Tuesday, November 27

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Reminder about Special Ed Assignment
A patron came in this morning and was looking for the Science and Social Studies texts for her Special Ed assignment.  I thought I had printed out the info and kept it at the desk, but couldn't find it.  I reprinted two copies and put them at the circ terminal and the other desk terminal.  And here it is, too.  (Thanks, Suzanne!)

Some of you may have already encountered this question at the desk, and I apologize for not alerting everyone quicker. I knew about this assignment on Friday and forgot to send it out.

Students may come to the desk asking where the Elementary Science and Social Studies textbooks are located--most of them will be in Instructional Materials (LB1584 or LB1585 or inbetween those call numbers) The books are actually easy to spot once you get in that section. We have new, current materials in both of these subject areas.

In the assignment, students are asked to photocopy or scan one page from a Science or Social Studies text. The professor does not want the students to check the books out. That's all they have to do! :-)

When they get to class they will be entering text from the page they scanned or copied into a free software program that will adapt the text for learners who have special needs, and than they will do some additional activities with the text!

;-) Karla

P.S. The science and social studies texts may be laying on carts around the library as students use the materials!

Jokes will return tomorrow.  I'm too busy getting caught up from my break to find any at the moment.

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