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Monday, February 27

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Communications Questions from Gary
I posted this awhile back but haven't heard from anyone.  Please respond ASAP:

What is working well?
What could be improved?
Are there areas or units where we need to improve communications?
Are there any gaps that you can identify?
Are there more effective ways that we could be sharing information in
the Libraries?

Basically, any suggestions that you might have to help improve the flow of communications/information throughout the organization. Is this something you could take a look at? There is no specific time frame so can start addressing anything that needs improvement as soon as you identify.

Thanks a lot! Gary

Thursday, February 23

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FYI from Joe Fennewald:

I was asked if I could provide more information about the practice presentation rooms.

Pattee W134 is completed and students have already begun using it. W132 will be ready soon. Use of both of these rooms require an appointment.

Please see the Media Commons consultant, Ryan Wetzel, in room W137 or the person at the Media Commons service desk to make an appointment. You can also email your request to mediacommons@psu.edu.


Wednesday, February 22

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Friendly Reminder:

Before you use the last of any forms or sheets in the kit card drawer, on the wooden spinning rack, or anywhere else for that matter, please make more copies!  If you use the last of any supplies, let Eloise know so she can order replacements. 

Tuesday, February 21

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The semester is picking up and things are getting a bit crazy.  Now they're working on carpeting and fixing tile in the hallway. Soon they'll start working on the HVAC by the office area and in the stacks.  Better bring earphones and aspirin! 

Monday, February 20

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Group Study Rooms FYI:


The purpose of the Libraries' Group Study Rooms is to support academic purposes such as study and collaboration. Penn State students have priority use of these rooms. Others may reserve these rooms for occasional use to be determined on an individual basis, but student use will always have first priority. 


  1. Group Study Rooms may be reserved for a maximum of three hours per day per group. Exceptions may be made to time limits as room availability may permit. 
  2. Room may only be reserved for two or more persons.
  3. Group Study Rooms will be held for 15 minutes past the beginning of the reserved time. After that time the reservation is forfeited. 
  4. Group Study Rooms are available for drop-in use when they are not reserved. Groups with reservations have priority.
  5. All patrons using Group Study Rooms will honor the Libraries' Code of Conduct.
  6. Group Study Rooms should not be used as a designated classroom. It may not be reserved for all or most meetings of a class and may not be listed as the location of a class in the Course Schedule.
  7. Group Study Rooms may be scheduled up to two weeks in advance.
  8. Students reserving Group Study Rooms will need to provide their contact information (e.g., access ID). This information will be kept confidential, but will be used to notify students if there is a change in the status of their reservation.
  9. Individual units are responsible for maintaining and monitoring Group Study Rooms on their floors, including posting schedules.
  10. Individual units may reserve the right to alter the schedule, supersede availability, or close the room. Students who have reserved the room should, if at all possible, be given notice. Units assigned to monitor group study rooms may make an exception to this policy if in their judgment other students will not be disadvantaged.

Thursday, February 16

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New Contact Sheets
I updated the contact sheets and they're in your mailboxes and at the desk. 

Monday, February 13

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Nothing new to report today.  See you at our training session from 4:30 - 6:00.

Thursday, February 9

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No news to report today.  Stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 8

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From Debora Cheney:
The University Libraries has partnered with Teaching and Learning with Technology to provide continuing access to the NBC Learn database.

NBC Learn provides access to NBC's video archive, NBC News, Today Show, sports and 26 subject collections. Researchers may download playlists and video to insert in course-related materials. Partner content from Washington Post and others.

The database provides Transcripts for most videos and the ability to:

•Download and embed videos in documents, presentations, etc.
•Save & store cue cards in your own Playlist

Content in NBC Learn includes:
•Broadcasts from 1930s to today
◦NBC News
◦The Today Show
◦NBC Sports
•Documentary shorts in the sciences, social sciences and history
◦Finishing The Dream
◦Chemistry Now Series
◦Changing Planet (Climate Change)
◦Science of NFL Football
◦Science of the Olympic Winter Games
•Interviews with key figures from the arts, sciences and politics

Links to NBC Learn are on the A-Z list of databases and on many of the news-related research guides.

Please notify your faculty colleagues, students, and any course-designers you may work with directly about the possibilities of this product for providing video content research, teaching, and presentations.

If you have any questions or comments about this database, please forward them to me.

We will soon be evaluating another online news collection the Paley Center for Media iCollection. This database promises to be a rich source for historical news and television programs from the Paley Center's digital archives and collections.  Watch for that announcement soon.

Tuesday, February 7

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Office Moves
The office moves are happening tomorrow, so starting tomorrow afternoon, Eloise's office will be in 503.  The lockers that were there are being moved to the office area and personal belongings are not to be kept in 503.  In addition, that room is to remain locked when Eloise isn't in it - evenings, weekends, and when she's on vacation. 

Monday, February 6

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Training Next Week
Don't forget our training session next Monday, February 13 from 4:30 - 6:00.  If you have any specific topics or items you'd like to discuss, let me know.  See you there!

Wednesday, February 1

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Contact Information and On Call Weekends
The photocopier is now working again.  I made copies of the updated contact sheet and the weekend on call schedule and they're in your mailboxes.  The on call schedule is also now in the UCS desk calendar.


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