Monday, January 7

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Authentication Problems

From Chris Holobar:

All, my apologies if you do not need this information, but it's been suggested that I share it broadly. We've created a page documenting some recent user authentication problems and their solutions (this is a public page currently linked from the Commons Services intranet):

We began seeing the second issue on this page last fall.  Briefly, it occurs because students enrolled during the past few semesters have identical Friends of Penn State IDs (created when students begin applying for enrollment) and Access IDs (created shortly after registration).  If students also create Access passwords that match their FPS passwords, then resources such as eLion, ANGEL, and the CAT may attempt to authenticate to both systems. If the FPS system responds first, then students will have Friends of Penn State credentials, with limited access to many of our resources. The solution recommended by the ITS helpdesk is to have students change their Access passwords so that the two passwords no longer match.  

Please contact me if you have any questions,

Joke of the Day (having no connection to anything, I just remembered it for some reason):

Two cannibals meet one day. The first cannibal says, "You know, I just can't seem to get a tender Missionary. I've baked them, I've roasted them, I've stewed them, I've barbecued them, I've tried every sort of marinade. I just cannot seem to get them tender."

The second cannibal asks, "What kind of Missionary do you use?"

The other replied, "You know, the ones that hang out at that place at the bend of the river. They have those brown cloaks with a rope around the waist and they're sort of bald on top with a funny ring of hair on their heads."

"Ah, ha!" the second cannibal replies. "No wonder ... those are friars!"

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