Tuesday, November 13

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When-to-Work Revisited Again, Encore, Redux, Also, As Well, Too...

We are currently still discussing the When-to-Work software in supervisors meetings and with HR.  If it's a "go", we'd like to start using it in the spring.  Once I know we're on board, I'll set up a time to meet for training.  A Sunday afternoon would be preferable to me, since I'm here, it's quiet, and there are no classes or school for Paul. 

Steven, Karla, Ellysa, Eloise, and Caroline - you can ignore all this.  I can show it to you, but you won't need to use it.  You're in the system since our desk schedule is; but, I will also still keep the desk schedule in UCS. Plus, you won't be on desk in the spring anyway.  It's a system designed to make finding substitutes simpler in cases where our regular staff can't cover - most especially late nights and weekends. 

A Lame Duck Joke (think about it, badda boom, badda bing...):

A motorist in a Mercedes was driving through the countryside on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, having a lovely time, when he came to an area of the road that was covered with a rather large puddle of water from a previous rain storm.

Worried that he was going to damage the car and its engine in the deep water, he asked a local farmer (who just happened to be standing near the large pool of water) how deep the water was.

"Arr", said the local farmer "That water only be a few inches deep!"

 Relieved, the motorist edged his car into the water, expecting to come out the other side in no time. Instead, as he drove in, the water came right up the side of the car, and the engine sputtered to a halt.

Sitting there with the water along with and a floating weed lapping at the window, the motorist yelled at the local angrily: "I thought you said this water was only a few inches deep!!!"

"Well", replied the local farmer "It only come up to the waist of them there ducks!"


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