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Monday, June 29

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Don't forget tomorrow's training session at 3:00.

Wednesday, June 24

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PLEASE let me know if you are going to attend next Tuesday's training session (3:00) if you haven't already.  If you can't, set up a time with me to go over what we discussed.

Tuesday, June 23

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We need to have a brief training session - and probably just a general meeting wouldn't hurt, either.  There are some new things to give you a heads-up about.  I'd like to have it next Tuesday (June 30) at 3:00.  I'll post this on the blog, too.  If you can't make it, please set up a time for me to meet with you.  Everyone needs to be on board.

Here are the heads-up items:
1.  Closing procedures will be changing a bit - we're going to be teaming with other subject libraries in Paterno as well as the Gateway to clear all of Paterno.
2.  There's going to be a strictly enforced open-toe/no open-toe shoe policy coming from above.  Basically, if you're shelving book, lifting boxes, pushing trucks, you must be wearing closed toe shoes.  If not, OSHA can fine us Big Time.  Len should be sending out information about that soon.  I'd recommend either always wearing them or at least always keeping a pair here. 

Monday, June 22

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Happy Monday!  It's a quiet day.  Don't forget to read this week's Interview.

Thursday, June 18

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A heads up: The College of Education Newsletter contains this:
The Education and Behavioral Sciences Library has just purchased a highly recommended video collection, called Counseling and Therapy in Video.  It is available from the A-Z list

Counseling and Therapy in Video is an online video collection for the study of social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and psychiatric counseling - over 400 hours and more than 330 videos of actual, re-enacted, and scripted therapy sessions, with a search function for transcripts to find footage of interest. Many videos include Teaching and Discussion Guides, and a number are eligible for Continuing Education (C.E) Credits as indicated.
Go in an check it out so we're ready if patrons ask us about it.

Wednesday, June 17

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Web Mail Training

You probably already use it, but this is from I-Tech:

This upcoming Friday, June 19, Kurt Baker of ITS will lead a hands-on PSU Webmail training session at Pattee Library. Among the topics to be covered: Folders, Contacts, Directory Searching, Options, Filters, and more. 

Everyone is welcome to attend; however, the session is especially recommended if you are a webmail-only user. Supervisors should recommend this session to their wage  payroll webmail staff.  Note: This is the only hands-on session that we plan to offer.

Tuesday, June 16

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Desk Walkie-Talkie

The library's safety committee is giving a walkie-talkie to each service desk in the library.  It's for reporting emergencies and help in closing and clearing at night.  Eventually, it will remain on at all times but, until we get used to it, we'll only turn it on to practice.  According to Len's instructions, to turn it on, press the red button on the front.  There's a volume button on the side; we're told the best volume is 5 - 7 and it's now set to 6.  To talk, push the button on the side, wait for a brief beeping noise, then talk.  This goes out to ALL of the other walkie-talkies in the library.  If a message comes from another location, you'll hear it.  We've been asked to come up with some standard language to use to report an emergency.  I'm open for suggestions.  Len says it should be very clear and concise - something like "Attention, we have a (medical, facilities, etc.) emergency on the 5th floor of Paterno.  Please (call 911, send a policeman, call the facilities emergency number, etc.)." He even suggests, if it's a medical emergency to ask if anyone knows CPR, first aid, etc.  I put it next to the printer - it was the only place it would fit.

If you go to make rounds at Life Sciences, take it with you in case of any problems. 

I'll put this info in an e-mail as well.  

Monday, June 15

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Back from vacation. 

This just in - the generic circ terminal log-in, which we were told would go away in January, will go away on June 30.  I know some of you are using your personal log-ins now, but if you're not, get ready.  Everyone should have an account.  I applied for them before Christmas and you should have gotten an envelope with your log-in and password.

Thursday, June 4

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Nothing new today.  

Wednesday, June 3

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You have a new assignment.  I'm trying to put together a desk manual to help new people and to serve as a guide for any emergency substitute staff.  I'd like for you to take a look and add or suggest edits to make it more useful and complete.  When reading it, try to follow the procedures as written and see if they make sense.  Think about what you absolutely have to know to work at the desk. 

Judy's already taken a first look.  She used stickies for her comments.  Once you're done, pass it on.  I'll put a routing slip in it, so you'll know who's seen it. 


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