is the photographer. As an incentive, everyone who signs up will have
a chance to enter a drawing for one of four copies of "Ice Cream U The Story
of the Nation's Most Successful Collegiate Creamery," by Lee Stout. (Names
will be entered for the drawing when individuals have their photos taken.)

Monday, July 13

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Thanks for all your work on Alan's map/bio project!  If you have any questions, Alan will be back tomorrow afternoon.  

Wednesday, July 8

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Big project today and tomorrow, so no blog planned unless something comes up.  More blogging on Monday.

Monday, July 6

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Late blog today.  Don't forget tomorrow's training session - really! - at 2:00.  It was scheduled for 3:00, then I had a meeting, then it got cancelled. But it's still on for 2:00.  If you can't make it, please set up a time to meet with me.  I'll e-mail this entry, too.  I'll be showing you how to use the walkie-talkie and explain a project that Alan needs you to work on this month.

Wednesday, July 1

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We've been told that the generic log-in for workflows is no longer the one to use.  If you don't know your log-in and password, call DLT.  You've all been issued one. 

For the time being, Eloise is asking that we stop shifting the collection.  She's asked Earl to measure.

Let's try again for walkie-talkie training next Tuesday, July 7 at 3:00.


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