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Friday, February 27

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As mentioned before, thefts are increasing.  We're putting up signs reminding patrons to watch their laptops.  Also, we're asking you to please keep the main office door locked when you are here alone in the evenings and on the weekends.  People can enter this area without being seen or heard by the person on the desk, especially if you are helping someone or away from the desk.  

Thursday, February 26

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These are the steps for patrons to import records from CSA into Endnote [it is more complicated than importing into RefWorks].
   ** NOTE:  You have to save the results as a text file and then import the data into EndNote. 

Part 1- In a CSA database-
Select ONLY ONE CSA database at a time  (EndNote can only handle one "filter"at a time).
  •  Do your search, mark items that you wish to sent to EndNote and select Save, Print Email
  •  On Save, Print Email screen, make sure Use marked records is selected and click save
  •  Click save again when the File Download box appears
  • In the Save as screen Save the text file (*.txt) under a recognizable name location
Part 2-  In EndNote
  • Inside EndNote, choose File then Import
  • Choose the file you just saved
  • Under Import Options, Select Other filters...
  • Locate the filter for the CSA database you used [ERIC (CSA)], highlight it and select choose.
  • Under Duplicates choose Import to Duplicates Library
  • then select Import. EndNote will automatically import the citations into the library.Viola!

Always check your references for import errors. 

Wednesday, February 25

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New Weekend Opening Procedure

I had written once before that a new procedure would start on Saturdays and Sundays for opening. We start it this Sunday, March 1. Here it is:
Employees covering desks will sign in at Paterno Welcome Desk 
Rovers will sign in for all the floors they are covering (SSL for Business; EBSL for Life Sci)
NML will sign in at West Welcome Desk
All else will sign in at East Welcome Desk (Paterno)
Supervisors want to know if there is a problem
After 15 min, Welcome desk staff will check sign in sheet and call Lending if an area has not signed in.
Lending will call area Supervisor
Please don't forget or Lending will have to call me. I'll put a copy in your mailboxes.

Thefts in the Library

Thefts in the library are on the increase.  We're asking for more of the "you could have been ripped off" cards.  Until then, be alert to possible thefts.  Yesterday a patron lost a cellphone and someone else lost a wallet and that was just here.  We also received news that there were two other library incidents.  Hopefully, we'll have the cards soon.

From PAMS Library

Thank you to those of you who are helping out with our research study
into use of IM reference.  The survey is still online (we lost no
results) and the url works.  Please invite IM patrons to fill it out
after your reference questions.

Tuesday, February 24

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Thanks for checking all those links for me.  I'm going to start making revisions either late this week or early next week. 

Monday, February 23

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From Paul:

As you've probably noticed, there is a big gap of missing
kits in the Kit Room, and there is a big sign that tells the
patron that if they want one of the kits, to ask at the
Reference Desk.  These kits (Call #'s A-D) have been pulled
by Eloise and Karla and are in the process of being checked
and evaluated as to whether they are going to be annexed or
not.  These kits are on the two carts right outside of
Eloise's office.  If a patron is looking for one of these
kits, please go retrieve it off of the carts by Eloise's
office.  If a patron wants the kit, it can certainly be
checked out. 

Also, there is another gap of missing kits (the QL135
section) on the other side of the kit room.  These kits have
already been pulled, checked, and are definitely going to be
annexed.  These kits are located on the shelves in room 503
where the book covers used to be.  If a patron is looking
for one of these kits, you can retrieve it off the shelf in
room 503 and check it out to them. 

Remember, the CAT records for all of these kits are still
online and show that the kit is still on the shelves in the
Kit Room.  We're just in the process of sorting through all
these kits and evaluating them.  If the patron wants any of
these kits, they are free to be checked out just like any of
the other kits are.

If you have any questions, just ask Eloise, Karla, or me.

Friday, February 20

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We got an e-mail from Ron Servello recently warning us of an attempted theft in an office in the library.  Please keep the office area locked after hours and if no one's in 503, you may want to lock that as well to protect your belongings.  And generally, just be aware.  When times are tough, sometimes people get desperate.  

Tuesday, February 17

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The Centre Daily Times is reducing their Monday-Saturday cartoon section due to budget constraints.  Therefore, they are conducting a survey to determine which cartoons their readers like best.  From this survey, they will retain the ten most popular cartoons currently printed in the Centre Daily Times.  Here is what you need to know about the survey:
  • The survey ballots are available in the Centre Daily Times, page A4.  Participants are only permitted to use ballots printed in the newspaper.  NO photocopies or hand-written ballots allowed.  (The Centre Daily Times is available to students free-of-charge through the newspaper readership boxes on campus.)
  • The article accompanying the ballot has the name of Paterno Library as a drop-off point.  The collection box is located immediately inside the Paterno library entrance next to the newspaper readership box. Simply direct patrons looking for the box to the Paterno lobby.
    The deadline for submitting ballots is Tuesday, February 24th.
  • Participants who wish to include their name and contact information will be automatically entered in a drawing for a prize.
For more details about the survey, see page A4 of the Centre Daily Times, beginning February 16th.

Monday, February 16

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Happy Belated Valentine's Day.  Eloise brought in some delicious meat and mustard today.  I'm going to bring in more mustard and meat, plus some cheese and pretzels tomorrow.  (And we didn't even plan it that way, we just both got hungry for the same things this weekend!)  Please help yourself, there's plenty.  

Thursday, February 12

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Cell Phone Info

I'm making a concerted effort to keep my cell phone on and use it more often. I guess it took getting a lecture from my son.  Anyway, I'm going to add my cell phone number to the desk list and please add it to your contact list at home: 360-2752.  I'll charge it up tonight, so don't call before then...

Also, if there's an emergency and you can't make your shift, you need to call and talk to a real person, not leave a message since there's a chance that we might not get it in time.  If you're opening during the week, call me by 6:30 - my home phone is best (it's louder and I'm used to it.)  During the day, call the desk.  On the weekends, use my cell.  (Although not this weekend, I'm going to be out of town.

New weekend opening procedure coming in March

Right now, on weekends, Lending Services checks each library to make sure staff are here.  They'd like to give up that responsibility, so starting in March, there will be a little tweak.  When you come in to open on Saturday and Sunday, you'll stop at the Welcome Desk and sign in, just as you sign out when you close.  If it's during the time in the semester when we cover Life Sciences (as it is right now), you'll sign in for them as well. I'll send a reminder when we're supposed to start this procedure.

Wednesday, February 11

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Rumor has it that it's really nice outside - hope you get a chance to get some fresh air and enjoy it while it lasts!  

Tuesday, February 10

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I've sent you all e-mails about the web pages that I want you to check, as well as instructions.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.  Thanks so much for doing these!  It saves me a lot of time.

Friday, February 6

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Thanks to everyone for working so hard on Carol's project.  Please make sure and check your e-mail for my project of checking EBSL web links.  TGIF and have a safe and happy weekend.

Thursday, February 5

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Paul, Judy, Ann, Faheem, and Yi-Wen, please check your e-mail for information about Spring Break week. 

Tuesday, February 3

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In case you missed it the first time, here's information on some journal cancellations and information about helping patrons access what they need.  If you have any questions (and it is pretty confusing), contact Carol.

From a previous e-mail:
Because of irresolvable contractual issues, the Libraries have, effective today, cancelled online access to journals published by Taylor and Francis.  Unfortunately, Education and Psychology represent approximately 95 of a total of 602 journals affected.  We likely still have print versions of some of these titles, but a final list is still in the process of being compiled.  This change is already reflected in "GetIt".
I have attached a list of these 95 titles; those in purple are available through EBSCO Professional Development Collection, although note that in most cases there is an embargo [delayed access] for a period of between 12 - 18 months from the most current issue.  A few additional titles may be available from ProQuest, but they would carry the same embargo constraint.
Please advise patrons to request articles through ILL.  As more information becomes available I'll pass it along.
If you need me to resend you the attachments, let me know.  I'll also make sure there's a copy at the desk.

Monday, February 2

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Happy Groundhog Day!  I guess Phil saw his shadow, even though it's still perpetually cloudy.  Don't forget to turn in assignment #2.  


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