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Tuesday, January 31

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On call weekends:
Here's a link to the list of people to call if you need emergency coverage on the weekend.  If you can't open it, that's OK.  As soon as our photocopier is back in action, I'll make a copy and put it in your mailboxes along with the updated contact sheet.  I tried to copy it and paste it but that screws up the formatting.  Take a paper copy home with you as well as taking the contact sheet.  Call as much in advance as possible.  *This does not take the place of trading shifts.  Remember the rule: if you can't find someone to cover for you, you must work.*

on call weekends spring 2012.xlsx

Monday, January 30

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I've sent this by e-mail, too. 

Some questions and information:

1.  I'm going to update the contact and important numbers lists ASAP.  Ben, Mary, and Tracy, please send me the phone numbers where you'd prefer to be reached.  If anyone else's contact information has changed, let me know. 

2.  I went to a meeting today and there's a slight change in reporting public printer problems.  DON'T USE THE 777 NUMBER. Always call the Commons Service Desk (the desk formerly known as Lending Services) at 865-5429.  They'll report it to the Rovers.  I'll put a sheet with this and other ITS information in your mailboxes and at the desk. 

If you have any questions, let me know.

Sunday, January 29

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Weekend Sign-In Reminder
From Nadine:
Hi everyone!    As we begin the third weekend of Spring Semester and new staff are getting the hang of things, kindly remind your Saturday & Sunday opening staff to sign in at either the East Welcome Desk or the West Welcome Desk.

And, as a sideline, staff who are roving in more than one department on those days are asked to sign in for all of the departments/floors they are patrolling when the day begins.

For safety and security reasons Commons Services staff check the sign in sheets and follow-up/investigate individual situations where no one has signed in.   I'm sure you can appreciate how challenging it can be to confirm that someone is, indeed, missing (did they forget the radio?, is it turned on?, are they in trouble?, what signage is on the service desk?, etc.) and the subsequent phone calls that are made to Service Desk supervisors.

As a reminder:   Only the daily sign-out sheets have been discontinued.

From Chris Holobar:
"Any problems with the self-checkout stations should be reported to the Commons Desk at 865-5429."

Wednesday, January 25

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Sorry no blog yesterday.  Anyway, read this note from Gary White and respond to me with any suggestions you might have.  Thanks!

Hi all: At Library Management Council this week we discussed the topic of organizational communications. Lisa and the other ADs have been hearing reports that there are some gaps in communications and that some people are not getting the information that they need. One idea she suggested was that we ask the SATs to conduct a "communications audit" that would help identify areas where we need to improve communications. She wants to make sure that the front line people are getting information they need and that there are channels open for effective communication between all levels of the organization, including from the front line people back to the top administration.

I told the LMC group that I would bring this to SAT steering and ask you to examine communications in the Libraries. Specifically:

What is working well?
What could be improved?
Are there areas or units where we need to improve communications?
Are there any gaps that you can identify?
Are there more effective ways that we could be sharing information in
the Libraries?

Basically, any suggestions that you might have to help improve the flow of communications/information throughout the organization. Is this something you could take a look at? There is no specific time frame so can start addressing anything that needs improvement as soon as you identify.

Thanks a lot! Gary

Monday, January 23

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From the Maps Library:

We recently had an inquiry about die cutting machine in the library or any where on campus.  I believe that the student contacted the Educational Library first and was then referred to us in the Maps Library.  We do not have one either.  However, the PSU multi-media center lists die cutting as a product it offers.


Just thought if your library has any other requests, here is where you can send them.

Wednesday, January 18

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New Staff Members

Life Sciences, Maps, and EBSL have just hired three new employees to share among the three of our libraries.  This should help us have a lot more flexibility.  I'll update the contact list when everyone's on board.  Welcome to Ben Blakeslee-Drain, Tracy Tchintchin, and Mary Qualiotto!  Mary (who previously worked in Maps) will work on Fridays from 9 - 11. Tracy will work Sundays from 2 - 6, and Ben (who also works for Earl Houser) will be available for substituting.  

Tuesday, January 17

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For your Drizzly January Winter Blahs:

Every Presentation Ever!

You'll love it if you hate Powerpoint.

Have a great day.

Monday, January 16

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Nothing new today.  

Wednesday, January 11

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From LLS:

A brief update to let you know that we've made some adjustments to the Computer Availability site. The following changes will take effect on Monday morning, 1/9:
  • The following classrooms are now separated out from the floor totals and listed as either "Instr. PCs*" or "Instr. Macs*":
    • W211A Pattee
    • 302 Paterno
    • 13 Central (Maps)
    • W140 Pattee (Knowledge Commons)
    • W315 Pattee
      *Instr. PCs and Instr. MACs are only available when instruction room is not in use
  • Podium and consultant workstations are no longer added into the totals
  • Gateway Commons will be offline and the Knowledge Commons' workstations will come online
  • The quick-access workstations in the Franklin Atrium will continue to display as open computers
Please note that if your library has the computer availability widget on your library's site, these changes should not affect how your widget displays since you already customized the widget to your needs using room numbers.

Special thanks to: Janis Mathewson, Loanne Snavely, Heather Ross, and Jeff Shawver for their help with this service - it is VERY popular and we are happy to be able to provide it. We look forward to improving it even more in 2012.  Please send feedback to: ul-web-tools@lists.psu.edu.

Tuesday, January 10

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No new news to report today - sorry for the late entry.  Have a great evening!

Monday, January 9

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Sunday, January 8

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About the Knowledge Commons

From Loanne Snavely:

- The phone number for the Knowledge Commons Service desk is 814-863-4547. (Note: the former number for the Gateway Desk (865-6368), which is the general information number for the library is now being answered in Lending Services.)

** Jenny's note:  I added this to the list of phone numbers on the clipboard at the desk.**

- There are three service areas in the Knowledge Commons:

--the first is the Library Service area, just inside the main entrance on the right. There are two small desks there - the Knowledge Commons Service Desk is the first you will come to, which will provide general information and assistance 24/5. The second is the Knowledge Commons Reference Desk which will be staffed with librarians and staff from RCR, LLS and Special Collections and will be staffed during peak hours beginning the week of January 16.

--the second service area is the ITS Service Area which is straight ahead as you enter and to the right. This area will provide services of ITS Consultants, Rovers, and the ITS HelpDesk (formerly in Willard) and will include a Signature Station. (As of Monday, there will no longer be a signature station in the West lobby area.)

--the third service area is the Media Commons service desk which is through the Commons and around to the right just outside the Multimedia Instruction Lab.

The Multimedia Instruction Lab will be scheduled similar to other instruction labs in the University Libraries. Student and instructor computers are all Macs. The Lab will be open as a student lab when classes are not in session. Both Library instruction and multimedia classes will be taught in the room.

There is also a small informal instruction room for up to 16 people with Mediascape.

There are a series of group study rooms which will be available on a first come, first served basis until the scheduling system is in place.

Offices in the area include: Joe Fennewald, Head of the Knowledge Commons (814-865-0666), Mark Warren (ITS HelpDesk) and Ryan Wetzel (Media Commons).

More information, including times various desks will be staffed, etc. will be shared soon.


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